Kodomo No Jikan Period 3 Examination

Well another school day starts with Aoki teaching his class (of devils) how to do traditional brushing calligraphy. Rin is seeking attention as usual but she rips her page after seeing Aoki tending to Kuro (by holding her hand and teaching the strokes). Rin then goes up to Aoki with a new phrase, something rather rude actually.

Aoki gets angry and rips up the sheet while Rin just laughs and says “you told me to write whatever i like”. She then questions Aoki if he would prefer it (insert another suggestive comment) if she “dipped his brush first”. Aoki is memorized and stares at Rin while blushing. Mimi doesnt understand Rin’s statement so Kuro tries to tell her but is stopped by Aoki.

Later we see Aoki having a drink with some of his friends and they talk about their problems. One of Aoki’s friends stated that he has it (life) pretty easy being a teacher of a primary school (and so assumed that he has a lot of free time). Aoki goes crazy over the issue stating that its not what it seems.The job is plain hell! It seems that after his list the point is made clear and his friends respond by saying that they can understand why some educators go nuts. They then go to ask him if there are any cute girls which Aoki responds by saying that there are all just perverted little upstarts (heh but he did call them cute). They misunderstand by thinking that Aoki was talking about the teachers and asks him to bring them in. Aoki says that they are mistaken but he in interrupted by another guy who tells him straight off to “do them” in. The other cheer in the background and says “as expected from the guy who lost his virginity in 6th grade!” (Aoki can only fear at the comments).

Aoki goes home and ponders what he is going to do with a class that is falling behind. The next day we see a sleep deprived Aoki at his desk. He manages to spill coffee over himself while daydreaming, which Hoin quickly helps wipe up. She then tries to look up a book for Aoki but is told not to interfere by another teacher. “let him suffer like we did!”

At the end of the lesson Aoki is still disturbed by the fact that he is unable to provide a more fun lesson for his class. Rin gets a really poor grade in a test so she has to stay behind for some private tutoring. Kuro is jealous and says that Rin did badly on her test on purpose to be able to have private time with Aoki. Rin then hugs Kuro saying that she will play with her some other day and we see a sulking Kuro walking off which that Rin was a boy. During the revision session Rin asks Aoki if she does good on the next test coming up if she can have a reward from him. Aoki says fine if its an ice cream or a drink but what what Rin wants is to have sex with him. She then spreads her legs apart more, revealing her panties. Aoki snaps her out of it by giving her a hit across the head.

The next day we see a stressed out Aoki due to the class ignoring his orders to take their seats. But just as he was reaching breaking point Rin slams her fist on the table causing silence, and so class continues. Later Hoin gives Aoki a bunch of test papers which will help him assess his class’ academic abilities.

At a later date we see Aoki handing back some test scores and surprisingly Rin gets 100 out of 100. She then asks for her reward which Aoki gives…by saying “i love you” gently down her ear. Mimi on the other hand is depressed.

Thoughts: Waaa another chapter done! This time we see more about Aoki’s caring nature for his class. It isn’t easy being a teacher of a class who is currently doing poorly in their studies and it shows. He is trying very hard to be a good teacher and a role model but stress is seriously taking it’s told. Luckily Rin has noted on this fact and tried to help him (bless her). Still she never fails to give Aoki her fair share of evilness.


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