Lucky Star Episode 11 Examination (With Glorious Pastel Coloured Pictures)

And so here begins another review from a guy who is quite possibly the only neutral person on the internet when it comes to Kyoto Animation. I feel like I’m caught between the 90% who are enraptured by every second of everything they do and the 10% who just beat on them because they think they are cool. Anyway I bet both factions hate me, but that’s cool since I run on Dis Lev and all negative emotions give me more power. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously Let’s get cracking…

Summary (With Commentary):

At School:


I Knew Miyuki Could Cast Meteo!

– Bam right into things with a Konata line right off the credits (Head spinning already). The talk is about shooting stars and Konata is calling bullshit on Kagami’s belief about the three wishes myth. Miyuki just mentions about how pretty they are. She seems to be emitting her own shooting stars anyway (Tsukasa’s giggle in this seen is kind of creepy, but awesome at the same time because she doesn’t even move while doing it and it’s just “Teeheeheehee teeheehee hee”.)

THE MANY WAYS TO SPEND CHRISTMAS EVE! (I can think of a couple right now and most involve games)

Still At School:

– Konata took a winter vacation on the train by missing her stop (I’ve done that on a city bus and ended up in the Ghetto of the city I used to live in).

– Sailor Suit and Machine Gun reference spotted (What does this have to do with Kadokawa Shoten, if I find out I’ll let others know).

– Konata’s father tries being homeless for a day in a backstory by Konata. (Those ditto eyes on Tsukasa are amusing to no end by the way).

– Kagami tries to wake Tsukasa up in her Train (Not Rape) Story but she is to busy trying to act cute. (This triggers the Ide Drop when we snap back to Kagami).

– Five Minutes is the most diplomatic amount of time.

At The Train Station:


Lo and Behold Tsukasa Is Now Taller Than Kagami

– At this point Konata might as well just be saying “Boop Bop Beep Bo Bop Bop Bo Beep Beep Bop Bop Boop”, because that’s almost what her manner of speech pattern and pitch sounds like to me, one of those 60’s era Sci-Fi Computers with the beeping noise. (I’m pitying the poor translator at A.F.K that has to decipher this, but it’s mildly amusing in it’s own right).

– Tsukasa tries to sleep away from the businessmen that sit beside her (Possibly to avoid giving the dirty old men hard ons).

– Miyuki fails to notice that people are pretending to fall asleep on her shoulder so they can fulfill there fantasies.

On The Train:


Listen Hear Lil Loli… If You Much As Lean On Me Ima Kill Ya!

– And there’s that guy everyone thinks is Tommy Lee Jones and man does it ever look like him.

– Konata tries to fall asleep on his shoulder and he seems to be avoiding her (Must be insane).

– Konata gets up at the wrong stop and the Freeza woman takes her spot so now she has to stand (HA HA!).

At School:

– Konata and Kagami seem to have a different idea of whether four hours is a good amount of studying time (I personally do around 8 hours worth of studying for the average test and I think I’m being lazy with that).

– Kagami just owns the test Kaioshin Sama style.


GAH! What Happened To Everybody’s Eyes! Kawai Yo….

– Apparently the reason Kagami tries so hard is to stay ahead of Tsukasa who Konata doesn’t think is very good competition (This remark causes everybody’s eyes to go haywire a second later). Anyway Tsukasa has the lamest comeback ever “Kona-Chan thinks she’s all that” (She sounds like she’s trying to be cute with her rebuttal).

– Santa Claus Isn’t Real (Tsukasa kind of talks over Konata here in a weird audio/recording glitch, but I won’t take off any points. Just thought I’d mention it).

At Kagami’s:

Both sisters have a bizarre grasp on reality

At School:


I’m Laughing An Have A Fang! I’m Completely Original! WORSHIP ME!

– Hey! Who the F$%# Hell are you?! Guess we won’t find out this episode.


