Princess General II Summary Part I


Princess General II

Princess General II is an Strategy H Game released by Eushully in 2003.  In the first game the anti-hero Riui who’s mother was human and his father a beastman and the king of the beastman Kingdom of Menifuru, witnessed his mothers murder at the hands of a legendary mercenary of the Human Kingdom of Karushaa. 

Riui survived and grew up to seek revenge on the Royal Family of Karushaa.  He started by abducting the youngest princess of the kingdom Irina to use as a potential bargaining chip.  At first she dispised him for his brutal nature, but upon learning of his sad childhood and the horrors her family had inflicted upon his people (there are some issues of racial tension in this game) she took pity on him and decided to help him in any way she could.  She faked her own death and became his wife and was there at his side as he took back the kingdom of Menifuru from the Human governor from Karushaa.  Just as he had secured the throne, the mercenary who had slain his family arrived upon orders from Karushaa to finish him off to.  Riui, Irina and the crew however managed to defeat this mighty warrior (I forget his name actually) and he took his rightful place as the King of Menifuru with Irina as his Queen.

In the second game Riui and Irina (In disguise as she is supposed to be dead as far as Karushaa knows) are travelling to Yurie, the capital of Karushaa to secure peace talks.  Before I headed to Yurie I went on a sidequest to a cavern to retrieve an old comrade from Princess General I (and boinked her or was it the other way around?).  After, gaining a succubi ally, I headed to Yurie. Teneira the honorable court magician is there to receive Riui, but what appears to be assassins of the beast tribe storm the castle and slay Teneira as well as Riui’s adoptive father who was accompanying him.  The death of Teneira is blamed on Riui by the Princess General Erica (Who set this all up it would seem with the help of a traitor who is supposed to be Riui’s most trusted advisor).  He flees to back to Menfiru which is now all but at war with Karushaa and is pursued by Erica and the Karushaa army as a fugitive.  Irina dismayed at her hope for peace between Menifuru and Karushaa with the loss of Teneira and Riui’s low status in the publics eye discusses what to do next.  She wants to talk to her sister to see if it will resolve matters.  Riui decides the only course is war and Irina is starting to feel this is true as well, but asks Riui to declare war only as a last resort.

A Tearful Irina

Irina, receives a letter from Celine her 2nd eldest sister who seems to know she is alive and well and she too is worried about their elder sister Erica’s course of action. Riui comforts her by telling her he will do his best to avoid war with Karushaa (and nets me a +3 point bonus with Irina.  Nice going Riui).

In a dream sequence Riui ponders whether he is man or beast, good or evil (This game actualyl has a Law/Chaos bar to determine the course of events based on these very types of good or evil actions).  Irina wakes him up and tells him he should meet with his generals to decide the course of action.  Farmishuru (a comrade from the first game and seraph) and Cephilia (a former general of the Karushaa Occupation Force in Menifuru and enemy of Riui from the first game turned comrade) are waiting to discuss the future of Menifuru.  They discuss the unreasonableness of Erica the Princess General.

Erica Teshuosu The Princess General

Everybody is pretty sure that Teneira’s assasination was planned by Erica, but what to do about it.  Discussion reveals that Erica has not peer in combat and all but runs the state of affairs in Yurie with the puppet king (her younger brother Leonid) following her advice.  Since direct confrontation with Karushaa is suicide and magic on par with Erica’s is needed to stand a chance against her personally, the plan then is to take control of a  kingdom to the south of Karushaa either by allying with it or taking it by force.  Other options include an alliance with Flessland who’s culture is compatible with Menifuru’s or to forge an alliance with Suriji to the south east of Karushaa who has been at war with Karushaa for a while and would be accepting of an ally.  Either way the group is heading west in search of allies or potential vassal territories.  The north is currently in unrest as is pointed out by Farmishuru who has sent and received messages from the region already.  An alliance with these barbians could prove valuable or could prove dangerous as they are waffling between support for Karushaa or Menifuru.  The first choice is still obvious however and the group is heading south to Erufuru.  Cephelia will act as steward in Menifuru and they are off.  Before they leave they catch word that the last of the soldiers have returned to Menifuru from Riui’s party to Yurie, but there no word of Rikeruvan (the traitor) being among them.  According to the usual infor from Farmishuru, apparently Linnea (a member of Riui’s court and a human knight) may have also turned traitor, believing that Riui is responsible for Orukosu (her trainer and Riui’s foster fatherss death.  She tells him to be careful of other possible traitors and to watch his back while on the trip to Erufuru (She’s obviously worried for a reason).  In fact she insists on coming along with Riui on the trip to Erufur and he sees no reason not to accept her company (GOOD because she’s damn useful).

Meanwhile somewhere unfamiliar stands a woman in full battle gear (This may be the ally I’m searching for to match Erica).


Most Badass Costume Ever

She seems to know of Teneira’s death (She is his disciple and apparently a match for the Princess General), but blames Riui for Teneira’s death.  If Only Riui could turn her, he’d have his Keanu Reeves.  She is apparently named Teifana Luxemberu and appears to be in a place called Resperanto.  She appears to await the arrival of Riui as well.

No trip into danger is logical without the right equipment so on the way to Erufuru I stop off at the general store to pick up supplies.  I’m greeted by the Loli girl who seemst to run the shop in every Eushully game, only with a different name (Eushully uses the star system made famous by Osamu Tezuka for it’s games).  Anyway apparently business isn’t going to well for Chiki (her name in this game) and Riui decides to make this Menifuru’s one stop shop for supplies and such.  She is “Very Happy.  Thank You *Blush* etc”.  Anyway I make my purchases and leave the shop.

