50% Lucky Star Episode 10/ 50% Kadokawa Shoten Advertising Spot 10 Examination (No Pictures)

This time we got a great episode, but we also got twice as much advertising and product placement as well. This post is once again taken verbatim from one I made over on Animesuki….


At Kagami (Sama’s?)

-Keroro is out and Private Tamama is in. Cool!
-Man that is one fragile phone. I’ve dropped mine down a flight of stairs and it hasn’t even dented it. That was like two feet she dropped it from.
-Duh! I can use a cell phone to text message Sis…..Slooooooooooooooow!

At Konata’s:

-Wow Cousin Yui is boring…..

At The Doctor’s:

-Don’t tell me Miyuki is turning into a Sick Girl.
-It’s that Freeza voice again. What do they have one person doing all the adult voices, by the way Miyuki your missing your call.
-Waited a bit long on the punch line, but I guess it shows how dense Miyuki can be.

At School:
-YEAH! Tsukasa in the sky. She’s on cloud nine now that she can use a phone.
-OH DEAR GOD! They’ve turned her into an AOL User.

At Kagami’s:
-I think the Afro thing may be a reference to the Keroro Gunsou ending. “AFURO Gunsou, AFURO Gunsou Wa AFURO!”
-Kagami bathing sequence spotted. Awww…. typical KyoAni cop out on fanservice.
-Oh that must be annoying. I can barely stand it when the phone rings twice in 10 minutes let alone every 5 or so.
-Oh dude, Kagami’s all badass there when she opens the door to confront Tsukasa.
-It’s you moment to shine Tsukasa, help the big dumb stupid man with your loli powers of sudden intelligence.

At School:
-GAH! Kagami is drawn really weird in the first close up here. She looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…. The second she turns her head she’s back to normal though.

At Kagami’s:
– I feel like I’m watching an episode of 24 here with all the focus on Cell Phones. Othewise a yawn sequence.

At ???:

-Card Combat
-GAME PENALTY! Advertisment for Haruhi DVD Spotted. -1.0
-Crazy sequence overall, but the penalty still stands. Don’t see it as exceptionally outstanding other than for Lucky Star where it really stands out. If this is the scene everybody was talking about I could get this and more in any Shin Getter Robo OVA. Kind of a let down after all that talk, but still fairly cool. I guess it’s more of a mind blowing experience if you haven’t seen so many Super Robot shows like me. Not my fault though. Glad to hear Seki “Domon Kashuu” Tomokazu in this scene, and not the other Tomokazu they seem to love. At one point I expected him to scream “SHININGUU FINGAAAAAAAAAA!”, but alas. Anyway, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t see many sequences from Shin Getter Robo Armageddon, for example that make this seem tame in comparison.

At Konata’s:
-Kona pops is behaving like Rei Hino’s grandpa from Sailor Moon here.
-That’s it. Konata listen here, My room blows yours out of the water for Hardcore Anime/Game Fan.
-Why is this so boring… oh it’s the third quarter, of course.
-No game I’ve ever played sounds like that.
-AHAHAHA! Even TV Show’s are starting to look like 2channel. GAME POINT +0.5.
-Konata is a typical chatroom user. No surprise.
-3rd quarter eating scene commence!
-Kona Pops has the same dream as me. Wait! I didn’t mean that! NOOO!

Walking Late at Night:

-Boring Scene.

Back Home:

-GAH! They change hairstyles to screw with Kona’s mind. Mission accomplished in my case.
-Okay the Kona mom “Is she legal” scene is highly amusing.
-The part about the ages of characters is a lie. Everybody just looks 12 now. Unless it’s Nagarasete Airantou in which case Konata has a point.
-HAHA! Forgot the homework in your efforts to act cute. GAME POINT +0.5.

At School:

-And here we learn at last the secret behind how Japanese people come up with those uninspired nicknames for their friends and idols. Enter Kagami-Sama. What an exciting nickname when compared to something like “The Boss”, “The Gipper”, “Stonewall Jackson” etc. At least they know the names sucks though.
-Sebastian. That’s to cool a name for such a loser!
-They just riff on the dumb nicknames from here on out. GAME POINT +0.5. Way to go Lucky Star for pointing this whole process out. Hopefully you’ll inspire the rest of the Japanese Culture to come up with more interesting nicknames than Hikki or Aaaaaaya or whatever it is.

Lucky Channel:

-Alright I’m watching this as I type. Let’s see this new and improved reimagining of Lucky Channel.
-Sebastian. More like Adolph Hitler with that speech.
-OKAY! What is Akira scratching there.
-So do I need a pay account to suggest this new term that Kadokawa is going to force into common parlance?
-Minoru: “I got to TALK!” Me: “Congrats dude”.


-Nice singing job for Kagami. In character, but to the best of her ability, unlike Aya Hirano last episode who could only sing in her own voice when she’s trying to have Konata put in the effort on a song.


So it’s a 9.0 episode and it gets it. The only Game Penalty was for the Haruhi DVD push. We get it guy’s the DVD is in stores and it’s Haruhi, save it for the commericals, -1.0. I’m not as impressed by the shonen sequence as others. Sure it was exceptional for Lucky Star, but it was like any average sequence out of a Shin Getter Robo/Mazinkaizer OVA. In fact I could head on over to Kotetsushin Jeeg and get just about the same level of hot blooded animation, only on a larger scale throughout the episode. For a non-super robot fan it must have been a mind blowing experience I guess. The scene about TV being like 2channel in Japan now is amusing too. I wonder if Japanese TV is hitting the Reality TV craze yet. Also the nicknames the Japanese come up with for idols and such have been bothering me for a long time. Glad to see they riffed on that and Kagami basically said “Just call me by my name if you can’t come up with anything interesting”. Finally is Kadokawa/Kyoto Animation going to create a new term with there mass influence on the Otaku fanbase based on a poll. I probably won’t be using it as it’s likely to be something really goofy, but, well as soon as it’s released… I don’t even want to think about it.

Kyoto Animation, Manufacturing Memes since 2006.

Not the best Lucky Star, but probably second best. Certainly not the best anime episode of all time. Good showing though.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


2 Responses to “50% Lucky Star Episode 10/ 50% Kadokawa Shoten Advertising Spot 10 Examination (No Pictures)”

  1. 1 Mirrinus June 19, 2007 at 5:29 am

    Ha, I wish I could be so formulaic in guaging an episode. Some people’s minds just work like that. Mine isn’t one of them.

    All in all, you aren’t making nearly as big of a deal over the product placements as I thought you would.

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