Kodomo No Jikan Period 4 Examination

This chapter begins with Hoin catching Mimi running in the halls. When Hoin stops Mimi to ask her if anythings wrong, Mimi asks her how she got to have such large breasts (Oh Boy!)….

Summary: Apparently it’s all in the milk according to Hoin, so at lunch that day Mimi abstains from the drinking of milk (Innuendo overload and this is only the second page). Flashforward to class and Mimi explains she doesn’t want her breasts to grow because it hurts for her to run and the boys all stare at her (This is starting to remind me of the Bebe’s Boobs episode of South Park). Anyway, Rin says she’ll kick anyones ass that makes fun of her and Kagami mischievously says that its probably time for Mimi to get a bra, while poking Mimi in the…errr (by the way how would she know Mimi is so flat she almost has indentations). Anyway that idea is out because Mimi thinks the boys will stare at her more. Just then Aoki announces gym and Mimi really REALLY doesn’t want to do the track & field. Being dense as all get out Aoki encourages her to give it her all.


This Is Sad On So Many Levels

Mimi decides to run with disastrous results and Aoki notices she’s an earlier bloomer. After class Aoki stops and asks Rin to mention to Mimi about trying a bra. Rin is outraged that Aoki hasn’t asked her to get a bra and he snidely replies that she doesn’t even have breasts. Offended again Rin decides to show him her chest and he barely puts a stop to that. He asks her to just mention it casually to Mimi, but Rin says she will only exchange for a really tight hug. That option is out though when Aoki thinks she’s teasing him, but Rin seems genuinely hurt while proclaiming she wasn’t teasing at all.

Meanwhile Mimi has already purchased her own bra, but finds out its too small the next day when all the boys notice and get really er….horny. Rin and Kagami explain to her that she needs to be measured and so they accompany her to the store that afternoon to try again. This mostly results in Rin fondling Mimi into submission while Kagami tries desperately to get an accurate measure on her. Apparently things ultimately work out as we see Mimi managing to get through next days P.E class. In the staff room Aoki muses about how he’s gotten to know Rin and Mimi a bit better, but that Rin’s a tougher fix than just getting her a bra like Mimi. The chapter ends with Aoki entering his own classroom only to find a very shirtless Rin and Mimi (EEEEEEECHIIIII! and such).

Thoughts: This is like one of those awkard Very Special 1970-Early 90’s sitcom episodes, only with more fanservice. I’m not quite sure whether the theme was supposed to be enlighting or arousing and it’s a pretty transitional chapter into Rin’s next arc so not much happens overall other than another battle for poor Mimi. My god does this girl seem to have it tough. Aside from Mimi’s breasts though the chapter was fairly average.

Rating: Six And A Half Out Of Ten


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