The Soprano’s Series Finale (Made In America) Examination

Without spoiling anything, it would seem as usual my worries were completely unfounded regarding the series finale.  The secret to the finale is that the series doesn’t end.  There is only one hit in this episode (See if you can guess who it is), there are some revelations creating loose ends that will never be tied up, and the series ends much as it began with the daily grind in The Soprano Family Life. 

Everything isn’t resolved and tied up in a neat little package like your average Network TV Drama, some of the characters find new interests to pursue, others keep doing the same things they have done, some relationships end, new ones begin and perhaps the biggest testament to the ending not being an ending to The Soprano saga, but an ending to what we, the viewer, are allowed to see of it is the sudden cut to black at the end of the episode, as if the series is permanently shutting us out the of The Soprano Family life abruptly and decisively.  It was just the perfect ending to it all and David Chase could not have wrapped it up better if he tried.

Rating: Ten out of Ten


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