“Full NEKO Panic!” Seto no Hanayome, Episode 14 : a Kitten Story

*sweat drop* My apologizes for the late summary, things were quite busy yesterday… not too sure of its usefulness, since your-mom released the subbed episode… oh well ^^”

Anyway, episode 14 on the way : Humor madness is back (not like Ep 13 wasn’t fun, but quite different), and it is really explosive, as expected from Seto no Hanayome ^__^

Maki is in a pinch !! Fearsome and unknown enemy ahead, she is trying to flee, but…

The episode then begins with everyone, with happy breakfast… except for “oto-san”, excluded of the group (ho well… sounds like Luna stole his place)

The trio leave and are going to school, until they hear Maki, in panic against the “monster”… which is in fact… a cat, more exactly, a kitten.

Nagasumi is amused, and find the cat quite cute, but at his big surprise, San and Luna are extremely distant. Apparently, they have an instinctive fear of Cats, just like maki.
Nagasumi tries to show them the kitty, harmless and cute. however, the cat licks Luna’s hand, and the 3 Merfolk freak out.
Nagasumi then ask if every inhabitants of the sea are scared of Cats, which maki confirms.

In school, nagasumi brings the kitten in class, and every “normal” people are just around him, also thinking it is indeed a cute cat. Mawari isn’t happy and of course, recall Nagasumi the rules of the society, but it didn’t take long for her to fall in the charm of the happy neko ^^

San and Luna wonder how the cat can be so popular. Maki is EXTREMELY angry, and will take her revenge.

Later on, Nagasumi approaches Kai, obviously hiding the cat in his back. Kai, completely oblivious, asks Saru who is the “greatest” and all, which of course, turned to be a big compliment fest for Kai. Highly on himself, kai asks what’s the matter with Nagasumi, who of course, doesn’t really get affected by kai’s self-ego show. He shows the cat to Kai, asking if it isn’t cute, which makes the killer whalr instantly stepping back, drawing out his Katana.
Nagasumi teases Kai. Kai is in panic, and then flee.

Nagasumi is delighted and completely cunning, thinking he can use the cat against san’s father, until Masa shows up.

To much of his surprise, Masa is unaffected by the cat, and rather grabs it and pets it. Nagasumi ask if Masa doesn’t fear cats. The later answer that he couldn’t help about it when he was a kid. he tried to fight his fear before and succeed (somehow… Masa still says he isn’t completely good with them right now… yeah sure ^^”). Masa assures that people don’t fear from things they did when they were kids, which is also applied to humans. After that, Masa leaves.

Nagasumi is disappointed, since it appears the cat won’t affect Gozaburou, so it won’t be funny/interesting. Speaking of the devil, Seto-sensei popped behind him, and is quite curious (and of course angry) about what Nagasumi was trying to do to scare him, and having fun.

Gozaburou is crushing Nagasumi’s head, but notice that the later has something in his arms. Nagasumi tries to hide it, but useless. Gozaburou’s arm reaches the cat, and it touch him.

. . .

San’s Father immediately reacts, and is instantly far away, like 30 meters. Much like Mawari, he tries to repeat the rules about animals in school… however, nagasumi had a nice follow, and then don’t mind if Seto-Sensei confiscate the kitten, making the later quite reluctant, of course. Nagasumi then chase San’s father… The ultimate weapon is ready !

Nagasumi is delighted, and enjoys his triumph, telling to Nawari and Incho that Seto-sensei is scared of cats, which surprise them, considering his look.

San then arrives, and explains to Nagasumi why her father is so scared of cats.
In fact, Gozaburou had kinda… a trauma when he was a kid with a cat, and is completely scared to death of them since then.

After the explanations, it is now Seto-sensei lesson… who is in an extremely BAD mood, cursing and treatening Nagasumi with his stare. The “vile” cat lover feels threatened, but then draws out the cat, which stuns gozaburou, but increasing his rage in the process.

Maki is hidden in his desk, and both are talking about countermeasures and revenge. After a lil chat, Gozaburou decided to use “his personal squad”, which surprises Maki.

Fujishiro is organizing a soccer activity : a match between saitama middle school VS seto middle school. He then presents 3 seto players. These 3 are however… well… fishy XD. It is revealed that the fish trio are in fact expert agents… (kinda…) Special group of Gozaburou, the 3 brothers.
Nagasumi is stunned how these could be not noticed in human society, considering their faces.