Hey It’s The H-Game Male Lead Sprite

– STOP THE PRESSES! Is that a male student. A Male Student! And……..He’s….I….Can’t…Believe IT! HE JUST SPOKE! ASTOUNDING! (Seriously though who is he!).


I’m uh..I can’t think of anything witty to say.

– AND WHO THE HELL IS THIS ONE! NAME’S PLEASE! (Does Kagami have her own mystery fanclub or something)


This Is What I Imagine Most Anime Studio Employees Look Like. That Isn’t A Joke Either.

– Joke is getting old here. I appreciate that the males in this show have been relegated to 3rd class human beings behind the superior Moe female leads, but come on…..

– Hey Konata only has one line too, what gives.

– Now Miyuki.

– Konata.

– Sebastian Minoru there. (Not to mention Kagami can’t hold on to her pencil).

– Kagami’s as worn out and exasperated by by this as I am.

– More dentist stuff (Man this episode needs a change of pace, I’m starting to nod a bit and it’s onl 6:30 PM).

– Okay look at just how awesome Tsukasa’ eyes half the time. It’s like she’s in a stupor for half the episode.

– All customer’s are Male at Konata’s workplace because the Cosplay Cafe caters to perverts with fetishes (and apparently this one specializes in a lolicon appeal).

– This scene shouldn’t be giving me these vibes, but the sliding down of Santa Konata next to the School Konata reminds me of the scene in the second Zeta Gundam opening where the Super Gundam comes down from the top of the screen (except not nearly as flashy and shiny). All I hear throughtout that entire scenei “Moo Nakanaide Ima (Stay Way) Anata Wo Sagashite Iru Hito Ga Iru Kara (Stay Way) Omae Ni Aitai Yo To”. The gist of it though is that Konata is cosplaying as Santa at the Cosplay Cafe for Christmas.

– Santa’s laugh sounds like Ganons laugh when you die in Zelda II The Adventure of Link.

– Kagami thinks you shouldn’t look down on someone based on a whole man (but I do…Lousy Coke Mascot).

– Kagami muses over the reverse play of Santa supposedly fulfilling children’s, but in this case it’s a child fulfilling men’s perveted fantasies (Like Konata’s note on Kagami insulting 2channel perverted types here).

– Loving the Super Religious Hiiragi family here (and there chipper choir singing which doesn’t actually contain words).

At Konata’s:

– Yo it’s me Cousin Yui, I don’t do anything funny, but here I am. (AKA welcome to the 3rd Quarter of Lucky Star where they stuff all the boring stuff).


This Is All You See For 11 Seconds Straight.

– Budget saving scene from 11:20-11:31, which just has Yui staring at the screen for about 11 seconds (Gotta give the Game Penalty her for -0.5). I like the punchine here a lot so I’ll give it back though (+0.5).

– Phew I thought they were going into a loop of the staring scene again, but it was a faint.

– Excellent perverted line by Kona-Pops (Even though there isn’t really any context, all you need is “Police Chief Commissioners daughters aren’t really like that” to know he’s up to know good. Either that or he was watching Batman with Barbara Gordon turning into Batgirl.).

At Kagami’s:

-Brushing Teeth for 0.5 seconds

At School:

– Bam! How’s that for a jump cut.


Are You Lolicon Fans Scared Yet! Konata Isn’t Messing Around, She’ll Break You In Two!

– Don’t mess with Konata Pedophiles. She’ll kick your ass (Unless of course you have a lolidom fetish in which case that’s probably what you want so go right ahead). By the way how is there no panty shot here, it defies all rules of anime. This usually means though that somebody is streaking soon enough, be it this episode, or next episode.

– Ha Ha! Konata’s Immature and stuff.


Yeah Well She Looks Goddamned Terrifying! Something Wicked This Way Comes! It’s Rampagin Chipper Loli!

– Oh No There’s a rampaging weak bodied loli in the background, what do we do! WHAT DO WE DO?! (Alright calm down she hasn’t joined the cast yet).

