“Make me your wifu!” ~ Seto No Hanayome episode 13

Disclaimer: Summary kindly provided by Klashikari (with permission of course) from animesuki forums (a summary so good it makes grown men cry!)

Klash edit : this summary was first done with the RAW. i edited it slightly, according the sub provided by “your-mom”, so the style might be really messy. my apologizes.

The beginning is pretty much self explanatory : San is silent in her room without any light. there is a flashback, showing that Runa was taunting once again san on her helicopter. I’m still wondering how San can consider Runa as a friend, especially after this provocation…

Nagasumi’s parents are in dismay, Terminator otou-san is ready and appear to have prepared a dress. And of course, San’s father is pretty much happy and is seen drunk with a large smile.

The episode begins with Runa, who has packed up her stuff, taunting san once again.
To much her surprise, San doesn’t say anything.
After a little while, San asks about how Nagasumi say to Runa he chosed her. of course, Runa pretty much lies about it.
Once again, San is complaining about her own failure, Runa is kinda sad and speechless.
San then understand that marriage is about 2 people who love each other, so she thinks it is normal then. Runa wonders if San didn’t ask to nagasumi about his feelings yet, the later nods. Runa is shocked, since both Nagasumi and San are destined to each other. She begins to make fun of San about her being chosen, but in her inner thoughts, she perfectly knows that Nagasumi’s feelings are only for San.

San is not angry or whatsoever, and she doesn’t harbor grudge against Runa, which surprise her even more. San claims again that they are friends.
However, San is wondering why she is so sad.

Runa is annoyed and replies immediately, wondering why San is keeping this stance and all. Runa claims that they are rival. She brings also some “mermaid” pride matter. but unfortunately, it doesn’t affect much San. After the arguement, Runa leaves.

At the bottom of the stairs, Runa meets Maki. the spinning shell appears to congratulate Runa about the lies. Runa asks her why she didn’t tell the truth to San. Maki plays dumb, Runa then argues Maki perfectly knows it was only a misunderstanding with the “wiping tail”.
Mika remind her that she has seen the overload joy that san’s father got after the ruckus. Mika also conclude this is the best for san. (as long as She doesn’t marry Nagasumi… she sure doesn’t like our hero ^^”)

Runa is annoyed and asks if it is really good for San.
Both of them raise their voice, and Mika is asking that “you didn’t say the truth either, why then?”
Runa is unable to answer this and leaves.

In her car, Runa is lost in her thoughts, while her manager is talking to her.

San packs her stuff and is about to leave. She still refer Nagasumi’s parents as Father and Mother. They try to convince San to stay, but it is useless, San has made up her mind. (it appears she realize that she was the one who forced everyone in such situation)
Mika and the parents are argueing with san that it is Nagasumi’s fault, especially because he is a pervert (well… Nagasumi doesn’t have many allies XD)

Nagasumi’s mother persists, when suddenly, some goons (probably edomae’s) come to pick them up.
San then leaves the house.

Nagasumi is in the cave and couldn’t sleep.

Suddenly, Runa barges and assault Nagasumi (physical abuse, screams, etc), things about idol and such.(she completely snaps)
Nagasumi asks why Runa wants to beat san so much. she answers this is because san has everything : family, friends, then singing skills, and even nagasumi.
Runa complains she doesn’t have such thing, in fact, she doesn’t have anything.
Thus, she orders him to love her.

Runa and Nagasumi wear their ceremonial dresses.

When they enter in the room of the ceremony, things aren’t really pretty with large amount of Yakuza, and Nagasumi fears for his life once again.

He then notices that his parents are there as well. (they are scared to death though, and accept their marriage right away XD) Runa remembers of some scenes of the past about the competition between her and San.

The yakuza aren’t happy at all : Seto’s faction has the urge to kill him (you bet… everyone think Nagasumi dumped San, and made fool of her…), while Edomae doesn’t seem to trust him either (since he came from Seto’s group)
Runa’s father will lead the ceremony, while San’s father doesn’t give a crap about this, as you might expect.
Nagasumi is scared beyond to death, while Runa gives him the mike so he can introduce himself. the poor groom could only utter is name that an angry yakuza snaps and yell at him, ready to avenge his mistress. In fact, the tension is so high that numerous Yakuza are ready to turn into kamikaze, wasting the ceremony.

Thanks to Masa, he instantly stop the culprit and pretty much calmed the situation.
Then, he asks to his boss if it is okay to leave school like this without any “medical reason”. the later answers they won’t have to do this anymore.
Masa finally asks to Nagasumi if it is really okay like this, Nagasumi is quite puzzled himself.

OTOH, Gouzaborou is hyper, and tries to comfort Nagasumi about this marriage. Also, he warns him that he shouldn’t mess with edomae, or else, he will be doomed for sure.

The ceremony begins !
Edomae tells the Sake will represent an oath with the Edomae family, which will seal their bound : an everlasting Loyalty. Edomae then purs some sake on nagasumi sea shell (as a cup) and his. Runa is a bit uneasy, and her father is drinking his sake.

However, Nagasumi is determined, and finally speaks without any fear : he refuses. (which completely shock everyone except Ren ^^)
Edomae doesn’t flinch any expression. Nagasumi then talks to Runa, saying that he cannot follow her order to love her.

