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Sola Episode 10 ~ Thoughts…

Oh boy Oh boy, time and time again this series have lead us, the viewers, into a false sense of security with its excellently executed twists and turns. Never (or its been a long time since last) have i seen a series so unpredictable as this one. You think you have all the characters sussed out? or do you even have a theory you clearly stand by on? well think again as in this series nothing you predict will ever become true.

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Kodomo No Jikan Prototype Chapter 0.5 Examination

The second prototype chapter was ultimately the one that secured the deal. I’m glad the author was given a second chance as this chapter is much better than the first one and cements a lot of the life lesson type sub themes that are present in the official serialization of Kodomo No Jikan. Below is the Summary and Thoughts Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Prototype Chapter 0.5 Examination’

Kodomo No Jikan Prototype Chapter 0 Examination

Kodomo No Jikan had two prototype chapters of the kind that authors submit to publishers to see if they feel the concept can work as a series. Below I detail the contents of the first one as well as give some brief thoughts on it. Continue reading ‘Kodomo No Jikan Prototype Chapter 0 Examination’

Gundam F90 Chapter 1 Examination

Gundam F90 With Destroid Pack

What Is It: Gundam F90 is a 1990 prequel Manga to the Gundam F91 movie directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Gundam F91 was infamous for it being a scrapped 50 episode series, which had the first 10 fully written scripts compressed into a 2 hour movie. The results were less than stellar and it was up to Manga, Novels and other media to fill in the gaps surrounding the story. Crossbone Gundam a sequel to Gundam F91, written by Yoshiyuki Tomino himself, which continued the story of Gundam F91 was one of them, Gundam F90 a prequel manga was another. This manga would set the stage for some of the important events that happened in Gundam F91 as well as provide some important details for the world of the 2nd Universal century.

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The Idol Trend Gets Absurd

There are some things in life that just make me go “HUH?!” and Mamiko Noto and Ai Shimizu being asked to write scripts for Touka Gettan is one of them.  Continue reading ‘The Idol Trend Gets Absurd’

Princess General II Summary Part I


Princess General II

Princess General II is an Strategy H Game released by Eushully in 2003.  In the first game the anti-hero Riui who’s mother was human and his father a beastman and the king of the beastman Kingdom of Menifuru, witnessed his mothers murder at the hands of a legendary mercenary of the Human Kingdom of Karushaa. Continue reading ‘Princess General II Summary Part I’

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