The Top 20 Most Ass Kicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Loli Characters Around: #17

At Number 17 is another Super Robot Wars character, only this one is more recent….


Mihiro Ardygun From Super Robot Wars W

Alluring Quality 6/10: One again like with Irui, Mihiro has the kind of eyes that just draw you in. Some mind say she has a creepy stare, but I think it makes her look incredibly cute. Couple that with the fact that she is almost always smiling except when in battle in which case she has an overly serious look on her face and the fact that her little hair ribbon is actually the Banpresto logo and you have one alluring loli character.

Callousness 0/10: Even in battle as a subpilot Mihiro never seems to harbour any ill intent towards the enemy. Only one mission actually gives you the opportunity to have her land a pilot kill, but you don’t actually need to make her do anything. I believe she also has the Mercy Seishin, but even if I’m wrong she still gets a 0 in this category for her gentle nature.

Power 8/10: Once in control of the Valcazard weapons, Mihiro could be considered to be in control of a ridiculous amount of power. The unit isn’t godlike in the same manner as mecha like the Ideon and the Dis Astranagun, but it has a lot of HP and some very powerful attacks, one of which actually has her soul joining in an attack that results in massive damage to the enemy. So she earns an 8/10 here.

Lolidom Factor 6/10: Her older brother Kazuma seems to be afraid of the things she might do to him if she were angry. She also frequently saves him from his own hot-blooded nature getting him into trouble, scolds him for being rude and even slaps him repeatedly one time for worrying her after a big event. She never seriously tried to him any real harm though, but for frequently outsmarting him and other males, her disgust for Bernard O’Toole (who lears after her in one scenario like a lolicon) and her occasional overbearing nature, she get’s a cool 6/10.

Loliness 10/10: All you need to do is look at some of her in game sprites and overtrusting and cutesy nature and you will see why she gets a 10/10 here.

Overall 32/50:

Mihiro needs and I mean NEEDS to be in the next Original Generation game along with the other Ardyguns. She needs a voice, another storyline and a chance to see action for more than one mission because she has the brains and nature to be a heroine in her own right. Mihiro Ardygun is one of my all-time favourite SRW characters and she has just been introduced VERY recently. Mihiro Ardygun therefore earns the #17 slot on my list of badass lolis.


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