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NEEDLESS episode 5 ~ Here’s the ass kicking we were promised.

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Seriously, don’t mess with this girl

I think I still need some time for this episode to sink into my system…

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Wonder Festival Summer 2009 ~ Drooling all over the place

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Badass Yoko is BADASS!

Ah Wonder Festival, my favourite time of year and being an avid figure collector (much to the pain of my wallet), it sure beats Winter Festival by a long shot.

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NEEDLESS episode 4 ~ Blade’s ONLY weakness…

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Now here is a face I’ve never thought I’ll see

In this weeks episode, the first of the trio girls is introduced, Blade’s weakness is shown and…dancing around a campfire.

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After watching Juuden chan, baseball bats just make me laugh~

I don’t know if you guys get the same feeling, but the more I listen to the opening theme, the more I feel like kicking ass (especially when it gets to the 39 degrees part). This is without doubt my favourite opening theme from this season.

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Summer 2009 early review ~ Slice of life beating the crap out of you. (updated ver1.1)

Well since it is the summer, and I’m bored, I might as well write a review post of the series I have been following so far. On the whole this season so far has shocked me quite a lot with endless enjoyment for the better part and steep pain for the remainder. It really has turned into a weird experience of finding gems and destroyed hype with my expectations before the season started completely flipped like a mirror image, but I will try my best to keep things as fair as I can with the review. Still the opinions to come are pretty personal so your mileage may vary.

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I forgot about the opening image for this entry, and what could be better to raise the flag than good o’ Gin Sama (nothing to do with the actual post, but relevant to my interests)

So to get things started lets start with the list of what series are mentioned in this entry (in no particular order):

Aoi Hana
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
Princess Lover!
Sora no Manimani
Spice and Wolf II
Taishou Yakyuu Musume
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Umi Monogatari
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

Update +1
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden Chan!

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NEEDLESS episode 2 ~ “It’s a magic!” vs Eve’s Giga Drill BREAKERRR!

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No, you will never guess what that is all over her face :3

So being one of my most eagerly awaited episode to air this week it is only natural that I stay up at 3AM to write thing entry before going to bed. Thankgod for caffeine and Eve’s sexiness being flashed about. You will also notice that she doesn’t wear a bra of any sort (not that *I* am complaining being a typical fellow).

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NEEDLESS episode 1 ~ Yes this is GAR but knock it off with the Gurren Lagann comparisons…

Well it seems like I will be taking this GAR series for this season’s GAR fix thankyou very much.

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Because “Awesome” isn’t a replacement for “AAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEN!” (Says Mr Anderson)

Having watched this episode about 4 or 5 times already (and the OP/ED even more than that) I have finally decided that it deserves a place in my heart this season and a place on the blog.

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Basquash! episode 14 ~ When it truly begins…welcome back Basquash!

Ignoring the gaping hole where I left off back in episode 8 purely because the series started to become all shakey which really affected my enjoyment of the it, it is good to see that this is the real episode since a long time where the series makes a strong comeback and proceeds to move forward at full steam (episode 13 also did this but I wasn’t sure until watching this episode). So with a fresh new OP/ED theme and things getting back on track, I shall continue with my selective review of the series. Bring on the Basquash!

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Hell yea! We are back in business!

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Summer series 2009 Preview ~ Hope no seagulls are crying

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With the Spring season ending in a blink of an eye, we are once again back in the summer period and thus brings us a new batch of series to watch. Surprisingly, compared to last year there isn’t that many titles coming out this season (which is a blessing to some…*points to self) with 18 titles being covered in this preview. As usual laziness gets the better of me and the source for the pictures are taken from THAT Blog where you get more information on the series. Without further ado lets start things off with the first of this season’s titles…

All right so it’s like this.  Every season new shows come out and every season somebody goes all, “Blarg, this whole season sucks and there’s nothing worth watching”.  K, what you gotta do is look harder, cause last season looked pretty meh at first and everybody did the thing, but then like I found 6 new series right out of that season too watch.  That’s like better than average or something.  You be asking yourself why I’m talking like this, and truth is I don’t know, just sorta came out.  Anyway, this seasons a little shorter than average when it comes to the list of new shows, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something worth finding.

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Basquash! episode 8 ~ The truth behind DESTROYs

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Iceman asks you all to watch his amazing performance

While I’d admit that this wasn’t as good as the previous episode where it was all just gun-ho exciting to watch, this was still a solid continuation of the series and brought us some significant development for Iceman and quite a lot of foreshadowing to come for our little princess basketball player.

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