75% Lucky Star Episode 09/ 25% Kadokawa Shoten Advertising Spot 09 Examination (No Pictures)

This post was taken verbatim from a post I made on Animsuki Forums. It also has the distinction of starting a chain of event’s that got me banned for 3 days again. Enjoy…


At Konata’s:

-Scene is built entirely off the wacky sound effects used.
-Konata comes across as a mischevious Keroro Gunsou type in this scene.

At Kagami’s:

– A TV program was mentioned and has nothing to do with Kadokawa, it’s that 14 year old mother one.

At Konatas:

-Lot’s of Unnecessary noises
-Interesting Clothes
-Useless answers from Miyuki

At Kagami’s:

-Konata did poorly because she wastes time. Anything else would be turning her into another Haruhiesque Mary Sue. She gut looky last time obviously.

At School:
-The reason both she and Kagami can play games and one does better is because Kagami plays shooters and Konata RPG’s according to Kagami.
-HAHA Tsukasa is stupid but Konata’s stupider.
-What Blood Type Are You? Kagami’s is bang on.
-Miyuki always raises her index finger whenever making a point.

At Konata’s (I Think):

-You know you’re in the second quarter when…..boring Sushi scene.
-I’ve just noticed everybody else has purple iris’, but Konata’s are Green. Obviously she’s some sort of alien.
-Konata’s eating Pocky so that Aya Hirano can keep mumbling her lines and have an excuse.

Walking Home:
-SPLATTER FILM! Also known as get a dating sim flag with your target girl in an eroge by choosing to comfort her jittery ass.

At the Theatre:
-The perfect disguise. They mistook her for a homeless guy.
-Nice thinking Konata. Use your flucuating height powers to score a childs ticket.
-What was that weird ass chattering noise everybody made when exiting the theatre.

At the restaurant:
-Boring montage part for the 3rd quarter.
-Why does every old lady sound like Freeza from Dragon Ball Z in this episode.
-Konata’s dead, and thus Kagami proves she’s the biggest porker.

Walking To School:
-Every H-Game I’ve ever played let’s you save at the beginning of every phase, or at any ADV part.
-What a great father.

At School:
-Miyuki plays Old Man Games. Konata notes correctly that Solitaire and Minsweeper don’t qualify.
-Between That Team and That Team eh. Nice copyright dodge, though I think your allowed to mention baseball team names in anime.
-I wouldn’t let her help if I were you. *Konata Evil Face* Miyuki: “Your face Scares Me”. Konata: *Evil Grin*. Best joke, Fourth Quarter No Surprise.


Lucky Channel:

-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IN HEAVEN! ALREADY! What happened to the episode. Where’s the rest of my Lucky Star. And what’s with the Kevin Eubanks style music.
-MI MI MIRAKUR MINORUN RUN! How do you like that being screamed at you at the top of the guys lungs. Remember Haruhi, this is funny. Except not really.
-Bad picture there.
-Anyway as much as idols are probably not all smiles and cute clothes in real life, we don’t need to know this 9 times in a row.
-Is he trying to say he took pictures of Akira that would give people erections.

-GAME PENALTY! For Aya Hirano singing her own song in her own voice. No freaking shock there. Blatant favouritism towards Kadokawa and Seiyuu related songs are proven at last in how the songs are sung. That doesn’t even sound anything remotely like Konata. Also notice nobody is interrupting this time because its the CD selling single. The character is Konata, thus Konata should be singing the song, plain and simple. So now it gets a Game Penalty for botched voice acting even though I know what he real game is here.

Thoughts: Okay so we are looking at a 9.0 caliber episode, but some problems here. Firstly I wasn’t feeling Aya Hirano’s mumbly performance as Konata here. Houkoholic said she can be overkill with the extra noises at times. Here it was like an entire episode of it. That’s not enough to subtract points for. However, Lucky Channel coming at the 17 minute mark is. Why is it that anytime the episode starts to get really good, Lucky Channel comes in and cuts it off with the same old “Idols are really not who they appear to be joke”. That’s –0.5, but the kicker is the ending.

So here we have undeniable proof that they are playing favourites here. Let’s be honest is that Konata behind the door or Aya Hirano’s Springs Music Video playing. Whenever the song is from a non-Kadokawa show they butcher it, but when it’s from something like FMP, or if it’s done by Aya Hirano as a cover, anything less than a perfect rendition here would annoy the Fanboys, so Konata’s out and Aya Hirano is in.
-1.5 for this little bit of blatant favouritism and arguably commercialism on top of botching the character of Konata as an expense in the process. This whole ending shebang really really annoyed me this time around. Wonder how long it takes for Aya Hirano to come out with a single CD for the Springs song. T

Overall we have a Seven Out of Ten. Thanks a lot though for proving my point Kyoto, you are playing favourites and it have nothing to do with singing the song in the spirit of the original. That’s just bull, because that would mean a hot-blooded passionate rendition of Chala-Head-Chala, and a soothing version of the original Koizumi Kyoko version of Kogarashi ni Dakarete both sung by Konata, not a screeching rendition of Chala-Head-Chala by Konata because it’s Toei and an Aya Hirano delivery of the Springs Cover of Kogarashi ni Dakarete because she happened to be involved with it.

Rating: Seven Out Of Ten


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