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Tales of Abyss episode 14 ~ Revelations here and there

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In our dimension it’s called the magnetic field

Well as expected it was another nice and healthy revelation episode where you just know that our heros will never get a bit of peace and rest until this entire adventure is over. How long has it been now? Weeks or Months? How can they even stay standing after such a long period of activity is beyond me…

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Tales of Abyss episode 13 ~ Exiled from royalty, damned lies of a pope

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and that isn’t one of them…

Whow and am I ever late to write about this episode…or even watch it for that fact. But now that my stomach is full from that christmas dinner and most distractions have finally left I can start concentrating on getting caught up with back logged entries. First up it’s Tales and boy oh boy is the world ever a mess here. Seems like Mohs have managed to get his way with the king after Natalia and Co’s departure but I didn’t expect this…

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Tales of Abyss episode 12 ~ Death glare Guy…

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I never would have guessed that Guy could put on such a face O.o

(*Mumbles to self* So much work, so little time -_____-) *cough* well at least this episode was an improvement from last weeks but most of it was still pretty slow talking. Okay it wasn’t bad, just tedious that there is so much talk and not enough fight. Well thankfully the preview shows otherwise and lets just hope that it stays that way and not the false impression I got from the previous preview ^^’
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Tales of Abyss episode 11 ~ Jade’s dark and hidden past

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What, Jade? I don’t believe it…wait…he’s a scientist…

Well compared to the previous episode this one just seemed so slow…almost a bit too slow for my liking so it would have been bad if it actually ended up being boring on top of it. Though thankfully the past with Jade was interesting enough for me to last through the entire episode without letting my mind wonder off. The preview for the next episode looks like we will be getting some of that sweet, sweet fighting action so all is forgiven.
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Tales of Abyss episode 10 ~ “You got yourself kidnapped again?!”

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Probably the most shocking revelation in the series so far

Well it was a rather calm and peaceful episode (besides during the fight scene) all thanks to new and improved Luke fon Fabre. I think I really like his new style thus far and sure beats the living crap out of his old child-like self. Though I am wondering if the development for him is actually going too fast…

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Tales of Abyss episode 9 ~ Hair Redemption

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And another moment of silence please for Luke’s hair

I for one quite enjoyed the peace and quiet of not having Luke screaming down your hear in an annoying fashion this episode and will only hope that it stays this way from now on. Even though Asch sort of replace Luke in the shouting, I find his voice more acceptable and less annoying than Luke in a strange, strange way. Maybe it is because I prefer Asch a lot more than Luke (at the moment) and actually feel sorry for his case…

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Tales of Abyss episode 8 ~ The dreck is lies!

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Oh but it is…

I must say, I haven’t been so pleasantly surprised by such a scene in an episode like this in a long time. Yes, the sheer epicness of this episode when those heart stabbing lines were said to Luke almost rivals the legendary “I am your father!” line. Luke sure had his ass handed to him and it is just the occasion to pop open some drinks…maybe some glass bottles filled with water…

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Tales of Abyss episode 7 ~ “anta…baka?”

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I am expecting lots and lots of ‘fanart’ :p

You’ve probably heard it more than enough times from other blogs or indeed your very own opinion as well but I still have to say it to release some stress; Luke is still a bitch and is only getting worse. There, I’ve said it.

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Tales of Abyss episode 6 ~ Look-alike, twin or clone?

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Oh yes, my fanboy sense is tingling again with yet another pleasant side of Tear being shown. She is afraid of ghosts! *Kyakya~fanboy screams!* Sadly though, she is still failing to make much of an impact on the series (which was a point I moaned about last week) but I guess giving her some spotlight, however trivial, is better than nothing…

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Tales of Abyss episode 5 ~ Princess charming, Dist and ‘BL’

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Luke is such a “happy yarooo~”

I think I am beginning to see what’s so appealing about Natalia’s character and should seriously be pleased by it…if only this isn’t such a reminder for me that Tear needs to do something. As sad as it is to admit, she hasn’t done much since the first episode nor has her character “shone” as much as I would have hoped. If this contiunes, it almost looks like if she has been demoted to being a supporting character who is just aimlessly tagging along with the group. So with the introduction of Natalia (a potential rival perhaps?) I hope it will kick start Tear to do at least something other than just ‘being there’.

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