Lucky Star Episode 13 Examination

Lucky Star 13, or would the number 13 contradict that Lucky Star, let’s find out as I run through this episode……


At School:

– Tsukasa’s already going with the | | eyes, in fact judging by her sudden nodding, I’m not actually sure she’s really awake.

– Since Kagami seems to gain weight by working (not that it ever shows as female anime characters with any fat on them nowadays exist only as a limited fetish), I’m wondering if she stabilizes her weight by chowing down on snack food, which seems to be the norm.

– The reason nobody flies there Kite anymore is indeed cause there’s to goddamn much shit in the way and nowhere to run, except in Canada where a field is generally but a block away in any direction.

– Tsukasa just won’t let up on the | | eyes, what is she trying to prove anyway. Now that I think of it here’s Miyuki again after so long talking about the amazing pass times she partook in as a kid such as Pin The Tail On The Donkey. For me it was that and a whole bunch of Nintendo.


GAME PENALTY! Wait what?

– I like Konata’s idea of a way in which to spruce up the fun factor of whatever mental game Miyuki was talking about (100 poets). It’s times like these when I wonder whether Kyoto Animation is aware of my existance and knows of my Game Penalty thing.

– Miyuki: “Rice Cakes are filled with calories”. Me: “Yes and they taste like cardboard. What’s your point?”


Judging By The Odd Perspective Here, One Would Begin To Imagine That Miyuki Is About To Eat Konata…..

What is it with these girls and food? Wait somethings coming to me, we should eat Pizza and Pasta because Konata said so. Wonder if sales of Pizza suddenly rose the next day after this episdoe aired and if a certain Hut was packed for a week with a new breed of customer.

– Tsukasa needs to wake up, I can’t even remember what her eyes are supposed to look like at this point. Whoa She Talked! So she is awake through this (somehow given the droning about food, which I guess is fascinating to Japanese people unfamiliar with western food, but not a thrilling conversation for me), just stoned.


Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss! Oh Wait That Would Cost Money… must be the other on with wings and not Eternal Sailor Moon.

– Hey wow they added wings on Konata’s back, I wonder what’s going to happen now, Uguu! Yep Kanon reference….AGAIN!

– Well at least Tsukasa is active and has her eyes open now.


– Oh wow we’ve finally left the new years food discussion wind down at school, but Tsukasa’s eyes are missing again. Dude she even has her eyes closed and then no go between straight to the | |. What the hell is this girl.

At Konata’s:

– It never ceases to amaze me that Konata sounds almost as mumbly without food in her mouth as she does here with food in her mouth.

– Yui’s uselessness never ceases to amaze me either. (Do I have that right?)

EYECATCH! (The cats about as board as I am with this episode, not looking very good this time around)

On the Bus:

– Somehow I wonder if Konata’s father getting stuck under a Kotatsu with Konata is actually something he would be upset about.


Yeah, And Especially When Somebody Just Had A Dream Relating To These.

At School:

– Holy Crap! They were just talking about the wind down after New Year’s day and it’s Valentines Day already. Guess they need to get all the important dating simesque things into this episode. Amazing that Kagami and Konata never made out during the New Years celebration to perfectly capture the nature of the eroge. Maybe they’ll get a second chance here.


Theres Actually A Sound Effect Here As Tsukasa’s Hair Flaps In The Wind And She Begins To Exude Dangerous Levels Of A Power Source I’ve Deemed Moetron Z.

– Konata tries to utilize Moetron Z but fails, although there is slight remix of the classic joke set up tune that plays in the series.

– I knew Konata would drag dating sims in to this discussion. Good on her I would have done the same thing. Anyone wondering how to trigger a dating sim event with Kagami will have to wait until the inevitable Lucky Star Dating sim game comes out.


Wanna Bet?! That’s Me Kaio Talking By The Way And For Konata As Well.

– One of those in game Valentines exchanges eh. Oh and just for those who are getting their hopes up of meeting a girl like Konata on an MMORPG outside of anime are about Jail In Jail.

– YES! Konata’s character is Male Awesome. This is a nice reversal on all those lonely men out there who play as female avatars so they have something to look at while playing. This scenario outside of anime of a lolish girl playing a male avatar giving another character chocolates in game is still about as likely as the mooning falling on my house as I type this.


What The Hell?! This scene came completely out of nowhere.

