Kodomo No Jikan Period 1 Examination

And so begins the official serialization of Kodomo No Jikan. Of course there is a reboot from the prototype chapters and….

Summary:Aoki is starting his first day as a teacher at the elementary school and is immediately traumatized by Rin who is wearing nothing but bear panties when he walks into the class room. Apparently the teacher they had before was really nasty to a girl named Mimi (Who bears a significant resemblance to Miyuki from Lucky Star) and she hasn’t been attending school. As a result Rin is initial very cool with Aoki and immediately establishes dominance over him with her easy ability to pull down her panties and threaten to blow the virtual rape whistle. When Aoki finds out the truth about Mimi he goes to her house and establishes a report with her. The next day Mimi is back at school and Rin seem’s to have warmed to Aoki a bit after realizing his part in helping her friend gain the confidence to come back to school.

Overall:It’s a nice little story. Poor Mimi seemed really traumatized by the things the teacher said and frankly this guy made the right decision in retiring and seek mental guidence because he has no business teaching. I couldn’t find anything really objectionable at all here. The most sexual it gets is when we see Rin in her Bear Panties. Also even though she pulls down her panties she still has a skirt on so nobody see’s anything but the panties around her legs. Frankly I’ve seen Ken Akamatsu gets more lolicon with the battle outfit and outright nudity that Evangeline A.K McAdowell exhibits.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out of Ten


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