Kodomo No Jikan Prototype Chapter 0 Examination

Kodomo No Jikan had two prototype chapters of the kind that authors submit to publishers to see if they feel the concept can work as a series. Below I detail the contents of the first one as well as give some brief thoughts on it.

Summary: In this prototype chapter Aoki is already the teacher and starts the day by walking into the classroom only to have Rin fall on him in the classic panties to face manner (I can only assume she was perched on top of the door somehow). Rin says that Aoki’s nose is bleeding because he saw her panties, but he says it was because she crushed his nose when she fell on him (His side sounds more believable). He then has the class right Haiku and Rin writes:

Please Do Stick It In
Before The Day Comes At Last
I start To Bleed Red

Frazzle Aoki asks for advice from the teachers and Hoin (Who is at this point Aoki’s Wilson to his Tim Taylor) and she says he has to let her know that this is not okay for a little girl to be writing. On her way to drop of the attendance book Rin is confronted by the creepy ass principal who grabs her head and has one of those perverted grins on his face. She goes to tell Aoki about how the principal made her feel uncomfortable, but he just writes it off as another one of her tricks (Can you really blame him). Rin’s screwball friend Kagami (who dresses like a victorian era noble) gives the finger and her bear doll seem’s to be able to mimic her expression like Wade from Orson’s Farms (The Garfield Cartoon Short) Innertube (which is just plain awesome). Anyway Rin starts to feel sick and goes to see the principal who promptly lays her out on the couch and tries to pull down her panties (PEDOPHILE!). Rin snaps a photo of him in the act and records his rant about how nobody will believe her. The principle is exposed and promptly forced to resign and Rin extorts a kiss from Aoki in return for forgiving him from not believing her.

Overall: I’m not to sure about the message here. Rin’s solving of her own problems was impressive, but I think the author should have presented the idea that she is partially at fault for playing tricks and crying wolf and that is why Aoki didn’t believe her, not because she is a kid. Sometimes I feel Rin get’s off a bit to easy, but I guess it is part of the authors attempt to establish her dominance over Aoki, which Echo’s Lolita’s power over Humbert Humbert. The chapter didn’t seem to convince the publisher as a second one was made, which did appear to catch there eyes. A summary of the other one will be up very very very shortly.

Rating: Five Out of Ten


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