– Konata: “I wanna go Overseas”, Kagami: “That Came Out Of Nowhere”, Me: “Just Like A Lot Of Things In This Episode”.

– Konata’s exuding Moetron Z now. I also am kind of curious of what she was going to say regarding lolis in foreign countries.




Don’t Accept

Kill Her

H Her

– I like how Kagami giving Konata chocolates causes her to go all starry eyed.

– Konata’s imagination runs wild with Kagami behaving as a Stereotypical Tsundere. What else is going on in that head of hers.

– Konata is too generous with her chocolates and Kagami is too stingy. Since I hate chocolate anyway I could go for either of them in a dating sim.

At A Fancy Restaurant:


Kikoeruka Kikoerudarou
Haru Kana Tonaru Ki

– Konata’s cousin draws one step closer this episode as we hear word of her approach. I still imagine her being 20 feet tall with the power to match the Ide after that one sequence in the previous episode with her silhoutte. Maybe she is the source of Kagami’s Ide Sweat Drop Sound Effect.

– Oh you’ve got to be kidding me, was that just a commercial within the episode itself coming completely out of nowhere and using Konata as a drawing point for recruiting help for Kadokawa. That’s like 2 points off the episode right there. Bloody ridiculous.

At The Store:

– And there’s those Comic advertisers again. Not looking good at all near the end.

– So we just spent another portion of an episode, this time a full quarter with another Densetsu Shoujo A segment, and this time not even Seki Tomokazu and the Keroro Platoon can save this once amusing, but now overwrought, intrusive and simply unamusing attempt at product placement.

– Oh look she’s going to grab a Haruhi DVD of all things, despite putting it back the product placement and incentive is still their. Lame as hell. I notice Seki Tomokazu isn’t at his best in this segment and I can imagine him not really enjoying or feeling what is nothing short of a blatant product placement. Well at least the Geass and short of yen sequence was kind of amusing. As such I am only docking one GAME PENALTY point from this scene.

– I’m not liking Anime Tenchou’s “I’ll be back”. Please don’t, even if you are Seki Tomokazu, take your Kadokawa advertisements and get out of Lucky Star

Lucky Channel:

Hey Konata Izumi’s getting a figurine….save it for the bloody commericials. GAME PENALTY minus 0.5.

Ending: I found this mildly amusing actually, especially the warning klaxons sounding at random points in the sequence and it was a fresh break to hear a male voice “singing” an ending, but theres no denying it’s musically crippled and that it’s still just yet another treat for a rather spoiled fanbase. I don’t expect to seeing it again. Since this episode is in desperate need of points, I will generously give it 0.5 for this.


It seems 13 is indeed Lucky Stars unlucky number. I’m really ticked off at this episode. Firstly it was rather bland and pointless for the first half, not to mention a little more disjointed than usual, and secondly the ridiculous amount of in show advertising leads to an actual completely random and out of place advertisement for Comiket within the actual episode using Konata as a draw it would seem. WHAT THE HELL?! Seriously, this must stop now, it has progressed to such an absurd point to that I’m not even sure I’m watching Lucky Star anymore so much as the Kadokawa Advertisement Breakdown Half Hour. This is easily the worst episode of the series by a fair margin with only the mildly funny, but predictable Valentine’s day sequence keeping it above a 1/10. It even beating out episode 5 by a full point.

We were looking at a below average score of 5, but because of all the advertisements for Kadokawa products in the actual episode I’ve docked 3.5 points, and I think I’m being generous as this is just beyond absurd at this point. We can only pray that Konata’s cousin injects some new life into this series, because at this point we have hit rock bottom in terms of actual funny content versus poorly disguised advertisements. At least one really interesting thing came out of this episode, and that is that the worst quarter was the fourth one (which is usually the best) and the best quarter was actually the 3rd one (which is usualy the weakest). How about that…..

Rating: Two Out Of Ten.


2 Responses to “Lucky Star Episode 13 Examination”

  1. 1 Silly July 12, 2007 at 4:24 am

    I agree with you 100%, this episode was really bad. Hopefully the next episode will be better.

  2. 2 Kris August 2, 2007 at 10:20 am

    But since Konata is supposed to be living in our world then it makes sense for her to see the anime we would see. Is every anime reference going to be counted as advertisement? I didn’t really like the episode either but I don’t really feel that every single reference is advertising, it’s a pleasant reminder that konata is like every other anime fan.

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