Kodomo No Jikan Period 5 Examination

Kodomo No Jikan Chapter 5, much like Chapter 4, is a very simple transitional chapter, only this time it is the start of a new arc.


The chapter starts with Aoki asking all the children to write down their dreams, but Rin just blurts out that her dream is to marry him. Aoki says that is impossible and Rin replies that there are some guy’s who “like kids” and that that is mean since he’s already seen her naked. Aoki ends it by saying he is not like that. Outside Kagami seems to be chaffing that Rin is spending so much time chasing after Aoki and tries to discourage her from doing so. Some Yuri moments ensue and Rin explains the difference between love for friends and love for those you are attracted to (as if Kagami will ever settle for love between friends).

A glomp session ensues involving Rin surprising Aoki with hugs just about anywhere he goes and Mimi notes that Rin is infatuated with the guy (in case the reader hasn’t guessed). Later Kagami approaches Aoki (in a cosplay outfit that bears a resemblance to May from Guilty Gear’s Pirate Raincoat) and accuses him of favouritism towards Rin in grading the dream assignment. She submits hers which is to always be together with Rin and Mimi and tells Aoki not to get the wrong idea that she cares what he thinks (later she will appear to be doing everything possible to condemn the man to some horrible painful fate, but this is just the start).

In the staff room Aoki relates how approaching Rin in a different way seems to be alienating the rest of the class and he decides to try and pay less attention to her overall. This sets off a montage of Aoki ignoring Rin as much as possible, which allows Kagami to play her trump card by stating that Aoki doesn’t even like Rin, right to her face (This girl is cruel and ruthless). At the end of the day however, Rin is as persistent as ever and manages to get Aoki to carry her home by pretending to sprain her leg. On the way home Rin asks if he hates her and thinks she is a problem child and Aoki says she isn’t a bad kid and when she asks if thats the case even if she drove the previous teacher to resign, Aoki says that that was a mean thing to do, but overall she’s still good.

Here’s the kicker though, when Rin asks Aoki if he “likes her”, Aoki still somehow doesn’t realize that Rin is a mature thinker and says yes (DOH!). With the “confession” she hops up and runs away leaving Aoki to realize he’s been had and that she faked the sprained leg to manipulate a “confession” out of him (scary scary girl). Back home in the bathtub (there it is you lolicons) Rin tells her stepfather that she got a “confession” today and he is miffed when she says it was the sensei.

Thoughts: A much better chapter than last time, but still not a meaty one. The big plot point here is that Rin thinks she has got a confession out of Aoki and is sure to pursue it. Also Kagami Kuro seems to want Aoki out of the picture by any means necessary and she seems just as devious, but more nasty than Rin. She frankly scares me a bit and once she finds out about the “Confession” she’s sure to get even meaner, but we’ll have to wait and see what ideas the jealous Yuri-Loli-Fiend has to drive Aoki away from Rin and secure her for herself.

Rating: Seven And A Half Out Of Ten


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