Gurren-Lagann Episode 13 ~ Thoughts…

Oops I’m a bit late this week for my thoughts heh. Ne ways lets get started 🙂

“View from the heavens”

In a nutshell: Nia wants to work! The episode starts off with nia wanting to be of some use to her friends and is able to find comfort being the newest chef. Meanwhile Rossiu is in his death bed suffering from an unknown disease. However, Cytomander begins his offensive in his flying fortress which delays diner time. Yoko joins Simon in piloting gurren seen as Rossiu is out of order for the time being. For the gang, fighting a flying fortress dropping bombs on top of your head is hard, it turns out that Simon is the only one who is able to make a difference as lagann hijacks a flying gunmen and combines with it, enabling gurren lagann to fly. Viral attacks and Yoko is knocked out of gurren lagann. Simon manages to save her but they crash into the flying fortress where Viral shows up and they have their showdown. Cytomander gets angry from the sheer destruction caused due to Viral fighting with Simon within the ship, he gets into his own custom ganmen and holds Yoko hostage. He tells Viral to kill Simon but he refuses. In the end Dai gunzan manages to destroy part of the ship while gaining a flying engine. Cytomander retreats shamefully and puts the blame onto Viral. A death sentence is given to Viral but before that he asks the helix king a question, “what are humans?”

Thoughts: A lot of Yoko and Viral development present in this episode and with the plot in full throttle and Simon turning more and more into Kamina (minus the loud mouth side) I can say that the end is in sight as to where this series is going. And I totally love it! 😀

For Yoko’s character it seems to be a turning point where she is beginning to regain some trust that was previously lost due to Kamina’s death. She is gaining courage as the time spent with nia and Simon goes on and perhaps her insecurity is fading seeing how capable Simon has become.

For her to step inside gurren lagann was already a big step. With encouragement coming for Boota she was able to shake off the feelings of doubt which is all too obvious for Simon. But you know I’ve always thought of Yoko dancing with death ever since that kiss and really this episode scared me quite a bit starting from when she was knocked out of gurren lagann right to where she was held hostage. While watching this episode I swear I could have seen about 10 ways in which Yoko could have been killed off though I am glad it didn’t happen though as it will be one hell of a shocker (but at the same time I thought she should have been more injured ~ I’m evil O.O)

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“I will protect you!”

In the end with Yoko’s confession to Simon about her love for Kamina was a big breakthrough for me. The way Yoko is now looking at Simon, I can see a potential love triangle forming. Perhaps as she sees more of Kamina within Simon she will no longer think of him as the “little brother” type.

As for Viral: I am still loving his character :D. To me viral has always been full of honor and it shows that he enjoys a good fight to the death. Revenge is the main part of his existence after being defeated by “Kamina” time and time again. He thinks that this man is special but in reality that is far from the truth. As Kamina’s successor Simon is now holding the flag which comes to Viral as a huge shock. As the man he has “respected” as a warrior is no longer present the fact still remains that he cannot defeat a human.

In the end he begins to question the existence of these “humans” who has beaten him time and time again. Now I wonder if the “switching sides” theory still holds true. I can see viral taking on a general for the sake of honour and also to allow himself to beat gurren lagann fair and square (kind of reminds me of the relationship Vegeta has with Goku if put into that respect). This is yet another turning point for Viral and the story in fact. How will the helix king reveal the truth to Viral? And what is there to expect? etc etc

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Full of honor and pride

As for Rossiu, while he does wake up in the end the reason he gives for his condition was shocking. HOWEVER! I will not hesitate to eat Nia’s cooking! (Even if it kills me)

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“MMM Nia’s cooking” :3


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