All Hail Masa~San!!! :D

Now when it comes to being a sex machine (for males that is) what do people normally have in mind? Tall, Dark and Handsome? You are half way there. Buffed up dude? not necessary. Its quite surprising these days that the type you will normally call sexy (in anime) is rather not what you would associate it with in real life (perhaps). But in the world of anime logic like that goes way out of the window…take a look at this guy for example.

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What is it about Masa san that makes him so attractive? Heres the backdrop:

  • He is a character from a series called Seto No Hanayome, which is still currently ongoing.
  • He is a member of the Seto Group (a yakuza group within the story).
  • He has the looks as well as a smooth personality to boot!
  • But most importantly…he did this to the main character of the series:

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In my books that little stunt sealed the deal for me. Masa is without doubt GAR! To do such an act with love and tender just because the boss ordered him to, this man is a legend!

Still not convinced? How he has captured the hearts of NOT only Nagasumi and his mother but also fans who have been watching this series (including me) is proof enough.

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“forever charming”


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It seems that male protagonists these days are some of the most hated spawn creations that has ever lived. Most of them are flat not only in their character but also their character designs. The thing is most of them don’t stand out what so ever and yet have girls flocking over them like bees over honey (yes I’m looking at you Rin Tsuchimi!).

Real quality males need to be more like masa where not only his character traits stand out but also a shining personality worthy to be an idol and even more so of a role model. However, i am glad to report that though the recent series we have had more bad ass “non stereotypical” male leads reaching our screens. People like Hei from Darker Than Black and Kamina from Gurren Lagann, it looks like the future will be save after all from the old worthless harem male leads.


By Deathkillz

*note i am male and fully straight*

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