School Days game chapter1 thoughts

The infamous School Days visual novel, with an anime adoption that just started airing. Notorious for producing one of the worst harem leads around the globe, whose death has been wanted by particularly everyone who knows the full story. 

Makoto Ito is a rather shy high school student who takes a train to school every day. For a while now a beautiful girl who happens to take the same train to school has caught his attention and he has developed a secret crush on her. He only knows the girl’s name – Katsura, and the fact that she is in the same year as him, only in different class. But he is far too shy to actually approach her, and says he is satisfied just by looking at her picture he took with his cell phone.

However, his plans to just keep watching Katsura from a distance come to an end with some seating arrangement changes within his class – a lively and observant girl named Sekai Saionji gets seated next to him and happens to find out about his crush on Katsura, and ends up teasing Makato about this, and jokingly brushes off Makoto’s begging not to tell any one.

Later on the school roof Makoto jumps to conclusion that she had told some one and snaps at her – some yelling ensues and he ends up grabbing her shoulders and hand, which earns him a slap in turn. This seems to make Makoto snap out of it, and Sekai promises him that she will help him get closer to Katsura.

Several days later Sekai informs Makoto that she has invited Katsura to eat lunch together with them on the rooftop. (Much to Makoto’s panic). Sekai ends up literally dragging Makoto to the rooftop, because the guy was too afraid to go and even tried to sneak away by telling he had something else to do.

Everything ends well and he gets to know and talk to Katsura, who turns out to be a very polite and rather shy girl herself. Several days later Makoto musters up the courage to ask Katsura out on a date, and, much to his own surprise and joy, Katsura accepts. Later in the day Katsura talks with Sekai, saying she thought that Makoto and her were lovers, but Sekai denies it and tells her to do her best on the date with Makoto. It is also revealed that Katsura had some feelings for Makoto as well, ever since she had noticed that he seemed to be watching her on the train.

So, with the two having feelings for each other and set out for a date, what can possibly go wrong? Makoto is sitting in the train station, waiting for Katsura to show up. Sekai appears first – she takes the train home as well, only in the opposite direction. Makoto tells Sekai that he is truly thankful for all she has done, and that he will do anything to repay her. In turn Sekai suddenly kisses him and tells that this is enough. She quickly jumps on her train that has arrived and yells towards Makoto (who is sitting there stunned) to do his best on his date with Katsura with a smile on her face. The train leaves and we see tears falling from Sekai’s eyes, as Katsura happily runs toward the station where Makoto is waiting.


6 Responses to “School Days game chapter1 thoughts”

  1. 1 rollchan August 2, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    Am kinda bothered wherein in the game, Taisuke and Kotonoha had sex. Not the rape scene, this is where Makoto discovers them together with Hikari Kuroda. Shucks…

  2. 2 afso September 28, 2007 at 11:33 pm

    I want the game.
    If you know said me.

  3. 3 anime love hentai November 28, 2007 at 2:47 am

    wher can i buy the game

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama November 29, 2007 at 4:45 am

    You could always try which I’ve nicknamed price gouge central since they charge well in excess of $100 for just about every PC game. Even PS2 games that normally cost 39.99 in Canada seem to cost 70+ on this site, but they do have almost any given game in stock. It’s your call.

  5. 6 Saionji Sekai January 27, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    U can get the game off & since i am the#1 school/summer days fan i have everything! including the sekai cosplay ^^ i’ll type back soon!

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