What Is Metal Armor Dragonar?

Dragonar Opening Yume Iro Chaser

The simple answer is an old mecha series from 1987 I hope to blog.  When I said I hoped to share my experiences with past anime I wasn’t just joking around, I meant it.  The longer answer is below in The Story Thus Far:

The Story of Metal Armor Dragonar begins much like that of Mobile Suit Gundam with an Earth Alliance and the Lunar Empire of Giganos smack in the middle of a war which Giganos is currently winning.  Giganos has control of 1/3 of the Earth surface at the beginning of the series and has developed a series of weapons known as the Dragonars in the hopes of finishing the Earth Alliance off.  The man in charge of this project, Lyke Plato, has designed a Dragonar Type 1 for Close Range Combat, a Dragonar Type 2 for mid-range support and a Dragonar Type 3 for invaluable reconnaisance purposes (this is arguably the most useful one).  However, Lyke Plato does not like the way Giganos war effort has been heading with the use of a mass driver on the moon to shoot meteors at Earth causing widespread death and destruction.  As a result he hands over the Dragonars to the Earth Alliance transport ship Idaho and willing becomes an enemy of Giganos.  The Idaho is pursued to an Earth alliance Military colony and this is where our story begins. 

Dragonar 3 (L) Dragonar 2 (C) Dragonar 1 (R)

As the Idaho is accepted into the colony we meet our heroes Ken Wakaba, Tap Oceano, and Light Newman who are currently pilot cadets with no sense of direction (They are slacking off in their dorms when they should be attending drills).  As Giganos in its desperation to retrieve the Dragonars opens fire on the colony, Ken and crew spring into action and head of to the military hanger.  On the way they discover a Giganos spy who in his dying breaths of delirium mistakes them for Giganos soldiers and gives them the key cards to the Dragonars, begging them to return them to Giganos’ hands.  With the cards the boys soon stumble upon the Idaho being attacked by Giganos units.  The fighting tears a hole in the hanger of the Idaho revealing the Dragonars inside.  Ken hopes into the D1, Tap into the D2, and Light into the D3 and assuming correctly they insert the key cards into their units and register themselves as pilots.  They are able to barely fight off the Giganos units as the Idaho leaves the colony.  The reason they are leaving is that the Mass Driver on the moon (controlled by Giganos) has just fired on the colony.  Just as the Idaho is at a safe distance the colony is obliterated by the meteor, seemingly killing Ken’s mother who was an adminstrator for the colonies government.

With Ken’s life in tatters and having learned that his registration as the D1’s pilot is permenant unless it is undone by the Earth Alliance higher ups he joins the Earth Alliance military as a full time pilot and attains the rank of private along with Tap and Light.  Ken’s gang is assigned under the tough as nails (but only because he cares about his men) Ben Ruly who is determined to whip the young upstarts into shape (possibly excluding the British Light who is already very formal and well behaved).  Ken tries to strike up a relationship with the beautiful civilian Linda Plato (Yep the daughter of Lyke the Traitor of Giganos), but she is intitally cold with him for being so aloof while the civilians are in need of supplies (she feels he’s just another callous military man).  Ken then organizes a plan to steal supplies from the Idaho’s hold and succeeds, ultimately winning Linda’s respect.  At this time Mario Plato (Yes the son of Lyke Plato) the Blue Hawk of Giganos along with his Practice Team (Dan Kruger, Werner Fritz and Karl Geiner) has been assigned the task of recovering the Dragonars from the Earth Alliance.

Mario Plato Left and The Practice Team Werner(L), Dan(C) and Karl (R)

On a mission where Mario leads a strike with the Practice Team against the Idaho, Ken, Light and Tap happen to be have foolishly snuck off to attack the ship that has been carrying the Practice Team.  While Ken is away the Practice Team easily captures the Idaho only to find the Dragonars are missing.  However, Ken has destroyed Mario’s ship with the Dragonar’s Laser Sword (Yes it’s that effective) and run out of fuel.  Mario retreats with the Idaho to a Giganos colony hoping to prove something for having lost his ship to the enemy by at least presenting some prisoners of war.

Meanwhile in a low point for the series Ken and crew happen to have survived their near death (almost running out of oxygen in a Metal Armor is very dangerous) and have drifted towards a defunct Giganos watch station where an old solider torments them and tries to get into the Dragonar Unit 1 to return them to Giganos.  However, the Dragonar shuts down when it detects an unregistered pilot trying to use it and they manage to escape and engage in a Guerrilla war with him, which actually provides them with some valuable training (even if it is ridiculous to see Ken and the soldier exhaust themselves from throwing food at each other).  Ken and the soldier form a bond but this is short lived as the Practice Team (minus Mario) arrive at the station and kill the soldier for “disobeying an order from the Giganos leader Marshall Giltall to hand over the prisoners”.  The Dragonar team then manages to defeat the practice team by using material to block their Gelf units cameras.  Humiliated the Practice Team retreats, but as per conditions of the battle inform Ken that where the Idaho is being held. 

With nothing but the Dragonars the team manages to retrieve the Idaho crew by using the Dragonar 3 to distract the Giganos colony with false readings of an immense attack by the Earth Alliance (More units than the actual Earth Alliance military has actually).  We “learn” on the colony that Linda and Mario are brothers and Ken finally manages to outlast Mario’s ammo and damage his Falguen in battle, earning his place as Mario’s mark.

 XFMA-09 Falguen

Soon it comes time for the Idaho to hopefully enter the atmosphere where they will be in safer territory.  However, the catch is that the Idaho was never meant to enter the atmosphere, so this is going to require the Dragonars to remove the fuel tanks from the Idaho and to attach cooling gel to the bottom of the ship to shield it from the atmosphere.  The Idaho barely makes it through the atmosphere, but that is completely scrapped.  The crew survives and on earth is transferred to the Battleship Aquapolis

The Idaho on the left and the Aquapolis on the Right

On the Aquapolis Ken, Tap and Light are promoted to Lieutenants and are charged with defending the ship from Giganos while it travels to the military base to return the Dragonars.  Not much happens for a couple of episodes, but we see Mario getting Marshall Giltall’s personal permission to pursue the Dragonars and he leaves for Earth.  Linda gets kidnapped and is rescued.  When they arrive at the military base the crew have a party to celebrate what would be Ken and crews last days as miliatary officers.  However, before they have a chance to erase Ken, Tap and Light from the D-Weapons registry the Mass Driver on the moon has targeted the military base with a meteor, utterly obliterating it and perhaps by a divine act of god (that is Linda suggesting they have the party and them all being far enough away to just be knocked to the ground from the shockwave) the crew is spared for not being there.  However Ken and cos chances of being discharged are dashed.  They catch word that they might be able to erase their registry at Grant Base in Europe, but they must travel across the Atlantic Ocean to do so.  After a few more battles on the way the Dragonar team parts ways with the girls (Ken with Linda, Tap with his girlfriend Rose, and Light with the mature Diane).  This is where we leave off and I hope to summarize and review Episode 19 soon.


4 Responses to “What Is Metal Armor Dragonar?”

  1. 1 criz October 10, 2008 at 5:09 am

    yay! I got familiarized a bit about the Dragonars through the PSP Super Robot Taisen(Wars) A Portable game 😀

  2. 2 1243242tedgfsd May 5, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    hey mario is meio , ken is kaine, falguen MAFFU, you have so many errors

  3. 3 1243242tedgfsd May 5, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    hey criz, you have that game too?

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