The end of a Sola dream…Episode 13 (final)

Oh woe is me. This is the final episode to one of my spring series and as usual I am feeling the pain of saying goodbye to something I have grown attached to. So as the journey comes to a close let us see how things are neatly wrapped up 🙂


“Smile” ^.^

In a Nutshell: The episode starts of with matsuri attempting to stab aono, she misses as aono tosses yorito aside and jumps to safety. However, matsuri still managed to injure aono’s shoulder. matsuri falls onto her knees and aono takes this opportunity to finish her off, but yortio jumps in the way which causes aono to stop in her tracks. aono then runs away through the broken roof. matsuri is weak but insists on following. outside aono cannot heal herself, she wonders if her powers are disappearing. meanwhile matsuri is on yorito’s back and they talk about the sky. yorito says sorry that he is unable to show her the real sky but matsuri says that it isnt true. yorito falls down and matsuri knows that he is going to disappear soon as aono’s power weakens. matsuri tells yorito to stay then and walks off to meet aono.

It was like a destined confrontation as aono and matsuri walk up from either side to their fate. They both have the same flashback to when aono first showed matsuri what it is to have company and to smile for the first time. At the top they argue, matsuri says that it is because she loves aono which is why she has to put things right. And the fight continues (godly soundtrack during the fight scene!). matsuri is knocked down and aono picks up takeshi’s sword for the finishing blow. However, just as aono was about to kill matsuri, yorito becomes a meat shield for the last time and takes a hit to the stomach. aono breaks down in shock as she sees yorito turning into paper and with his last breath he says “thankyou”. matsuri then gently plunges the sword into aono saying “take my life”. The sun rises and we have a final flashback to when the three where living in the cave together (narrated by matsuri as a “what if” and a “thinking back to the time” thing).

The rest is followed by an epilogue (which is covered by my thoughts :))

Thoughts: the end is beautiful, so much so i can i even burst into tears of joy ^.^
well as predicted in the end yorito and matsuri dies but the important part of this final episode lies within the epilogue and what happens after.

as stated previously theres a real change in aono’s personality and i personally love it! being already an aono fan this could only get better ^.^ what we see here is a change of personality as aono is given a second life…she is finally released from the bonds of obsession after yorito’s death and also perhaps how matsuri also dies…she is touched by matsuri’s words and so chooses to live on a normal life from then on, quite poetic in a way if you think about it 🙂

however not long that i think aono has even adapted matsui’s personality, just look at the way she kicked that can machine in the end. Together with the new caring, cheerful and erm…a more “talkative” attitude towards both mana and koyori ~ perhaps she wishes to live like matsuri because she feels that it is matsuri who has been trying to live life to the full and imitating her could bring aono herself true happiness and joy.

i really do love the touch of “reunion” after the separation, of course no one has any memories of her but i just cant help but feel that deep inside a part of mana’s and koyori’s soul do know who this “aono” stranger is :3 it is just lovely and subtle the feeling that are given out by their actions. looking at how they slowly become friends and growing their bonds.

for koyori we have already seen the origami bond forming pretty quickly but for mana its a surprise to see her common bond with aono is the sky.

and speaking of mana i guess it is also a happy end for her, with her memories about yorito gone she can only lead a normal life again. But the twist is that she remembers hating the sky in the past for some unknown reason, and now she has grown to love it as well with passion. That of which can rival yorito’s passion for the sky and again i am seeing this “adaption of personality traits” comming over from yorito to mana.

again this is just lovely, the ending seems to show how aono and mana fits into the role of matsuri and yorito (yay yuri! :heh:)
*cough* but seriously this is a great way to end the series.

and not just that we also get a bit from takeshi and mayuko (yep they arent left out after all :))
what can i say about this love hate relationship? mayuko saying “saite” and the slapping takeshi is just priceless, but you just have to know that this is the slap of love ^.^ yep no cure for mayuko seen as that life was given to aono by matsuri but really they don’t care as long as they have each other they will lead a happy life ~ and i cheer!

and finally the meaning of the 2 tomato juice cans on the table, it is a hypothetical “what if” ending to yorito and matsuri. of course we all know full well that they are gone but this gives us a sense of hope and perhaps makes things all the happy.
i prefer to take it as a spiritual meaning in that matsuri and yorito are both up in the heavens together and being happy the cans symbolizes happiness and a pair of them point to both yorito and matsuri together.


3 Responses to “The end of a Sola dream…Episode 13 (final)”

  1. 1 Kat May 11, 2009 at 9:44 am

    thanks for reviewing
    yay the tomato cans

  2. 2 blissfullydoomed July 21, 2009 at 4:36 am

    i know it was a happy ending and all but i still fell an empty feeling inside no mater how many times i’ve watch this anime

  1. 1 Yosh Trackback on September 19, 2011 at 6:11 am

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