Sola Episode 10 ~ Thoughts…

Oh boy Oh boy, time and time again this series have lead us, the viewers, into a false sense of security with its excellently executed twists and turns. Never (or its been a long time since last) have i seen a series so unpredictable as this one. You think you have all the characters sussed out? or do you even have a theory you clearly stand by on? well think again as in this series nothing you predict will ever become true.

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The most recent episode (10) is a clear example on this. The format by which this series goes by can now very well be predicted (though its contents are most definitely not). These past few episodes so far has follow the usual formula of leading the viewers into a false of security by producing a first half which, seems to be heavily average…but all that changes usually when events are taken over to the second half (and as the plot advances time quickly flies by and we are lead to yet another cliff hanger). And did i mention that the previews are absolutely useless? all the more fun i guess…

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thoughts posted on animesuki forums:

so in the end no one guessed right, who would have guessed that Yorito is a golem created by Aono ~ but still it wasn’t explained if he was created in the past or present (which is in my opinion is an important piece of info as a measure of Aono’s manipulative power) ~

Matsuri stabbing Yorito and revealing his true form was also unexpected. But isn’t he then supposed to die as the papers started to fall out? i was rather surprised seeing him back sitting next to Matsuri talking about his past self ~ perhaps Matsuri killed off his old self (the memories implanted by Aono). What we see now could be the new Yorito without any personality and is still left unwritten ~ (still doesn’t explain whether he is a human or still a golem T_T)

Matsuri suggests that they “disappear” together, which in itself is a fine suggestion, but to then go to Takeshi and ask him how to use the sword i am a bit weary as to what she is thinking. She could be opting for one of those tragic ends by ending both their lives ~ giving the viewers a WTF surprise bitter/sweet moment ~ or maybe shes going to fight Aono again…

But to me im leaning against the WTF end. This type of romance end is almost classical (to kill your lover and then to kill yourself) ~ but it leads onto obsession and degradation of matsuri’s character (acting OC to put it bluntly)

I am quite pleased with the hidden surprises produced by this series and anyone who calls it predictable beforehand will sooner or later have to eat their hats (which i have already begun doing mind you).

With 2 remaining episodes left to wrap things up the end is in sight. But even so it is blurry as to how the producers are planning on ending this roller coaster filled with happy, sad and at times strangely confusing moments. Will it be a hit? or is it more likely to be one of those cases where the solution ruins all previous build up? But what ever it is I’ll be sure to be sad to see this series ending (even more so if they intend on giving us a tragic ending Air style).

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“Happily ever after?


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