Nanatsuiro Drops or Magical Spoon And Laser Pointing Ring Girl Episode 1 Examination


Legend Tells of Seven Magical Drops That Will Allow Little Girls To Take Over The World. Do They Really Need That Much Help Lately Though?

I’ve decided to take a look at the first episode of Nanatsuiro Drops. It isn’t as high priority for me right now as Moetan so I can’t guarantee a steady frequency of posts or even that I will follow it the whole way, but for now let’s just worry about the episode…

Okay to begin with, the opening. This surprises even me, but I like it quite a bit (like playlist like). It’s an opening for an eroge adaptation which 9 times out of 10 means I hate it with a passion, but Shining Stars Bless★ (Star Icon is absolutely necessary) has a 90’s feel to it that I find quite relaxing and it sets the mood for the show quite well . Plus, they actually make reference of rainbow coloured jewels, which means the song was written for the show and not just tacked on for being a popular Idol’s next single. Anyway after listening to it I’m not quite as surprised after all as to why I like it. There was clearly some effort put into making it work for the show, this is what openings should be like. Anyway enough about that and on with the show.


Before the opening we see Sumomo and Tsuwabuki soaring through a star filled background (images of U.C Gundam come flooding back) and the narrator talks about what happened on a fateful night and wonders where to begin. Flashforward to May at a particular school in the city closest to the first star of night (Their words not mine). Tsuwabuki is emoing over being emo (not kidding, he’s anti-social and mulling about it in an anti-social laid back manner) when he decides to talk a walk and bumps into a girl carrying a water can, that goes all over him. He provokes her wrath…..


I’VE GOT IT! The Nanatsuiro Drops Are Her Tears….No Wait…..

Just kidding, actually she feels all guilty and starts to tear up (these two are made for each other, ones a crybaby and one is an emo bishy).


Face My Spade Of Doom! Watering Can…..Spade….So Does That Mean A Girls Going To Throw Topsoil On Him In A Minute?

Now comes the wrath. Remember making lolish girls cry is a borderline death sentence, either they will accidently kill you themselves in a fit of tears with whatever god modding powers they have, or somebody’s going to come and kick your ass for making the girl cry. Whoa more handsome as some other guy comes up to resolve this tense situation and we learn the spade girl is named Nako. Now we see the Topsoil guy and the Handsome fellow who is the teacher has the watering can. Tsuwabuki is ropped into joining the gardening club as the sprinkler guy (this is clearly imporant) with a nice fresh drink and so he get’s to spend the day hanging out with the fatally cute Sumomo and the likely Tsundere Nako.


Let’s Here It For Your Nanatsuiro Drops Eyecatch. This Reminds Me Of How Loli Staff Does There Transitions. Hopefully Unlike Them We Won’t Be Seeing 50 Of These Per Episode.

So now Tsuwa is gardening and images of girls in his school continue to tell him how anti-social he is. Sumomo is recounting to Nako about the watering can incident, which judging by her fixation appears to be the worst thing that has ever happend (so now I’ve determined that both Tsuwa and Sumomo are both obsessive compulsive. People who hate weak male and female leads are going to hate this show by now). Elsewhere Tsuwa who has finished up the gardening work (he’s the sprinkler guy now) is wondering whether he is really going to join the gardening club (He is because there are two really cute girls in it and nobody in the eroge world can escape that kind of allluring motivation).


Actually No This Is A Potion That Will Turn You Into A Ram And Happens To Look Like Your Drink. FOOLED YOU!

Just then some weirdo with dog ears comes by and smashes into Tsuwabuki and quickly gives him back what appears to be his drink, but actually ends up turning him into a Ram.


You May Begin Fantasizing Now….

Not to worry as Sumomo comes by and picks him up and we get to see her shaking him all around and cuddling him up against her face from his point of view (and you the viewer can imagine yourself in this lucky postion as well if that turns you on). She leaves him to sit on a ledge and then Kisaragi comes by and give him a potion that allows him to move again (he also seems to know what is going on too). Tsuwabuki’s voice has changed now and he has glasses that kind of look like Negi’s from the Negima. Kisaragi says that the man Tsuwa saw was a Figurare and that Tsuwa ended up drinking a transformation drug from the Figurare world, a world completely seperate from there’s where transformation is completely normal. Sumomo and Nako come in looking to thank and apologize to Tsuwa, but Kisaragi covers for the newly transformed Tsuwa and say he went home early (and Nako has dere’d already apparently).


Well It Can’t Be That Bad Considering Your All But Guaranteed To End Up In Sumomo’s Room and See Who Knows What.

Kisaragi is now about to explain to Tsuwa how to turn back into a human but first….



Never mind, now we are in Sumomo’s fairy tale home with her expressing a schoolgirl crush on Tsuwa and giggling and fidgeting like crazy.


I Just Got Smashed In The Head So I’ll Just Act Really Cute Now…

Suddenly Tsuwa hurtles through the sky on a book and smashes into Sumomo landing in her room and apparently turning her chibi….Cool! (and confusing, did they cut out something in the adaptation?). Now we find out what happens actually in a flashback (It’s all about flashbacks in this series, every other scene is reversed in order, but its kind of near in a way). Kisaragi is rambling about something (and suddenly chibi) so they speed it up, and that’s how Tsuwa is to return to normal. So apparently what happened was Kisaragi gave Tsuwa a ring to go to his chosen girl and then turned chibi and hit him towards her house with a baseball bat.