The class is split into 2 Team, Nagasumi, Kai (of course in his astro suit) and saru are in the Red Team. The fish trio are obviously in the White Team. Just at the start of the match, the fish agents attack nagasumi but… in fact, one of them is asking who is “Michishio Nagasumi” among the mass. Nagasumi tricks him to Kai, who is completely assaulted by the brothers

Gozaburou is disappointed and angry, and asks Maki to lead the trio.
They are approaching Nagasumi once again, but they are of course afraid of the cat. maki orders them to attack despite their whine. Nagasumi wonders what they are doing, but the kitty jumps and run at them, which completely freak them out, and they run for their lives.

Gozaburou come to watch if they are succeeding, but Maki scream he must run away… which he does, definitely. The following scenes switch between our POV, as watchers then… with THEIR POV XD. Kai is walking around, but unfortunately for him, got caught by the mob, and is also escaping ^^. The whale kid had the great idea to grabs one of the fish brothers, and hurls him at the kitten, as a bait.
Things are helpless : It is a complete panic among the merfolks. Nagasumi tries to calm them down, and removing the cat from the fish but…







Gozaburou loses his cool and… push the fire alarm button. Due the emergency and the location of the alarm (a BIG school), the firemen are dispatching 4 trucks…

Kai COMPLETELY lost it, and uses his cellphone, calling EMERGENCY REINFORCEMENTS which are…




an Aicraft Carrier !

Emergency! Code Red ! Code Red !
Standby for a Take off. This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill !


(the above lines are NOT in engrish ! )


Fighters (F35?) are on the way, 7 helicopters are already around the school, while the Firemen are giving orders and consigns there. Students are evacuating the School, but completely in a disarray and chaos. Maki is almost trampled, but the cat saved her.

The “caught” fish is “dying, and gozubarou is going EMO. melodrama ensues, then gozaburou shout for help. Nagasumi is just… speechless. Ren is angry and beat the crap of her husband.

Masa is excusing for the others for the ruckus with the firemen (he is quite panicked, and extremely embarassed O_O )
Ren is scolding HARD gozubarou, his henchmen and Kai.

Nagasumi, San and Luna go back home, but Gozaburou doesn’t give up and prepare another plan, which isn’t pleasing Maki.

The plan is to disguise one of the brothers as a girl and faking a “damsel in distress”… of course it utterly fails, but nagasumi plays dumb on purpose.
Surprisingly, the fish is brave enough and grab the cat, and… hurls it far away… The kitten lands in the river, and is drowning. (my opinion : -100 points for gozubarou and his henchmen…)

The 3 students are shocked. Nagasumi wants to save the cat, but San stops him. Then she says that water is her field.

San then jumps and dives in the water, picking up the cat. However, the kitty isn’t calm and moves a lot, which doesn’t help san. Suddenly, Maki rushes in, with her jet ram shell, grabs the cat and make their way out of the water. A bound is created !
San then picks the cat up, thanking Maki.

Nagasumi rushes and wants to pick the cat, since san is afraid of it. this scene amuses and pleases Ren, but isn’t happy at all with goza’s party, and we see the 4 “idiot” mermen completely beaten up.

The episode ends with maki, trying to escape from the cat.

Episode aside, the OP was slightly changed (some lyrics, and the appearance of the 3 fish brothers for the dance part of the OP).
On the other hand, the ED is completely different (Song and ED sequence). To me, it is much better, and it is quite catchy.


Thoughts :

once again, an excellent episode, though, much like episode 12, the start was kinda slow.

I’m really surprise that the redundant “overreactiong” joke, extremely rampant here, was able to score almost all the time here. (okay, i tend to laugh easely, but on various previous shows, i would already get annoyed, i.e Ikuto’s nosebleeds in Nagasarete Airantou).

That aside, the “bomb” (much like the episode 12 “fooling around with luna’s cute butt”) is really brilliant. once again, the usual “panic joke” BGM (the dynamic guitar track) works wonder.

Also, Ono Daisuke is really insane… I think Kai hysteria stole Goza’s antics in this episode. I can hardly imagine that this seiyuu is also the same person who dub Yukito from Air TV and Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma.

As for the content itself, it is finally about time that they give Nagasumi some “weaponry”, so he can at least defend himself (though i think that a personal record of “Eiyuu no Uta” would be quite enough, if not, Uber). And frankly, this ultimate weapon is welcome, for both character development and comedic aspect (and a big plus for the kawaii meter ^^).

Next will be about Incho… this will be interesting.

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