Kodomo No Jikan Period 2 Examination

When we last left Aoki, Rin was busy making him her bitch. That was the official chapter 1 and now this is chapter 2….

Summary: Rin continues to torment Aoki by playing a trick on him where she lifts says she is lifting up her skirt and sure enough when Aoki turns around she is standing there with her skirt lifted up exposing her midriff and buruma. Apparently she made a bet with the other girls that Aoki would be tempted and turn around to look, and Mimi is on the losing end and very disappointed with Aoki. Aoki demands that she give Mimi her money back since gambling isn’t allowed in school and when he kneels down and puts her hands on her shoulders she just sticks out her tongue and exclaims “Idiot”. She then runs out of the room and Aoki goes to chase her but falls on the other teacher, who also has enormous breasts that cushion his fall. She says in the staff room that Aoki should earn Rin’s trust be being like a big brother and when Aoki finds Rin outside with a cat that shouldn’t be allowed on the premises, he decides to let it slide and even get’s bitten by the cat. Rin sucks on his bleeding finger and Aoki appears very much visibly turned on. Rin’s friend Kagami (I kid not, I guess that makes Rin into Konata then) seems upset as she watches from an upper story school window. Later when the female teacher Hoin (the one with the large breasts) ask Aoki to accompany her to lunch, Kagami runs up looking frantic and tells Aoki that the cat climbed up into a tree and that Rin has gone up after it. From the tree Rin exclaims that she want’s to show the stray cat that has been neglected that nice people do exist in the world and as she reaches out to grab the cat, she slips and Aoki catches breaks her fall as she lands on top of him. He is completely KO’d and appears to fantasize a dancing image of a naked Rin as he lies unconcious. The next day Aoki is better and Rin tries to play the skirt lift trick on him again, but he knows better and doesn’t fall for it.

Overall: Aoki is absolutely no match for Rin whatsoever. She has complete control of the situation at all times and he’s just got to try and keep his sanity and try to resist her as best he can. Although Rin can seem overbearing we see a very caring and compassionate side to her hear in this chapter. The absolute most sexualized the chapter gets is when the unconcious Aoki fantasizes about a naked Rin, yet we don’t see anything.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten


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