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Japan Expo 2011: Gems digged up from dirt of mediocrity. Impressions, Loot and more

It certainly has been a very long while I didn’t make any blog post, hasn’t it?
Quite a familiar sentence isn’t it? Well I guess this kind of post once in a while is always fine, so long I enjoy doing them. Anyway folks, this is yet again a little report of what I’ve been doing at the Japan Expo of this year.

Content: description of my little adventure during 4 days at Japan Expo (France, Paris, Parc des Expositions), goodsmile company booth, tsubameyado, loot and many more. Also, I’ve got my camera this time!

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Japan Expo 2010: When Hell meets Heaven. Impressions, Loot and more

It certainly has been a very long while I didn’t make any blog post, hasn’t it?
I feel a bit guilty about that considering all the crap I had to take care of, for like a full year, but I guess this event should be at least covered.

Content: description of my little adventure during 3 days at Japan Expo (France, Paris, Parc des Expositions), conference with Tamura Yukari and Mishima Akio about Magical Girl Nanoha The Movie 1st, loot and many more.

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Requiem For Gundam 0081 The Animation (Consolation Prizes For All)


So according to ANN the disappointment many of us felt upon hearing that Gundam 0081 was “just a PS3 game” may become somewhat alleviated depending on people’s priorities as it’s no longer just anything anymore.  That’s right, like most Gundam media it’s getting it’s own side story tie-in manga series in Gundam Ace.  Pretty good news to wake up too.  There’s also a another sidestory that debuted and this one is to the original series and told from Kai Shiden’s perspective (you can see it on the cover just to the centre left and directly above Kira there) instead of Amuro’s, which could also prove interesting.  This is it I think, the deluge of Gundam products for the 30th anniversary is finally underway this month following the completion of the Gundam statue so if you’re into celebrating I say begin the festivities.  For those that aren’t you might want to get out of the way lol.  This is already starting to make the Big Bang Project look like a small undertaking and


Man I love this picture, it’s just the perfect lead out every time.

About The Kannagi Incident

In the interest of adding some commentary to this whole topic that doesn’t just serve to highlight the obvious hilarity of the situation, all I’m going to say is that in an age when a show can be labelled a “trainwreck” or total garbage by the Western anime community for something as minor as not delivering the popular shipping relationships or not having it’s character and plot development pan out exactly as one might expect or desire, I can’t help but feel sometimes that we are headed in this direction.  At least a little…..

I don’t know, I also can’t help but feel that while we’re all over here having a good laugh at 2ch (albeit justly) about all of this that it might do at least some good to have a reality check and see if we are really all that different when it comes to how we react to our daily dose of anime and manga.  I await everyone’s fury feedback on my once again pointing out that which we might not want to confront in our own potential shortcomings as anime fans and critics.

Kodomo No Jikan Period 38 (Loli Spa Funtime Adventure)

So Uhhh Rin Or Mimi, Which Is It?

Wow this chapter is short……anyway this time Kodomo No Jikan heads straight back into the less serious and weighty stuff with Rin and co. taking a trip to the spa, lets have a look. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 38 (Loli Spa Funtime Adventure)’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 37 (Depression, Anxiety, Possible Evil And One Pissed Off Loli)

Seriously RUN!

This has what I’m looking for, lots of Kagami Kuro.  When last we left off Rin had decided that she had to stick by the increasingly obsessive and neurotic Reiji because he “needs her”.  Aoki doesn’t seem to know what to do and we always know what he does when that happens so let’s go talk to Hoin. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 37 (Depression, Anxiety, Possible Evil And One Pissed Off Loli)’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 36

Hooray For Misleading Title Cards That Have Nothing To Do With The Actual Chapter

We start this chapter from where 35 left off and Aoki is pondering to Shirai is pondering how she has come to like Aoki for being a good man.  Meanwhile Aoki has launched into a tirade about the school board and how he feels it’s an injustice to be called before them merely for looking out for his students best interests.  Things get fiery when Shirai gives him a slap. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 36′

Kodomo No Jikan Period 35 (Loli Kramer vs. Kramer)

When last we left our precocious little Kokonoe Rin she was about to meet her father for the first time as he came to seek custody of her from Reiji.  Will this guy be better than the twisted and deluded guardian of our belove Rin or will he turn out to be an uncaring son of a bitch.  It could honestly take a while to find out as this new and unexpected arc continues. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 35 (Loli Kramer vs. Kramer)’

Kodomo No Jikan Period 34


Yeah, I skipped a lot of chapter summaries in order to get caught up so I can do this monthly so inside I’ll briefly recap what has happened to all the characters sense then. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Period 34′

Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel

People who aren’t up to the often hard-boiled dead serious approach of Gundam 00 may want to try this more light hearted Manga.  Basically it’s about a military school in Canada (Hooray!) where the Earth Federation is preparing new recruits… Continue reading ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel’

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