– Hell even Konata seems to think that weak bodied loli is secretly evil (considering they almost always seem to turn out to be super powered masters of some dark magic given the proper triggering situation, I’d be as worried as Konata).

– Konata want’s to “Regift” her report card.

– Miyuki has gone from holding up her finger every time she talks to clutching her jaw, tilting her head and closing her eyes.

– Dude Miyuki get’s good grades, but who cares she has a huge rack. (Though that’s a bad thing according to Konata. I tend to agree).

At Konata’s:

– Konata has become Naruto.

– I’m wondering just how the balance of power works in the Izumi household (Konata seems to be an object of worship for Pops).

– Yui is without a doubt the most crooked and incompetent cop I have ever seen. She makes Frank Drebin look like Robocop in terms of adherence to the law and efficiency.

– So Sensei is single eh.

At The Manga Shop:

– Oh. Let’s see what Kadokawa product Konata is peddling today (We almost made it through without an advertisment). The answer is…..none (GAME POINT +0.5).

At School:

– Kagami: “Oh”, Tsukasa: “Oh”, Miyuki: “Oh” Konata: “Hmmm”, Kagami: “No”, Konata: “Yes” *Opens Door* (Me: “HUH?!”). By the way I apoglogize to that guy over on Animesuki, This was incredibly amusing (Especially since I’ve worked in building where every time you touch a door handle you get a static shock). The reasoning here is that this is that since Konata is always sitting in front of a computer the radiation neutralizes the static shock (or something).


Oh Come On It Couldn’t Have Been That Bad A Shock….

– Then Tsukasa and Kagami shock each other and have an “Itai Itai Itai Itai” freak out moment (Complete with High Pitched voices and looping and everything. Awesome…), and Daba Myroad charges his Buster Launcher (Actually he really just generates static electricity with a plastic sheet. This whole sequence reminds me of the Simpsons Episode at the Marvin Monroe institute. Anyway being the funniest joke in the episode and seeing as how the episode is picking up…. LUUUUUUCKY CHAAAANERU (Here to kill the momentum. You know if the entire episode could be this amusing throughout, this would be one of the best comedy anime of all time).

Lucky Channel:

– Great so Akira will be in the actual episode next time (I can hardly wait *Sarcasm*), and apparently everybody who sent in postcards are suckers because Konata (a fictional character I might add) seems to have won the Tsundere contest. FOOOOOOOLED YOOOOOOOOOU! (I think).

– By the way what are they trying to pull with the suggestion here that tertiary characters often end up more popular than the main ones. It seems like they are trying to desensitize the viewership to the idea that Akira is going to be in the next episode. I don’t know what the writers have in mind, but I’m a little worried to be honest as I don’t find Akira amusing at all and don’t want them to weasel her into the show via power of suggestion disguised as a joke by Minoru. (which this little ending bit points towards them trying to do).

Preview: Next episode appears to be a festival (which they probably don’t actually go to).


Okay so this episode is about an 8/10, but gets bumped up to about Eight and A Half Out Of Ten. As usual the funniest stuff came at the end only to be cut of by Lucky Channel as it gained momentum. I guess the idea here is to go out with a bang at the end of each episode and leave on a high note. What I don’t like is that Akira is going to be in the actual episode next time. She’s bad enough just as a bit character, but as an actual character, plus I don’t like how they seem to be trying to manipulate the fans into accepting her as a potential full-time addition to the show (I don’t know if this is the plan, but it kind of looks like it to me, at least a little bit). We’ll of course have to wait until later to find out who the mystery characters are as well as whether Konata’s sick cousin is as terrifying as her shadow leads me to believe. Lastly the major plus of this episode was the complete absence of Kadokawa Shoten Related product placement and the fact that the ending was a classic that wasn’t butchered despite not being from Kadokawa (unless they own Cup of Noodle Ramen brand). Let’s hope they keep it that way and focus on making solid episodes like this.

Rating: Eight And A Half Out Of Ten


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