Gurren-Lagann Episode 12 ~ Thoughts…

The hell is up with seeing smoking bullet holes in Nia’s precious hair! A truly painful experience!!

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“Yoko-san…i have a request”

Yep another week another episode from our favorite mecha series this season! And yet again it is full of twists and turns. Welcome to the beach episode!

In a nutshell: The gang hits a dead end. In front of them is a vast amount of water which collectively is called “the sea”. To most of them this is a first and as excitement and curiosity takes over the team decides to turn this day into a day of fun (much to yoko’s distress). Nia is getting more and more popular and this ticks Yoko off greatly, even more so when she realizes that she is no match for Nia’s talent for beach games despite her small body. Later that day the team final sets off for the sea as modifications are completed ~ yes all you need is a paddle and some flippers.

The gang is soon attacked by Adiane, who has water superiority. However, soon Simon breaks out his GAR side again to foil her plans. Even facing defeat though, Adiane jumps onto the decks and captures Nia, threatening to kill the princess. Yoko did not let this threat get to her however, using her gun she sacrificed Nia’s precious hair in exchange for Adiane’s mecha arm. In the end the cannons are pointed at Adiane and they fire! thus killing another one of the generals. Viral manages to survive and curses gurren lagann like no tomorrow. In the end we have a moment between Yoko and Nia. Maybe things will turn for the better.

Preview: Nia doing home cooking? :3

Thoughts: Well what can i say? i would be as shock as anyone to see out favorite scorpion queen getting killed off so early. Even with her death flag already raised during the last failure attempt it is still depressing to see such a cool villain saying goodbye.

Personally I loved this episode and like Seto no Hanayome the faults in this series is next to nothing. I think it is a turning point for Yoko as she begins to see Nia in a different light. The oh so trusting entity that is Nia gives hope to everyone. She is pure and innocent but strong willed as well. What Yoko sees in Nia is competition at first (looking at how Yoko lost to Nia in all the “mini” contests is a clear indicator that Yoko sees Nia as a rival). However, after the scene where Nia says that she has faith in Simon together with the short scene where Nia asks Yoko, the one who ruined her hair in the first place, it is evident that Yoko is beginning to see why Nia has such an appeal to everyone.

The “subtle” sexual references in this episode is just dam right hilarious! seeing the guys clutching their private areas when the lower deck of Daigunzan was destroyed made me laugh so much. But the highlight for me has to be seeing Leron jump from his seat after Simon drills into the Butt of Daigunzan (its as if the guys are a part of the ship! *tries to block bad thoughts*)

In the end i really liked this episode as a whole. A fun (and fanservice) filled first half displaying Yoko’s jealous side while tonnes of development in the second half (via Yoko x Nia bonding and the death of another general). I have to say that the BGM track chosen during the fight was absolutely awesome! 😀

I can’t wait to see what other surprises this series can throw at us!

By Deathkillz


2 Responses to “Gurren-Lagann Episode 12 ~ Thoughts…”

  1. 1 Flyvapnet January 1, 2009 at 4:26 am

    I saw that episode in a different light, because I think Gainax was completely wrong in depriving Yoko of her role as lead female character. She’d been with Kamina and Simon for some time. They were a trio, with Yoko the lone female member. Why, then, did Gainax decide — after all Yoko had done to help the brigade — she should be devastatingly humiliated in front of her peers just as she’s being kicked off center stage? (At least the outcome of those contests was totally unbelievable, as Yoko’s a first-rate athlete and would have won all those contests hands down.) After her exemplary military service — and wise counsel — to the brigade, this is what she deserved? I don’t think so. I was literally sick to my stomach watching that episode; and I stopped watching the series due to the uncalled-for and mean-spirited manner in which Gainax denigrated Yoko, who was the most likable character in that series. I still feel sad thinking about it.

  2. 2 Loris Matamoros July 8, 2011 at 2:09 am

    Thank you, I have been looking for information about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I’ve located so far.

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