Gundam F90 Chapter 2 Examination

Apparently the Formula Series team thought the Zeon mobile suit attack was part of the test, but its not. It’s the real thing….Summary: The Gelgoog in the Zeon Squad quickly rushes up behind Sid’s Gundam F90-1 and uses its size advantage to grab hold of the unit, putting out it’s camera (Located in the head) with one of its fingers. Def encourages Sid to retreat now that his camera is damaged, but Sid reminds him of the units thruster malfunction, which has caused the F90-1 to leak fuel. Sid ultimately bails out of the Gundam F90 in his pilot suit and uses a gun to destroy the Rick Dom’s camera. Sid floats off into space and Def heads over to recover him while smashing it’s head with the F90-2’s fist and dodging its retaliatory machine gun fire. Just as he thinks there is no way over to Sid, the Zeon units retread, but with the Gundam F90-1 in tow. Def takes Sid into the F90-2’s cockpit and they return to the Admiral Tianem. Def reports that regrettably the F90-1 was captured, but Rosche says that at least they obtained some decent data on this (he seems a bit calm about all this, I’m starting to wonder about him).

36 hours later the Formula Series Test Crew attends a meeting on the Earth Federation’s Side 4 Front Central Command Centre, which also doubles as SNRI’s main research and development facility for the Formula Series. The Federation Brass mention that the Zeon Mobile Suits belong to old Zeon Remnants called the Oldsmobile Army and they wonder if this is meant to be a declartion of war by the Oldmobile Army (obviously it is). Professor Guttenvigier is mentioned to be absent and on Earth working on the next line of SNRI mobile suits (probably reffering to the Gundam F91). The brass is discussing how to punish the test team when a messenger bursts into the room reporting orders from the Federation High Command that need to be dealt with right away. The test team pilots are let off the hook for now and promptly exit the meeting room. The operator from the Admiral Tianem, Navi, begins to break down over all this trouble and when Sid tries to comfort her she decks him telling him never to try and touch her like that again.

Later as Def and Sid marvel at the remaining Gundam F90, Rosche approaches and tells them to stop sitting around and get there stuff. They are to join the 13 Independent Mobile Fleet (This is very similar to the 13th Autonmous Corps, which the White Base crew was assigned to in Mobile Suit Gundam) on a journey to Mars. When Def asks why, Rosche replies that they are to recover the Gundam F90-1 and to wipe out the Oldsmobile Army on Mars. Later on, the Admiral Tianem is then shown to be leaving port.

Thoughts: We get our first bit of combat here and the Gundam F90’s are embarassingly trounced by 40 year old mobile suits. Although the Zeon unit’s had a size advantage the F90’s had better performance even without being fully equipped for combat during the tests. Both Def and Sid honestly deserve to be punished for their incompetence her, but they are needed for the mission to recover the F90-1. That will have to be their penance for their screw up. We also learn that even 30 years after the final defeat of Neo Zeon in Char’s Counterattack that a group of Zeon Remnants called the Oldsmobile Army has take up the Zeon Flag, and they are hiding on Mars of all places. This is going to be only the second time I have witnessed a Gundam series take its story outside the Earthsphere (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit) and the first time I will see Mars as it appears in the Universal Century universe. Should be very intriguing. Overall though, despite the battle in this chapter, not much has happened yet. That is sure to change soon however with the pace of the story.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out of Ten


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