Runa cries. Her father grabs Nagasumi and is near to punch him.
Nagasumi then shows her that her father deeply cares about her. Runa is surprised and stops her father proceeding.
Nagasumi demonstrates that her father loves her and that he too likes Runa. (pretty much shatter her idea that she doesn’t have anything)
Thus she doesn’t need that petty lie.

Edomae is surprised about the lie (and so everyone are) and asks to Runa.
Runa tells the truth about the spilled water etc.
Edomae then asks why she used this lie. she answers that she wanted to beat San. Edomae then releases Nagasumi.

Afterward, he hugs Runa, saying he accept everything of her, and is ready to listen to her. (and just like Runa said : his fatherly words are kinda weird with his Cyborg behaviour XD)

Then, Runa sits in front of nagasumi, and called him with his first name (which surprised him “nagasumi…?”). She apologizes and says once again that she loves him. (but this time, there is no doubt it is genuine.) This is a huge shock for him.

Edomae says this is then the truth. This time, he asks to nagasumi to take care of her daughter.

Suddenly, a voice raises : it is san, which appears with a white kimono and a katana. (exactly how she is in the eyecatch). kill Bill anyone?

Everyone is surprised about her appearance, her father thinks she is dead serious and is ready to take revenge against Nagasumi.

San then claim she will leave her family, severing her ties with them, which deal a killing blow to her father. (well… he is completely freaked out)
This time, Ren thinks San has gone too far. However, San is resolute, and keep going, saying that she accepts to be considered as a traitor, this is her final answer.
Then she removes her top (of course she is bandaged), and is ready to fight.
Edomae goons aren’t happy and attack San. However, she is able to beat them. (with a gorgeous style).
Masa then asks to Seto goons to help her out. (Fujishiro was trying hard to suppress his battle lust)
However, San asks everyone in seto’s faction to stay back, since it is her battle.
The following scene involves San, talking to Runa and Nagasumi about her feelings, while beating any Edomae Yakuza on her path.

Then, San leaps, and pierce Edomae’s sake sea shell. She asks to Nagasumi’s parents to be the bride. Nagasumi is embarassed, while Runa understands and both girls agree about their stuborness, and their liking for “failures”. Both mothers think it is painful, tough not really in the same way XD

The sea shell is split into 2, and Edomae understands she is prepared.
He then asks what she will do. San then kneels before Nagasumi and asks if he wants her as his wife. Nagasumi answers that he is her groom from summer, which reliefs instantly San. San is finally ready to beat the crap of the angry Edomae goons.
However, Maki shows up and is ready to slaughter all of them with her Liquid Cannon. Seto group agrees and follow her lead, while San argues they shouldn’t be involved. That doesn’t affect them much, and everyone drew their knifes and katana out.

Runa is angry, and asks San to fix this mess ASAP.
Then Kamata, her manager submit the song idea.
Both girls have an Henshin sequence, to much nagasumi’s surprise.


The song effect forces everyone to dance.
However, the song is much longer than expected (50 minutes of non stop dancing… holy hell)

After the mess, Edomae ask to Runa if she will go on with her feelings, but she says she is fina like this.

Back at school, Saru and the others are wondering where Nagasumi and San were during all this time. Nagasumi tells them it is because of a cold. incho is asking if it is also the case of Seto-sensei (AKA san’s father), Nagasumi and San confirm. Of course, Mawari doesn’t buy it at all.

Note this scene is most likely why people thought it was the end of the anime : the credits were all over the screen, which is similar to usual anime end.

After the “end”, we see Gouzubarou, decaying, still in shock

San arrives and tell him she changed her mind, which completely revitalize her father XD

My thoughts: Well…some of you guys asked for development and well here you have it 😀 and what great development it is ^.^

though the humor was definitely not that crazy this time round i have to say that the seriousness was played out very well…sometimes humor at the wrong time can be such a pain in the ass…it is great to see that this series didn’t make a mistake of ruining such crucial tense moments with some cheap laughs (though when san severed her relationship with her dad really did kill me with laugher ~ he had it coming to him XD but i am glad that things are complete with the “lets forget about what i said” part…lolz san is so cute when she is being a baka :D)

yea as i was saying i really loved the development…and even though its set into stone that nagasumi has feelings for san we also see luna’s real confession…i doubt that she will be giving up any time soon :3
seeing san depressed and cursing herself at the start of this ep was quite painful…i never expected san to crash the party like that which was a plus…and ending her relationship with her group and nearly starting another war…ouch…i guess she wasn’t thinking hard enough about the consequences :p

the insert song came with the 3rd character album (which was mawari’s strangely enough O.O)

3 Responses to ““Make me your wifu!” ~ Seto No Hanayome episode 13”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama July 5, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    I’m wondering what Presia Combatir is doing in this show.

  2. 2 boldanddelicious August 22, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    I watched this episode like 5/10 minutes ago it was really cool! I really like her yakuza outfit its pretty but they should make it colourful instead of it all white anyway the bits where the Sakura petals came in when she entered was cool (I like it when that happens XD)
    Thanks for telling about the insert song!

  3. 3 Kyoshiro February 12, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Wow! I say you make A Website for All fans Like me And You!!!! ^_^

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