Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai : Introduction


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First, Hello everyone !

Today, I decided to introduce Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, before writing any summary. Why is that? In fact, I found it would be better to give a prepared approach, and if needed, some rememberance, which can help in the understanding of the story.

As many of you might know, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni was first a Doujin Visual Novel, produced by 7th Expansion (Creator : 竜騎士07 / Ryukishi07) . Very popular for its story telling, atmosphere and complexe plot, the VN was sold pretty well. The story was split into 8 chapters, each of them begun with lots of similarities, until they diverge, sometimes dramatically.

  • Onikakushi-Hen (Demoning-away Chapter) : “introduction” of the characters and the village, Hinamizawa. The readers learn the first mysteries around the Watanagashi festival, basically the murders which happen each year, at the date of Watanagashi, in june. Keiichi, the main character, is sadly caught within the vicious “Oyashiro-sama’s Curse”.
    Episodes 1-4
  • Watanagashi-hen (Cotton-drifting Chapter) : This chapter goes further in the secrets of Hinamizawa, and particularly with the Sonozaki Family.
    Episodes 5-8
  • Tatarigoroshi-hen (Curse-Killing Chapter) : This chapter focus on Satoko, who is completely helpless, due the return of her foster parent, her uncle Houjou Teppei. Keiichi decided to take drastic measures, but people keep dying, without any logical reason behind all of this. The story finally shows what will be named as… “Hinamizawa Great Disaster”.
    Episodes 9-13
  • Himatsubushi-hen (Time Wasting Chapter) : The plot, this time, is told in the past and future, following the investigator Akasaka Mamoru. His interactions with Rika give a lot of hints, but also questions about who she is, and what is really happening in Hinamizawa. The chapter is heavely linked with the others, especially with Tatarigoroshi: the Hinamizawa Great Disaster occurs again.
    Episodes 14-15
  • Meakashi-hen (Eye-Opening Chapter) : “answer” for Watanagashi, though, once again, despite the striking similarities, this chapter is not exactly Watanagashi-hen with a different point of view. Rather, this chapter give pretty much what we need to understand Watanagashi, but still differ in various details.
    Episodes 16-21
  • Tsumihoroboshi-hen (Atonement Chapter) : “answer” for Onikakushi. However, Tsumihoroboshi tells a complete different story, while sharing some similarities with Onikakushi, thus explaining the mysteries and “problems” with the later. Rena is acting erratic and soon, Keiichi will discover something unvaluable…
    Episodes 22-26
  • Minagoroshi-hen (Massacre Chapter) & Matsuribayashi-hen (Festival Accompanying Chapter) : these chapters are yet to be animated. they will be shown in this season 2.



Well, with all these things, the story is rather not unveiled completely. i guess people who are anime watchers only have these questions in mind :

  1. Who or What is the cause of all this mess?
  2. Why?
  3. Who is really Rika ?
  4. Will everyone have their happy end?
  5. probably other questions as well…

Most likely, it will be answered in the season 2, though not really what you might think of.

That said, the big particularity of Kai is probably Yakusamashi-hen (Disaster Awakening Chapter). What is this? this chapter is an original one, only for the anime version of the story. But what is its true purpose? In fact, if you lurk enough around forums where Players were posting their opinion, you have probably read various negative points about the holes studio DEEN left on the season 1. While they kept the main plot intact, various events, which might be extremely critical for the plot, were omitted (In my mind, they certainly screwed up with Tatarigoroshi Interview, and lots of scenes in Tsumihoroboshi). Thus, Yakusamashi-hen will be the bridge between the season 1 and 2, by revealing the scenes (most likely from Tsumihoroboshi) which weren’t in season 1.

Once again, this is NOT Tsumihoroboshi-hen in the future, but rather, a new chapter itself. The first episode itself was an introduction and the bridge for the season, but it is NOT considered as part of Yakusamashi-hen.

Thus, this chapter must be considered as a “filler”, but in a extremely good way : it will correct the mistakes done on season 1, and will give an overall idea of what is really happening.

Well then, i hope this wasn’t too boring, and was enough to summary a bit what have happened, and what is awaiting you in the season 2.

As a hardcore fan of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, you can count on me to cover this show, no matter what ^^. of course, i will avoid spoilers of future events, and i will try to keep a neutral anime only watcher POV.

Thanks for reading this, and see you soon for the summary of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 1 : Reunion.


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