Gurren-Lagann Episode 15 ~ Thoughts…

Judgment day is here as Dai Gurren heads off to their final battle. Now is the time to “Drill to the heavens!”

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(Looks like one of those cheesy end of the world posters doesn’t it? hehe)

In a nutshell: Starting back from where we left off in the last episode we see the huge Teppelin shedding it’s skin. Giant metal like structures start to fall off the huge behemoth and pummel our heroes down below. It is a hectic scene with everyone trying to scramble for safety. In the command room of daiganzan kinon notices that there is a signal coming from the Teppelin which resembles the gurren lagann. Trying to look further we then see simon flying up into the sky where he can see the main room of the Teppelin and inside it the helix king, Simon the flies down at speed to try and charge into the room but is soon stopped by the gigantic hand of Teppelin (if you haven’t noticed yet then yes the Teppelin is a giant ganmen).

After being stopped by the giant hand Simon tries to continue on pushing by increasing his flow of power, but it is no use and he is soon flicked away like a fly. However, gurren lagann was then caught by daiganzan rather than flying into something solid (like rocks O.O). Nia then asks Simon if she could ride with him so she can talk to her father. Even though Rossiu begins to complain Simon agrees. And then the real battle starts as thousands of ganmen beings to pour for the Teppelin to attack Dai Gurren. The others agree to stay behind and help put up some resistance while Simon (riding on top of daiganzan) goes flying off towards Teppelin again for another shot at the king.


This time their plan worked as a direct impact into the hand of Teppelin caused a massive fracture. while the head of dai ganzan was stuck inside the hand they were able to open fire and together with the power of their engines, able to burst all the way through the hand to get to the main hall of the Teppelin (well to me it seems more like a lookout tower but whatever hehe). With the final impact onto the “tower” it seems that it is finally over for the daiganzan. Leeron gives the order to self destruct the main bulk of daiganzan while the command center detaches off and leaves the battle field. It is all up to Simon now.


Inside the tower Simon is soon greeted by Viral with his new modified gunmen. However, the fight doesn’t last long as Viral is clearly out of Simon’s league. However, this defeat isn’t considered one by the helix king as he gives Viral the job of spreading the news after he defeats Simon. He says that the beastmen are no match for humans and that Viral isn’t created solely for fighting. So this job becomes his new purpose by the king himself.

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Nia asks her father why he has forced humans to live underground. However, the helix king says that he is only a mare protector of the human race saying that what he has done is the only way in which humans can survive in the world. He therefore suggests that Simon and the rest die for the sake of mankind (blasphemy!). The helix king then boards his version of gurren lagann called the “razengan”. Being of the same type you would expect the power to be the same but this is wrong. In the fore coming battle ahead we see gurren lagann getting the beating of it’s life. Simon tries to end things with his final super attack the “giga drill breaker” but as expected the helix king wont be going down so easily. He easily counters Simon and breaking his drill in the process. Rossiu looses hope but Simon gives him the wise words by Kamina ~

believe in yourself, not the me who believes in you, not the you who believes in me, believe in yourself”

This gives a morale boost to Rossiu who then together gets up and takes out one of razengan’s arms, however the king counters by drilling through the cockpit that barely just misses Rossiu. Simon then ejects from gurren and plans to take over razengan. This plan also fails as the king allows his other arm to be drilled in and with that manually ejects his other arm. The situation looks bad for Simon. However, Simon also refuses to lose and opts to finish things by using lagann as a drill again. Seeing this the king takes up the challenge and also transforms into a drill, though a few hundred times bugger than simon’s!

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In terms of size it seems that the razengan has out classed our little lagann by miles but this doesn’t mean that they do not have the will power to win. Together Simon and Nia increases their fighting spirit to more than what the king can produce himself thus we then see lagann drilling into the razengan. However, if you still think that the king is down for the count yet then you are wrong. No the king is like the terminator! refusing to admit to defeat he gets out of his cockpit and begins to melee lagann with his own fists (which proved to be quite successful O.O). Nia gets flung out of lagann and is then forced to watch as simon/lagann gets beaten to a pulp.

Simon’s fighting spirit falls and in a strength contest between lagann and the king he loses it thus costing the arms of lagann. The king then picks Simon up ready for the finishing blow, but, Simon counters first with his drill key. Using the drill key Simon slams it into the king’s chest. He tells the king that he is Simon the digger! and activates the power within the key totally taking out the king’s chest. While we do see the king still standing after than (OMG HAXX!) this doesn’t las long. With his final words the king tells Simon that when the earth is once populated by humans again the moon will become the messenger of death, he then falls back and off the Teppelin.

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The battle ends with the collapse of the Teppelin and the enemy ganmen’s cease to move. Simon, Rossiu and Nia then returns to the battered, tired but happy crew on gurren lagann. And thus, the king’s legacy has fallen…

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Thoughts: Wow…just wow…What can i say about this episode? Just as how code geass was the main epic series last season this is the new replacement in this season. It is times like these that makes me glad to have picked up a series such as this ^.^

To me Simon has changed so much as a person, his confidence and ability to give courage to others rival even that of kamina’s as shown when he was able to help Rossiu to get his fighting spirit back. And while a part of this episode is about him the main bulk of it is about the helix king. He is obviously a man of pride and tyranny however, the final words left behind is that of care for the human race. Instead of trying to destroy mankind he is trying to save them form a greater evil, yes man’s greatest enemy is themselves no doubt (and i agree with his logic). Perhaps he is a prophet who can foresee the future of mankind if they are allowed to roam on the earth’s surface being free. I guess more will be revealed as soon as we see the future (coming in episode 17).

Also i wonder if Viral is truly dead this time, but knowing him I can imagine that his new job given by the king will not be tossed away so easily. The change of role is somewhat surprising but i can the future viral as the “wise man” type. Perhaps he will be the next general to be by Simon’s side *shrugs*

Preview: Well it had to happen, it is going to be a recap episode ^.^

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“look forward to tomorrow”


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