The Blogging Sphere (Trouble In Paradise)

So things have just gotten really nasty in the Anime Blogging Community lately.  I don’t know what it is about some of the bloggers out there, but some of them don’t seem to like it when people question what they write in the comments section.  It seems like with some blogs you either go with the overall flow and say as little as possible in terms of meaning or they subject you to annoying spam filters that seem designed to catch unfavourable comments. 

What’s the harm in allowing a little criticism in ones blog I ask?  Do some of these people, Jason Miao, for example have such a god complex that they can’t accept that not everybody agrees with everything they say.  I personally am one of those guys who would allow unflattering comments on my articles to make it through, even criticisms of me personally aren’t a problem, it’s going to happen.  I think spam filtering should stop at repetitive or off-topic commenting, not that I’m getting many comments yet to even consider that.  The site is young after all.

Anyway it just makes me a little sick to the stomach to see some of these blog owners out there who run their sites like Orwellian states and disappear those comments that are unfavourable.  I say to them, your not helping to community at all, you are only feeding your own ego and personally I don’t care for that kind of motive when it comes to the reasons behind one’s blogging interests.


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