Sola Episode 11 ~ Thoughts…

Yorito is ripping down the sky. Could this be the beginning of the end for his long dream?

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In a Nutshell: The episode displays interaction between Mana and Yorito. In their part we see Mana getting Stressed over Yorito’s insensitive words towards her (claiming that things are all right when if fact the are not). Yorito’s existence begins to fade from people’s mind and in the end even Mana forgets about him. But her tears will not stop flowing. The other interaction scenes are between Koyori and Aono. While Aono tells Koyori many times to leave we see her coming back time using the phrase “teach me origami” as an excuse. In the end there is a tearful moment with Koyori telling Aono that she doesn’t want to lose a friend dear to her. In the end we have a showdown starting between Matsuri and Aono…will Matsuri cut her down?


This episode centered around 2 main groups:
Mana and Yorito / Koyori and Aono

I’ll start off with the Koyori and Aono pair

while nothing special happened between them we do see Koyori desperately clinging onto Aono, she tells her to never return but as a friend Koyori can never do something like that. Emotions flow as we see her trying to retain that fragile bond by asking for help on a common interest: origami. It’s obvious that Koyori is just using this as an excuse to be together with Aono who tells her to stop after a while ~ then comes the teary scene where Koyori tells Aono that she doesn’t want to lose a friend.

With all the things that are going on I would have thought that aono is planning on moving into another city (seeing her pack up yorito’s presents into a box). I wonder if aono will also make herself disappear from everyone’s memories like yorito but in a different case.

Then onto the mana and yorito aspect of this episode

It is boiling up! as well as Mana is able to hold in her feelings for Yorito it all becomes too much in this episode. Yorito is being insensitive towards his friend is what Mana is feeling and this causes her to mouth out subconsciously but in my opinion those are her true feelings towards the situation. She tells yorito to be more considerate towards his friend’s feelings which is rather true. So far he has been holding information from mana when obviously things are not “all right”. Here comes the dumb male lead again *sigh*

Everyone begins to forget about Yorito. why? what i think is that Yorito’s existence is disappearing. After being “killed” by Matsuri he is no longer attached to Aono (meaning Aono can no longer control him as their link has been destroyed). This can only lead to the death of yorito. It is aono who is keeping yorito alive so with that link destroyed yorito will die ~ but looking at the evidence he did have a day or so left to live (well it does take time for all the magic in his body to be used up).

But in the end even Mana forgets him though not without showing any tears subconsciously. Even though in this state she doesn’t understand why she is crying deep inside her a part of Mana will never forget Yorito as he disappears off into the wind. We’ve seen this type of plot before but even so the feelings of forgetting someone you know and love is always tragic. and i suspect Koyori to be forgetting Aono as well. this existence thing is also linked with the erasal of Mana’s phone picture; with Yorito and Aono gone from the screen i can only think that the disappearing act is planned.

Takeshi and Mayuko ends up leaving: and i guess this is the final farewell as the exit is done in such a depressing and “goodbye forever” way.

Back to the dramatic action! Matsuri shows up at Aono’s house (omg the background music IS DROOL during this short scene! :3). It is obvious that Matsuri plans to end things with Aono but I am still left scratching my head as to why she wants to end things so much? Aono is no longer in control of Yorito and he himself is dying off so why? what is it that makes Matsuri want to attack Aono (who seemly has finished with causing trouble). I just don’t see the logic here and to me Matsuri is action off character…goddamn cliffhanger end!

and after the Mana crying scene we do see Yorito appearing again…but being behind Matsuri and in a trance like state id say that his days are numbered…or is Matsuri living in denial and attempting to make Yorito her doll?


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