The Chibi Swing!

Soon enough Tsuwa starts to speak and Sumomo goes into leaping leg tucking fits of Sugoi! Sugoi! Anyway he has to tell her he has no name which causes her to cry (Remember the more they cry, the deadlier they are once they become magical girls, anyone remember Sailor Moon’s crying attack from episode 1). So now he will be Yuki-Chan according to Sumomo and who is he to argue with the girl. Oh and apparently he has to use Boku (The masculine form of me) or this happens…..



Terrifying isn’t it, especially in that cutesy voice. Anyway apparently she needs to collect seven stardrops in order to turn Yuki back into Tsuwabuki, and she needs to use a ring to find them.


I So Need To Get Me One Of Those!

So using the laser pointer ring she locates the first drop and they head off in search of it.


And She’s Off! Girls Run Faster When Chibi By The Way.

Yuki has trouble running so he gets to hang on to Sumomo (He appears to have to rely on her for everything. Isn’t that every eroge players fantasy, to be forced into a submissive relationship with a lolish girl). They follow the stardrop to the school and Sumomo whines to activate the ring, which turns into a magical spoon (With +10 To Attack….just kidding). In a fit of joy Sumomo spins Yuki round and around until he passes out (See I told you the more they cry and the cuter they are the more dangerous they become with but the smallest innocent act once they become magical girls). Anyway Sumomo says some magical words and the drop heads off out of the water for parts unknown causing Sumomo to trip while following it.


After Being Denied A Panty Shot, Many Viewers Are Probably Saying No.

They follow the stardrop to the sprinkler (see I told everybody the sprinkler was important). Sumomo says the magic words “Puruburladi” (These are absolutely necessary in magical girl shows) and catches the stardrop with her MIGHTY SPOON! (So that’s what it’s for). Just when I’m starting to wonder if this is not the easiest task for a magical girl I’ve ever seen we see a Fate Testarossa type with the black outfit/blonde hair/Dog Familiar thing going on saying she won’t let Sumomo have the drops (I smell a competition ala Nanoha vs Fate).


Not Fate Testarossa

The episode ends with Sumomo asking Yuki how he knew about the sprinkler but falling asleep before she has to worry about the answer.

The ending also reminds me of Aya Hirano’s singing voice for some reason. It’s not as good as the opening, but not awful either, just a bit strange and kind of catchy.

Thoughts: Okay I’m not going to lie, I have a bit of a soft spot for magical girl series and this one is simply an orgy for the eyes with all it’s shiny star effects (the opening title wasn’t kidding) colours and tendency to go into zany chibi sequences at the drop of a hat. The beginning plays out much like a standard magical girl show is all but expected to begin with Sumomo receiving a task to collect something and rival appearing to try and stop her. There is potential here however for the show to go down an interesting path, but I’ll have to wait and see how the rival thing goes in the next episode. The voices also suit the characters quite well, especially Mai Goto as Yuki-Chan. Some people have said that Sumomo annoys them, but she doesn’t really bother me at all, and a lot of things annoy me very easily so I’m not to sure what’s wrong here as she basically acts much like a little girl would be expected to act, although maybe a bit more giggly and cutesy than normal. The one thing that surprised me is that there was almost no ecchi fanservice at all in this episode, not even the slightest, even when Sumomo took a tumble. This I would normally imagine would score points with all those Kanon fans who trumpet that shows lack of fanservice as a positive aspect of the series, but we’ll have to wait and see if that makes a difference. That about wraps things up. I’ll be giving this show 4-5 episodes and if things stay to my liking and the story and characters are built up well enough I’ll keep it.

Rating: Six And A Half Out Of Ten


3 Responses to “Nanatsuiro Drops or Magical Spoon And Laser Pointing Ring Girl Episode 1 Examination”

  1. 1 WanderingKnight July 5, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    Hahaha, nice review. I for one also liked the first episode, I haven’t seen any mahou shoujo shows since Card Captor Sakura, not even Nanoha, so I guess it’s time for uber-cuteness once again. This season starts really sweet for me, what with this show and the airing of Moetan next week 😀

  2. 2 FlareKnight July 5, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    Agree it was a good covering of the first episode.

    Let’s hope this girl isn’t like Fate or poor Sumomo will be blasted and eaten for breakfest…apparently using a spoon. Though I’d be slightly worried about Ram Tswuabuki going up against some ‘familiar’ dog.

    Thought it was a good first episode and was interesting enough to follow. Can remember back to Sakura so we’ll see how things go. At least this helps prepare us for a time when we are transformed via a drink into stuffed rams…haha

    Well next week should be interesting so I’ll keep an eye on it.

  3. 3 deathkillz July 5, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    pfff! I won’t fall for the Fate chan clone (well maybe O.O). Nice one kaio, i didn’t know you were gonna blog this but in any case it is better than what i can come up with (critical thinking is not my thing heh).

    I can certainly draw similarities between this series and Card Captor Sakura (be that some girl is just tossed into doing some stunts for some unknown creature but this time the whole plot seems less dangerous but the moe factor is just through the roof). Pretty good first episode in my opinion, i guess the tears of joy did it in for me in the end 🙂

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