What are YOU watching this new season?

SO! As most of you should know by now they new season has already started and soon new series will be coming in thick and fast! Actually there has already been a few new series out already and I have been able to catch a few that caught my attention.

1) Higurashi no naku koro ni kai ~ Now you have to be hiding under a rock to not have noticed this series. Yep with the return of a classic favorite of mine we now welcome a more grown up and seductive Rena!! *applauds*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Just you wait and see her new psycho mode! Yep in no time you will see Rena opting to adopt her new duel wielding machete skills to clean shave some poor soul *deathie runs far far away*. Well joking asides we are set for another season of sleepless nights and wet nightmares (wet as in you will be sweating like a pig in an onsen “MMM roast boar”). What lies ahead is the truth and from the looks of the OP and ED sequence we will get a visit from our friendly neighborhood spirit stalker pal, but be very very quiet as she is very timid ^.^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

2) Sky Girls ~ Now as Kaioshin would say “this is the latest trend to have ever rocked the anime world”. And he must be a prophet or something as it is true…yes the season of lolis has landed on earth to eradicate us all! well not quite as it is alien bugs that are attacking the world leaving the lolis to protect mankind! This is Sparta! er i mean Sky Girls!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes I think we have all seen this before but you just have to love fighting lolis working up a good bucket load of sweat! While the first episode was a non action pack one all I can say is that this is just the beginning. Remembering back to when I watched the OVA I was literally drooling at the unique mix of action GARness plus loli moeness. I seriously hope that this series will soon take to the sky!

Oh and did I mention that the OP song rocked ass? 😛

3) And moving away from a loli series to yet another one! Thats right Nanatsuiro Drops has made it to the stage!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A mahou shoujo themed series that looks promising (probably because I am extremely weak against crying loli girls O.O). I can clearly see elements of card captor sakura within this series but with the animation at top notch. Yep everything is so shiny and pretty it is like i am being sucked into a land of gloss. Here we have our heroine who is dropped into the world of fantasy when she meets a talking Ram doll “thingy” and is told to collect some star juices. Sounds simple enough right? let us wait and see 😀

My instincts tells me that some of us are going to have a field day with this series. *sneaks around suspiciously*

4) Doujin work ~ ahh yes this is one of those rare short series, and i mean short as in each episode s only 13 minutes long. Quite a nostalgic feeling as the last time I have seen a short series of this kind was a while ago (Rizelmine FTW!). *cough* Well here we have another one, from what i can see this is going to be a fun series closely relating to the 4koma styles of hidamari sketch and even lucky star.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As The name suggests we should be expecting doujins aand otakuness for this series and most certainly we have witnessed this in episode 1 already as the main characters takes the views to comiket. Genshiken vibes is at an all time high and i can’t wait to see what laughs this series has installed for us ^.^

Oh and a 6+ foot giant who is only about 18 (has got to be a selling point :D)

5) School Days ~ yes just your average eroge conversion into an anime. Think that and you will be breaking bricks with your bare skull in no time. Well I say this mainly based on spoilers on future events. From what i dug up what makes this game special is that it was made to be like a series already with a lot of still shots. With a total of over 21 different outcomes including 3 gem gory ends anything is possible (yes i am hoping for one of the gory ends to come true and you will be too if you know how much of a bastard the male lead is). Well this could be another unique selling point if dreams turn into reality and the harem leader finally gets his just desserts…honestly ladies and gentleman how many of you have wanted to strangle some useless male harem lead (naming no one i am *cough*rin*cough*taka*).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well this going be one of my favorite series this season if events plays out perfectly. May the wrath of God rain down on the unworthy. And unlike most invincible harem bastard leads here we have (as seen from the game) someone who is very much human in terms of him actually getting what has coming to him *rubs hands together and grins* I can’t wait 😀

6) Mushiuta ~ “mushi” as in bug and “uta” as in song ~ need i say more?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Out of the 7 new series i have seen so far this is most certainly the shocker of the bunch. Yes rather unexpected and truly stunning, here we have a story of the supernatural together with slice of life! now you don’t see those type of genre’s everyday right?

~ OP and ED song all stuffed into 1 video ~

As far as the plot goes the first episode makes it clear that the story goes a few more layers deeper than what we are seeing in the surface. Expect action, love, betrayal and tears…*cheers*

7) and lastly from my watches so far ~ Zombie Loan ~ Well from first impressions I can say that this is a pretty mixed bag of feelings. On one hand i would really like to love this series but on the other the whole event seems a bit mediocre.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The plot so far is a girl finding out that she has the ability to see dead people, well dead people who are tying to work for justice so they are more like zombies for the forces of good, one step further I could call them shinigamis. The tick here is that the girl is also considered “dead”. With an interesting plot the first episode seemed rather bland to me (or maybe im getting put off from plots like these O.O). But as my policy goes I wont drop a series until i reach up to episode 4 so maybe there is still hope. On the plus side the series is adopted from a manga by Peach Pit (I am going to scream Rozen Maiden!) and well it does offer some nice bishies for female audience so perhaps all is not lost 😀

And that concludes my first impressions on the current new series. Now i just have to plan for my coffin as i will be missing all the action for 2 weeks while going to this dam summer course (it is going to be hell when i get back and find myself facing a mountain of episodes to steamroll through hehe).

by Deathkillz


2 Responses to “What are YOU watching this new season?”

  1. 1 klashikari July 8, 2007 at 12:03 am

    Unfortunately, there were (and still are) lots of Series from last season, so hard to add some new shows in my watchlist. (HD and Bandwith issues, mainly…~~)

    i don’t think my very first choice must be commented… 3 articles about “THAT” should be sufficient, and writing all over that bold title with a red part will probably make me crazy XD

    School days will probably tracked. Well, the first episode was quite good, and I know what i should expect, considering the great thread on AS. (which was enough to make me hate Makoto beforehand, without any drama on sight)

    An anime which wasn’t commented by deathy (since it isn’t aired yet) is Zero no Tsukaima : Futatsuki no Kishi. Again, Loli and Tsundere mage on the way, with i hope, more kicking ass Saito for this second season. (though i hoped for a match between him and Siesta). that makes lots of Kugimiya Rie lately (Nagi from hayata no Gotoku, Louise from Zero, and of course, Shana from Shakugan no Shana this Fall)

    Doujin Works caught my interest, also.

    I don’t have many anime to watch this new season… Perhaps deathy will convert me into something new (he had sucessfully done this with Seto no Hanayome XD)

    But this season is indeed quite crazy, especially with that sheer amount of Loli Show, yeah.
    Sounds like we won’t be bored this summer ^^

  2. 2 s0ul April 14, 2012 at 7:20 am

    I remember 5 years ago that Mushi-Uta was going to have season two. It 2012 and no season two.

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