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Tytania Episode 15 Does Not Exist

There is no Tytania episode 15 and I refuse to entertain the notion that there is such a thing as a Tytania episode 15.  Tytania in fact goes straight from episode 14 to 16 and there is no such occurence as Fan and Bal’ami going to their caves to find their power lolis so that they can overcome a loss that has already been overcome.  The whole idea is just too proposterous and clearly has no place in something like Tytania and I will hear none of it.  Hence we shall continue on to episode 16 shortly here at Anime History and there will be no further mention of any sort of  Tytania episode 15 from this point forward on my part since it does not exist.

That said Ghostlightning might be stopping by at some point to blog about an episode 15 of something or other.  You are free to acknowledge his ravings about a Tytania episode 15 if you want, but I don’t buy it.  I recall watching some show about a pink haired loli and “Hero” shacking up in an Uncle Tom’s cabin and some Aryan dude coming back from the dead to accomplish nothing of value, but I certainly don’t recall it being Tytania because that sort of stuff doesn’t happen in Tytania, it happens in Xenosaga.

Tales of Abyss episode 17 ~ great avalanche!

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Moments later the great avalanche happened

Trust Jade to do something so extreme as to set off an avalanche facing an enemy attack. It just goes to show how much faith he has in his party but somehow Luke still manages to miss the protection bubble by Tear, strangely enough his insane luck level was enough to keep him alive whilst the God generals are assumed to be dead…like as if that will ever happen to them because of something so minor…*laughs*

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Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)


When A Character Starts Drinking Red Wine In The Vampire Style You Know They Are Up To No Good

This was kind of a strange episode, but it’s the first one I’ve really been able to get into for a long time.  Perhaps it was because there was so little Fan Hulic stuff going on (although he does put in an appearance as we’ll see in a moment), but as if to “make up” for that there was a bit of crazy on Tytantia’s side this time around. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 14 (Fraternal Fragdown)’

CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Episode 11-13

My apologies for such belated and condensed entry. Due to many circumstances (holiday, exams, umineko patch, etc), it was difficult to bring myself blogging again. Obviously, I didn’t drop Clannad at all (I won’t guarantee this for Chaos head, however…). Here is a quick entry for episodes 11, 12, 13. Since the time lapse is quite huge, I assume you are all already done with these, so a digest pack of screencaps and comments will do.

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Tales of Abyss episode 16 ~ Killings, old people and fonic mumble

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Don’t mess with her

*Rants*Now I should really start picking some new series and all but since the exams are here and I feel like a lazy bum for now it is just Tales…I’ll probably pick another series to talk about but for the moment my hands are full, and it definitely won’t be from episode one anyway…sigh…*/rant*
Getting on topic I was rather disappointed with this episode mainly because the “epic fight” that should have been shown (and was hinted from the previous preview) turn out to be nothing more than the average “what you would expect” bombshell being revealed then the subsequent suicide. Depressed youths.

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Tytania Episode 13 (Goofus vs. Gallant)


WHAT IS A MAN?!  Well After This Episode We Can Certainly It’s Not Alses

This episode I thought I would try another new summary/review scheme since like with Alses’ mask coming off at the end of this episode, everyone pretty much shows some of their true colours.  I’m pretty sure Charles Di Britannia would be disgusted if he were here to see it.  Well, I think that with this one the wheels of tragedy have finally been set in motion (and I’m not talking about stupid Lira’s death, that was just a catalyst and a blessing) and it’s time for the fall to begin.  The first step in my coverage of it comes with my Daily Show inspired look at our cast members and how our expectations of them don’t always match up to their true selves, their visible actions, and their actual capabilities.  Pretty much everybody in this episode does one impressive thing and one really dumb thing and in some cases they reveal another side of themselves, for better or worse.  Perhaps it shows that through it all they are, each and everyone of them…..human.  Anyway, let’s have a look. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 13 (Goofus vs. Gallant)’

Tales of Abyss episode 15 ~ Natalia strikes back

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Well isn’t that the truth

Yea right on Natalia, you should have done this earlier. Now this is what I wanted to see; the gang sticking their opinions into that cold hearted bastard of a father, sheesh ^^’

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Tytania Episode 12 (Are There Two Seperate Scenario Writers For This Show?)


Nunally 2.0 Lydia …I Simultaneously Love And Hate You At The Same Time….Kind Of In The Same Way I Do This Episode

No seriously, I’m really starting to wonder about the bi-polar style of writing between the two factions of the show.  Specifically about what is going on with the disparity between the way the Tytania side scenarios are written compared to Fan’s side in terms of quality and complexity.  It’s like….okay here’s an example, you know how Call of Duty has two developers that alternate with each game and how while the title of the series always remains the same, one of them clearly isn’t bringing their A-Game even if different scenarios call for different styles of scripting? 

More specifically how wherein one can be praised quite a bit for their innovative ways of telling stories about warfare that make use of solid scripting and visual cues to really pull you into the story and add that extra oomph the other clearly just likes to rehash overused concepts when taking you through their stories or they like to just copy the other guys style whenever convenient, thus resulting in what can only be described as a watered/dumbed down scenario and overall experience compared to what the other team offers.  Well anyway, I’d swear Tytania has the same thing going on and that there are actually two scenario writers for the series, one with a certain degree of skill in his style and the other who’s just kind of winging it.  I’d also swear that if this is indeed the case that the skilled guy got assigned to write the Tytania side of the story and the borderline hack got assigned to write Fan’s side of the story.  In some ways that’s the only way I can explain what I witnessed in this episode.  I worry that this is going to be a long one, but let’s go in for a closer look. Continue reading ‘Tytania Episode 12 (Are There Two Seperate Scenario Writers For This Show?)’

Tales of Abyss episode 14 ~ Revelations here and there

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In our dimension it’s called the magnetic field

Well as expected it was another nice and healthy revelation episode where you just know that our heros will never get a bit of peace and rest until this entire adventure is over. How long has it been now? Weeks or Months? How can they even stay standing after such a long period of activity is beyond me…

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Yozakura Quartet episode 12 – End ~ The sakura blooms no more

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It is still before midnight on my side so technically a Happy New Year to all you readers out there. It’s not quite the year of the Ox just yet but we will be getting there soon (plus the mention of red envelopes always gets my hands rubbing). Getting back on track I have been putting this off for way to long so here it is. The final episode of Yozakura Quartet…

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