The Top 20 Most Ass Kicking, Crotch Stomping, Badass Lolis Around: #16

After a short break  from this task and some problems with my first attempt at this article, I’m back with Number 16 on my list…..(Partial Nudity Warning)


Number 16: Princess Aroma From Sengoku Rance

Alluring Quality 9/10:  In the world the game takes place in Aroma is said to be the reknowned beauty of the Oda Household, sought after by those through JAPAN and the main continent, and it certainly shows in her design (keeping in mind the circumstances of the both the culture of the nation in the game and the games nature itself).  Also since this Canon version of Aroma is 12 compared to the Non-Canon version from Kichikou Rance, who was 22 and very different in appearance both in terms of character design and CG quality, she qualifies perfectly for this list and gets a 9/10 in this category.

Callousness 4/10:  As the de facto head of the Oda Household, Aroma runs the day to day political affairs of the houses territory and should that territory be threatened she will show no mercy to the would be aggressors, even going as far as to lead her troops into battle herself .  However, by nature Aroma is a compassionate leader, loved by many, but feared by her enemies for her ruthlessness in battle.  She thus scores a 4/10.

Power 5/10: Varies depending on how many troops you assign to her platoon, but she does come with some fairly useful abilities and for being so little she can take a ton of punishment and deal out a reasonable amount of damage.  She also comes with some useful abilities making her a middle tier unit and thus gets 5/10.

Lolidom Factor 5/10:  Aroma isn’t out to dominate the entirety of JAPAN (that’s mostly Rance’s goal), but she does score some points for the fact that she can take down fully grown grunt soliders and even some face characters who are many times her size.  She may look brittle as a twig but try rushing her and see what happens, you might be surprised to find yourself looking up at her from the ground with a spear sticking out of you.

Loliness 10/10: For the fact that she always seems to have a chipper or confused look on her face out of battle as well as for the fact that she has an overly serious look on her face during an in preperation for battle, Aroma get’s a perfect 10/10 from me here.

Overall 33/50:  Aroma-Hime rocks, plain and simple, but still doesn’t have the all-out lean, mean and bad to know personality that would lead me to place her higher in the list.  Despite, this she comes in at a comfortable #16 and I encourage those who are interested to go play Sengoku Rance and bask in it’s sheer awesomeness in every category I can think of.


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