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Spring 2009 Series Preview – No Funny Business


Memories of Green ~ The Spring 2009 Season Is Here At Anime History This Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend.

Every 3 months I do one of these….every three months, and now I’m doing the grunt work too.  Last time I tried to do my review in jest along with some researched observations and got flamed for it in the process sooooo…..I think I’m going to just go ahead and do that again this time too because I enjoy fooling around as much as I do intellectual debate and besides……it’s funner to kid.  With that in mind don’t take anything I write from this point on too seriously because if you take that famous saying in reverse, “fool you once shame on me, fool you twice, shame on you.”

Let’s dive right in shall we? Continue reading ‘Spring 2009 Series Preview – No Funny Business’

Nanoha 1st movie trailer and sketches

Yeah it seems like Nanoha is going to have to move over (sorry Deathie)

No worries, it just means that you have summoned a mass of blood hungry fanboys from the sky that’s all :p

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So courtesy of 東京国際アメニフェア(Tokyo International Anime Fair) we finally get more news/preview shots of the upcoming movie complete with a trailer on the report site (I have yet to figure out how to embed the trailer into wordpress so just go there to watch it and more sketches!).

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Well I Must Say Toei, You’ve Been Getting My Attention Again Recently

Not just in the fact that I’ve been been killing time watching old Hokuto No Ken and One Piece episodes while off sick from work, but also because of this:

Loli And Super Robots In One?!!!  That’s Just Fucking Cheating

Yeah it seems like Nanoha is going to have to move over (sorry Deathie) because this looks to be the one true genuine realization of a mecha show masquerading as a magical girl series.  I’m in before it’s even out. Continue reading ‘Well I Must Say Toei, You’ve Been Getting My Attention Again Recently’

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