Gurren-Lagann Episode 11 ~ Thoughts…

The king is back! and this time he means business! (no it’s not Kamina but his spirit is infused with his brother, Simon)

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In a nutshell: The group is lured into a trap by Guame who manages to capture the ship, while Simon was still in a state of depression and his new obsession to create Kamina statues. Nia is told straight by Guame that she is no longer a princess but rather a failure (but even so he is one perverted reptile T.T). however, in the capture cell we see Simon beginning to form a new resolve, and with that in mine Lagann finally awakens again! The rest is history as we see Simon completely destroying Guame’s ganmen using Kamina’s final attack!

Thoughts: EXPLOSION! we now have Simon back! but this time it’s version 2.0 ~ at long last Simon has taken in Kamina’s GAR spirit!

While watching this episode (besides the action) i was heavily distracted by Nia’s moeness. Exibit A!

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*Cough* “must try to resist evil thoughts” hehe

For the first half of the episode i could obviously tell that everything about saving some “damsels in distress” was all a trap (all that was pretty much predictable). Seeing Simon still obsessed with Kamina to extent of making stone statues to worship to was a bit depressing not to mention creepy!

But at last when the time came i had chills running down my spine ~ seeing simon finally realizing that he is himself ~ not his brother but himself. With those words ringing in his head i can see that he has finally awaken from the illusion that held him back so much (which even caused Lagann to stop working).

” You must believe in you. Not the me who believes in you. Not the you who believes in me. You must believe in you!” (~ by Kamina).

That new resolve that formed while he was trying to dig out of captivation must have caused lagann to react and awaken. With simon’s spirit finally back lagann finds his way back to his master.

The fight was just awesome! and for Simon to be able to use kamina’s final move must mean something. He is no longer Dependant on Kamina but rather their spirits has fused together. Guame was trashed but its a shame that he survived T.T (dam that perverted reptile!). I can only see revenge coming up next with 3 of the 4 generals defeated with disgrace. What the future lies for these guys will certainly be fueled by vengefulness to destroy Gurren Lagann once and for all.

As for nia, shes still moe as ever! To me she has broken out of the circle of the typical “damsel in distress” type character. She has a spine and is willing to stand up to evil (which is something i treasure in a character like her). To me she is not only MOE! but she is also GAR!

Next ep: Beach episode! haha why am i not surprised that this had to happen once? *rolleyes* but from what i can see this will be an important episode for Yoko. Will she remain emo? or will she finally be able to accept Nia like all the others?

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