 The Loli Shop

Apparently the sickly Celine is in Menifuru or somewhere nearby at this moment and she is talking to a beastman soldier named Girutein.  She seems to be trying to hunt down the location of Irina and hopefull bring her back to Yurie convinced that Riui must have put some sort of curse on her (actually he kind of did in the first game, but that was resolved, Celine doesn’t know that though).  Whoever this Girutein is, he is beholden to Celine and is sent out on a mission to locate Irina in her stead.  She hopes that there is some way she can help mediate the situation between Menifuru and Karushaa and prevent the continent from falling into chaos.

Before officially leaving for Erufuru I pop back into the Millsburg (the captial of Menifuru) for a prayer session with Tina Pairi an old comrade and locale sister in Menifuru.  She wishes Riui good luck and hopes that heaven will watch over him in his journey to Erufuru.

Meanwhile in a cavern somewhere in Menifuru the infamous Night Nail group, a legion of bandits discusses plans to raid Millsburg while Riui is away (Uh Oh!).  The time at last comes to cross the Erufuru/Menifuru border.

Apparently Karushaa predicted Riui’s move and has somehow managed to set up a blockade at the border withou either Menifuru or Erufuru knowing (they are just that good I guess).  Linnea makes a show of loyalty by threatening to tear eight Karushaa soliders new one in this battle.  Riui still doesn’t know if she’ll turn traitor however, but he is encouraged by this show of loyalty (a bit trusting isn’t he).  Everybody is ready including Farmishuru, Peterne (a sage) and Risutei (a succubus I picked up via a sidequest).  It’s time to break through.

The Menifuru/Erufuru Border Showdown

*Cracks Knuckle* At last some combat!  In the middle of the battle Risutei asks if Riui will give her a reward for fighting in broad daylight this (As a Succubus all she can really think about is sex.  Plus it’s exhausting for a creature of the night to fight in a bright environment.  She get’s her energy from boinking Riui actually).  Anyway as a result of this I got a support boost for having Riui and Risutei next to each other (ala Fire Emblem).

A Show Of Force

Farmishuru  reports that this Karushaa detatchement isn’t much to worry about and her support with Riui goes up as well.  Partway through the battle the Karushaa army is reinforced, but a beastman archer named Ruth ultimately emerges from the forest to join Riui as well.  Farmishuru seems to be familiar with him and claims he lives in Millsburg and is a soldier.

Anyway the battle continues and of course I am ultimately the victor.  Apparently Farmishuru knows more about Ruth than she let on and admonishes him for his suicidal act of attacking the Karushaan outpost alone.  She’s so pissed and loud in fact that a Menifuruan soldier far down the highway path is startled by it.  Ruth is humbled and bites his lip saying he just wanted to help.  Riui enters the scene with a wry smile and breaks things up, putting Ruth under Farmishuru’s watch and allowing him to come along.  Farmishuru is shocked as Ruth a bow fighter isn’t fit to fight on the front line, but Riui just says she should train him to then.  The group decides to rest in the border outpost building and they find a stash of goods in there stolen from a neighbouring village by the Night Nail gang.

Just then a Night Nail member comes in with a young slave girl in shackles and offers Riui an alliance and the loli as a slave.  They talk and when the girl Yui pipes up the Night Nail man threatens to hit her (bastard).  Yui then says the man is lying and that he plans to betray and steal from Riui  I refuse as I will miss out on a ton of characters and content if I accept (plus I want to help the loli girl get away from that bastard).  The man pulls a dagger and Riui calls him on his true colours.  He brings judgement to bear on the Night Nail group calling them common thugs who terrorize villagers and kidnap young girls.  Just as the man is about to stab Yui, one of Riui’s loyal fighters, Bram, steps in and disarms him.  The Night Nail group then decides it is time to leave.  I’m off at this point on a sidequest to finish of The Night Nail group and Yui points out the location to there hideout on a map.  This is where I finish my summary for the day.  Hope people enjoyed.


4 Responses to “Princess General II Summary Part I”

  1. 1 Baku May 19, 2008 at 10:14 am

    I am truly impress with the detail summary which have been made her as well of the level of details that have been used. one think is for certain in my eyes the one whoever have made the game as well the person who have made the summary truly love the game…

    thanks for it.

  2. 2 Tyler July 9, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    Hello and thanks for the awesome post about Genrin no Kishougun II. This is one of my favorite games period. I actually play this game more for the character design and tactical play (hardly for the H-scenes at all).

    My Japanese is somewhat lacking however so the plot was almost completely unknown to me. I was curious, did you ever continue your summary or is this the only Part?

    Thanks a lot and keep on keeping on with thie awesome site.

    Oh and I heard a rumor about a remake for the first Princess General (which I’ve never played). Hear anything about that? And is the first one on par with this one?

    Thanks again.

  3. 3 Avisch September 4, 2008 at 2:38 am

    I’ve recently gotten into Eushully’s games (and I hope to play them, despite the fact that my Japanese is pretty much beginner level). So thanks so much for this great summary, I hope you can write subsequent parts.

    Alittle question about the name romanization though. I’m still practicing Katakana, but anyway.

    Erika’s name is written “エクリア” wouldn’t that be more Ekuria or Ekria? Also there’s a “su” at the end of Farmishuru’s name “ファーミシルス”.

    Also something Im having troubke with.
    With Teifana’s name “ティファー”. There’s the small “a” with the big “hu” to form “ha” right? Why do they write it like that instead of just using “ha”/”ハ” ?

    I don’t mean to nitpick. Im just curious. Please continue the summary at your own pace!

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama September 4, 2008 at 4:20 am

    Yeah it’s Ekuria. She’s in Ikusa Megami 2 as well.

    Anyway, I don’t think I can continue the summary though. Too much work. This was from my early blogging days when I had a lot more time. If anything it now serves mostly as a way to ease people into the Eushully universe.

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