Kodomo No Jikan Period 08 Examination

After resolving the rift that had been created between himself and Rin in Chapters 06-07 with a house visit and the advice of Kagami Kuro (of all people) things have returned to normal for Aoko….well at least as normal as things get in Kodomo No Jikan…..

Summary: The chapter begins with Rin sending a photo of herself partially naked via her cell phone to Aoki and a desperate and Kagami rushing out of the classroom in naught but her undress to stop Aoki from seeing her precious Rin’s naked body. Disaster is averted for Kagami when Aoki deletes the message as spam anyway and she is left thoroughly embarassed when Rin pokes fun at her for dashing through the school in her undergarment and disturbing the student body. Kagami begins to sob at her precious Rin-Chan’s jibes until Mimi steps in to comfort her (read head between breasts hug) and Rin offers her a drink. However, just as a starry eyed (literally) Kagami goes to take a sip and what she imagines to be an indirect kiss from Rin, Aoki comes up and snatches the drink away from her for drinking in the classroom. As Kagami tries to work her charm on Aoki buy saying it’s a sin to waste food, he agrees and promptly finishes it off himself (HAHA! Sucks To Be Kagami). In a daze and suddenly a fit of rage Kagami levels Aoki for his transgression with a swift kick to the groin (which may not have hurt as much as one would imagine given her small size, but then again she could be packing a lot more power than the eyes would have one believe).

As he wondering what to do with Kagami in the staff room, Rin waltzs right up and fills him in on why Kagami wanted her drink so badly. Aoki dense as he is thinks he understands the situation as being one of friendship, but ooooooooohhhhh BOY! is it so much more than he imagines (I can only imagine the look on his face when he finds out that Kagami is a yuri fiend). Anyway what would a Kodomo No Jikan chapter be without a Rin trying to seduce Aoki moment, and this time it comes in the form of her offering him a candy and then try to force feed it to him from her mouth via a kiss. Giving up Rin just flicks the thing into his mouth and takes off from the staff room she shouldn’t even be in in the first place. The next day Kagami here’s the other students talking about the girl who ran throw the hallway in her underdress and she begins to feel down, but then Rin comes up and as always manages to solve her friends problem, this time by licking some residual food off her face to give Kagami her kiss. The chapter then concludes with Aoki preparing to apologize to Kagami for losing his temper the day before only to find her in a cheery mood and then a picture of Kagami with a bandage on to preserve the sloppy kiss and Mimi asking her if she tripped and hurt herself (little does she know).

Thoughts: This was quite an amusing standalone story which basically had Kagami (My favourite character) and Aoki trading slights with each other and Kagami showing that just because she’s a pipsqueak doesn’t mean she isn’t rash or violent. Kagami’s antics and obsession with Rin are the focal point of the chapter and even though I basically loath Yuri as a plot device to rope in a certain demographic, this was done fairly well in that Kagami has been like this from day one and things have just been building gradually to this point. I think Kagami’s obsession with Rin started as mere respect from the fact that Rin is always there to protect her and eventually developed into full blown worship (essentially Kagami is probably just a little “bi-curious” at this point and it’s just a phase, albeit an intense one). We need to see Kagami’s room to see if she has some sort of shrine to Rin, I wouldn’t doubt it either. So overall this was a solid fun comedy chapter that finally took the focus off Rin’s pursuit of Aoki and instead gave us some insight into Kagami’s nature and why she’s such a strange little girl.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


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