Kodomo No Jikan Period 7 Examination

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Period 7 starts off with the girls in gym class and they discuss how baggy Kuro’s shorts are, her reason is that her parents thought they would buy her bigger pairs so she can grow into them but it seems that Kuro is the type of girl who remains loli forever :3

Summary: Kuro stressed that she doesn’t really care about not growing but even goes to say that girls that are small looks better in dresses anyway (Mimi agrees silently). Howeve, Rin prefers her chest to become nice and big, just like Mimi chan’s, and then she grabs them. Kuro then pokes Rin on the chest which causes her to make a “ding dong” sound implying something, Kuro then gives chase feeling annoyed. Aoki then blows the whistle and calls everyone in. Rin is still ignoring Aoki giving him the cold look. Aoki then thinks about how sweet and gentle Rin was before that incident and now is clueless about what to do nex. Kuro on the other hand find this moment of silence between them both interesting.

School ends and everyone gets ready to go home. Aoki stops Mimi and Kuro to ask them something. Upon hearing that Aoki has something to talk about, Kuro blows up and yells at him saying why they should help out if he was the one who screwed up. Aoki tries to explain by saying that Rin just wont forgive him how ever much he apologizes for what he did but Kuro insists that he only has himself to blame. But then Aoki says that this is for Rin’s sakes which causes Kuro to go silent in thought. Kuro then explains to Aoki that Rin wasn’t angry at the fact that he found out about her parents “but rather its because she really fell in love with him” (parts in speech marks aren’t said out loud). Kuro refuses to tell him her thought and then leaves insulting Aoki (she then shows her jealous side but saying that she has been with Rin for a lot longer than he has).

We then see Kuro running into Rin while she was getting her shoes into/from her locker. Kuro hugs Rin and tells her with teary eyes to never leave ahead without her friends.

At home Aoki ponders on what to do next. If Rin’s problem with him isn’t because he found something that the wasn’t supposed to know then what can it be? (he thinks to himself). Well the only thing he could do was to pay Rin a visit and the very next day he comes ringing onto Rin’s house door. A man opens the door and Aoki introduces himself. The guy seems to know him (well from Rin of course) but still retains his cool. He tells Aoki that he thought he said that he wasn’t interested in a house call but Aoki tries to dodge it by saying that he just dropped by. Tension is finally released when the guy invites Aoki in. The guy tells Aoki that Rin is out at the moment. Aoki then asks if both of Rin’s parents are out but the guy just says that any issues concerning Rin should be talked with him. Hearing this Aoki begins to tell him straight. Aoki tells him that he wants to know the details of Rin’s past to be able to gain an understanding of her.

The guy then tells Aoki that the truth is that the house belonged to Rin and her mother and that he is her mother’s cousin. The guy then says that his parents died 4 years ago and so was taken in by Rin’s mother while he was still a minor. Aoki is shocked to hear this and realizes that he made a mistake in his thinking. So it wasn’t Rin who was taken in. But then the only ones living in this house…”just Rin and I” says the guy.

He then questions Aok, saying that he has been rather affectionate towards Rin but he knows that she is that type of girl and so warns Aoki to be more careful around her. This seemed more like a threat than a warning which causes Aoki to ask what that was supposed to mean. Rin returns home from shopping and we hear that the guy is called Reiji. She sees Aoki and flips! Reiji tells Rin to stop being rude as she hides behind him. She asks Reiji if he has said anything weird but he just playfully replies that perhaps Rin has something weird to be talked about. Still being clingy to Reiji, Aoki soon leaves. Aoki thinks to himself that he is glad that Rin has such a warm family, but yet canit seem to shake off some feelings of doubt. Inside the house Rin asks Reiji for his opinion of Aoki. He just smiles and tells her that he is just as she described him.

The next day at school Aoki is glad that Rin isn’t having problems at home and thinks about learning how to cope with things a bit better. He then gets a telling off for making a one sided decision to go visit the house of a student after they declined the offer the first time.

Outside, in the hallway, we see Rin at the top of the stairs with a moody face telling Aoki that he is an idiot. She asks him why he came to her house and Aoki replies that it is because she is precious to him. Rin goes into dere mode and asks if he mean what he said. Aoki nods. Rin then says that he will never forgive him if he betrays her and then jumps down and give him a kiss, on the lips! Rin the runs off to her classroom and jumps onto Mimi and Kuro. The three of them laugh happily to see Rin back to her old self. Meanwhile Aoki is shocked that a brat took his first kiss…

Thoughts: This is great 😀 and now that another wall has broken down between Rin and Aoki I can really see the love bond forming (yea sweet sweet love hate relationship). We find out more about Rin’s past and her guardian who so happens to be related (he is her uncle to be exact). While Reiji seems like a caring dude i just cant help shake the feelings of his warning to Aoki. Overprotective parent perhaps?

I just loved the twists and the turns in Kodomo No Jikan and how the mood changes is just great. Aoki losing his first kiss but really can it be called that considering that Rin is only an innocent little girl? I’m sure most of you guys have kissed a younger sibling on the lips (peck kiss I call it) and it really doesn’t mean much. But to Aoki maybe he is already having those feelings ^.^


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