Kodomo No Jikan Prototype Chapter 0.5 Examination

The second prototype chapter was ultimately the one that secured the deal. I’m glad the author was given a second chance as this chapter is much better than the first one and cements a lot of the life lesson type sub themes that are present in the official serialization of Kodomo No Jikan. Below is the Summary and Thoughts

Summary: The second prototype starts off with Rin eating in class and Aoki taking away the sandwich and admonishing her for breaking the rules. She turns the situation into a pun by saying Panchira (Literally “Panty Shot”, but also a combination of “Bread” and “Taken”) as revenge (Aoki seems unsettled). We learn that it is physical exam time and Kagami is outraged at this, claiming the girls are being prosituted. Rin is angry at Aoki for something regarding overhearing saying massaging ones breasts will make them look bigger and he replies that that doesn’t work for a 9 year old. As revenge she shows him her non existant cleavage through the top of her dress and says she thought he liked big breasts. When he says no Hoin walks in at the same moment and he has to defend his words while the devious Kagami looks on in amusement. Later it is mentioned that Mimi was the first girl to wear a bra (establishing this prototype as outside the continuity of the manga as Mimi gets the bra in Period 3). Apparently Kagami has lodged a formal complaint about why chest measurements are so important (she’s just bitter that she has absolutely nothing). The answer is that it gives teachers the chance to check for abuse. Flash forward to Rin walking in on Mimi examining a cut on her chest. Rin being the concerned friend she is demands to know who did this and Mimi begs her to keep it under wraps. Later Rin tries to talk the girls way out of having to be examined (to protect Mimi), but Aoki says he’s not the one doing it (obviously) and that its Hoin and he doesn’t want to see her topless anyway. As revenge (she’s really good at this) she says she’s not wearing any panties and starts to pull up her skirt (I should also mention she has one of the most evil and devious looking faces I’ve ever seen on a loli character during this part. She looks borderline super villain. Like we are talking demented eyes, callous expression, emotionless seeming voice, upward angle to make her look ten times more creepy etc.). Aoki pulls it back down and Rin snaps out of it. During lunch Rin discovers Mimi’s bloody razor blade and finds out she cut herself because of the pressure from everybody to do well in school and it was a once off thing that got infected and caused it to swell so she’s embarassed about it (and a bit emo). Kagami who is now wearing some sort of Succubus outfit says she wants to make Rin’s area swell (She has a crush on Rin). During the exam Kagami is measured to have 51 centimeters which annoys her and Rin has 55, making her happy that she grew. When it’s Mimis turn apparently she has gone to lengths to conceal her cut and everything passes (including her chest size being announced). Hoin says Mimi is a good girl which makes her happy and she seems less emo now (and probably won’t cut herself). Meanwhile Kagami is on a power trip (finger pointing, angry look, cocky pose and everything) and demands that Hoin get a physical as well. When she does Aoki walks in on the girls (the measuring tape barely fits around her chest) and is called a pervert.

Overall: Poor Mimi, she always seems to be going through a lot of trouble and facing the worst of lifes pressures at such a young age. I guess the message here is that the girls should solve there own problems between themselves and that is why Rin protected Mimi from even worse scrutiny and pressure should she be discovered and embarassed for cutting herself. Rin is established as a possible demon and Kagami seems to have multiple cute outfits and a huge ego. Mimi is also established as the Mikuru of the group and Hoin as a nice teacher. I think this was probably the chapter that earned Kodomo No Jikan it’s publishing contract.

Rating: Eight and A Half Out of Ten


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