Kodomo No Jikan Period 6 Examination

Aoki is going to be making house visits to the students homes to meet with parents and in the mean time he has assigned his students the task of writing an essay about their mothers and fathers…


Kagami Kuro doesn’t like this idea however and when Aoki teases her about it she threatens to spread the word he’s a virigin (first of all how does she know what a virgin is, second how does she know he’s one and third why is she so evil for a kid). When talking with another teacher Aoki is told that house calls are useless and nobody has time for them anymore in Japan’s age of fast paced business and tight scheduling. (She also looks like one of those MILF character’s I can’t stand so I hope she’s proven wrong in the end even if she probably is right). However, Aoki get’s a stack of rejected invitations for him to Meet The Parents the next day. Hoin tells him not to be discouraged and to cheer him up she shows him some of her old logbooks from her old grade one class in the hopes it can help him learn a bit more about the students.


Kodomo No Jikan Just Got Even More Lolitastic

In the work log Aoki finds a picture of the 3 main girls together and notes that Mimi seemed to be the tallest (though without the breasts) Rin was smaller (if that is even possible), but Kagami was about the same and never grew (She’s also cosplaying in some weird victorian outfit with a talisman wrapped around her forehead….and smiling…creepy). However, Aoki finds out something very tragic while reading the logs, it turns out Rin’s mother is actually dead and she is living with a relative. Rin suddenly pops up behind Aoki and gives him the essay, which is about how great her mother is (was).

During his break Rin has Aoki watch her do gymnastics (which translates to the reader gets a peek at her behind as well as up her shirt). She falls off though and lands on Aoki and when he’s patching her up he feels he’s giving her extra attention, which he had decided not to do, but feels with Rin’s loss she must being starving for it. She orders him to carry her back to the classroom and when he goes by Mimi covers Kagamis eyes (haha, nice touch here). When Aoki gives back the essays he accidentally spills the beans that he knows about Rin’s mothers death and Kagami gives him the death stare and drags Rin off. During swimming lessons Aoki tries to apologize, but Rin considers this a breach of trust and she is upset that what she thought was Aoki just being extra nice to her, was in fact him feeling pity for her. The chapter ends with Rin scaring Aoki out of the change room by starting to take of her bathing suit and Aoki calling himself an idiot, though by the look on Rin’s face she seems to think she’s overdone things (or she’s really depressed).

Thoughts: Up until now it’s been one shot chapters, but here I think begins the first major arc of Kodomo No Jikan. It’s not poor Mimi this time, but poor Rin. I liked the story dynamic between her and Aoki as well as how the revelation was handled. The chapter also features more Rin fanservice then I think we’ve ever seen yet. This arc isn’t over yet and now Rin is upset with Aoki, and if Rin is upset and Kagami catches wind she’s going to be coming at him with a knife and this’ll turn into a slasher manga (Joking…. or am I, Kagami is pretty psycho). Aoki now has to win Rin’s trust again and avoid Kagami’s wrath so we’ll probably be seeing some damage control next chapter. Overall I think this is the best chapter yet.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


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