Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 2 : Yakusamashi-hen 1, Oni Gokko

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. You have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!

Hu well… it has been a long and also a short time since last Higurashi episode heh?

Well, Today is the First episode of Yakusamashi-hen (Disaster Awakening Chapter) : 鬼ごっこ (Oni Gokko) which can be translated as Playing Demons. Let the Summary begins !

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Yakusamashi-hen part1 : Oni Gokko

The Episode starts with Rika, who is talking under her “Black Rika Mode” and drinking a cup of wine. However, it doesn’t sound like a monologue : she is talking with someone, but we don’t know nor we don’t hear who is this person.

Rika is talking about various points, such like the time is repeating, as the world as well. Her struggle against fate at least lets her remember about the tragedies, much like the person she is talking to. She has precious friends to protect… But, Rika is jaded of all of these…Then she talks about the miracle Keiichi was able to do by remembering some things…(Tsumihoroboshi-hen) and how Rena was able to survive (Reunion). But She thinks miracles won’t always occur like this. (Much like it was said in Kanon, miracles are named like this, since they don’t happen… or on despererate and rare moments)

Suddenly, Satoko wakes up, and is wondering what Rika is doing. She thinks that Rika was talking with someone, but Rika returns into her usual self with her signature “Mi~” and assures her that she was talking to herself. Satoko then returns to sleep.

At morning, Satoko injects herself some vitamins, but complains she isn’t used to it, despite the routine. Rika reminds her that she must not miss any injection, which Satoko agrees reluctantly. Rika then comforts her and cheers her up.

They go to school and meet Chie-sensei, who is surprised that they are quite early. Satoko and Rika have some things to do, then proceed. Chie-sensei comment that both of them are surpringly energetic and really adorable, like angels… quite ironic with the following scene ^^

At school, Keiichi arrives but a huge basin fell on his head, full of water. Keiichi yells and perfectly knows the culprit : Satoko AGAIN ! The later laughs and asks where are the proofs, but Keiichi answers that this kind of trap can only be done by her. Keiichi chases her, while the rest of the group (with Shion present this time) are commenting about this.

Keiichi is able to avoid several traps that satoko set earlier. Flying board eraser ! huh? what is next? Volley of chalks !

Keiichi protects himself with a desk, then jumps, avoiding several items hurled at him, such like a mop, a wet handkerchief (which belongs to Tomita), a volley ball, etc

Finally, Keiichi lands in front of Satoko, announcing his victory. Satoko congratulates him, and is prepared. Keiichi was about to use the wet handkerchief (which looks like it stinks)… but Shion intervenes and stops him.

Shion declares that she is satoko’s guardian, and thus, Keiichi cannot do anything before bypassing Shion herself. Satoko obviously profits the situation and shelter herself with Shion.

Then she taunts Keiichi and runs away. Keiichi spots her, and hurls at her the handkerchief… However, Satoko was expecting this and was in front of the door … which is being opened by… Chie-sensei !



Chie-sensei then asks who is the responsible of this, and everyone points at Keiichi. As you might expect, Keiichi is scolded.

Lunch break ! Keiichi is complaining a bit, but Rena then comforts him by sharing with him her bento.

The scene then switch to Satoko’s bento, which there are tons of pumkin she didn’t eat at all. She then says that Shion doesn’t have to do her lunch every day. However, Shion is devoted, and wants to suppress Satoko’s hate for pumkin and Rika tries to cheer her up. Rika then acts like a mother, and makes her eat her pumkin. This scene is most likely a TIPS salvaged from Meakashi-hen (oh the irony) : The alternate Future after choosing the other choice.

This touching scene activates Rena’s Omochikaeri Mode, while Keiichi tries to calm her. This casual scene makes Rika a bit sad and Satoko notices it.

Later then, Chie-sensei announces the gym actvity is done for today. So everyone can spend the rest of the time playing around. Of course, the group enjoys the opportunity and Mion declares the new game : Oni Gokko ! The demon tag !

Satoko loses at the Janken pon, and will be the Zombie. She then asks if it is okay if she counts to 100. However, Keiichi intervenes and apply additional rule : a math problem involving cakes, which confuse Satoko a lot. To be more accurate, Keiichi perturbs her with 3 unrelated statements : 3 cakes horribly distributed, a weird time associated in the way how to eat them, and finally how many left if you eat them all. It looks extremely ovbious, but Keiichi was very cunning and insisted a lot on the 2 first statements, with an overal fast pace.

The game starts, and everyone run. Rena comments that it was kinda easy from the start since “keiichi ate every cake, the result is then 0”. Afterwards, Mion and Rika explain why they called Satoko the “zombie”, as a contrast with the usual “demon” name.
Satoko then realizes that Keiichi tricked her and begins to run like mad. Then everyone spread out.

Satoko aims immediately for Keiichi but the later hides himself near of her. unfortunately for him, Satoko asks to Tomita and Okamura for Keiichi’s whereabouts.
Keiichi is much faster than Satoko and is quickly behind her, after both of them were running around the school in circle. Keiichi then flees and trick some classmates, saying that the teacher is looking for Satoko and Mion. Meanwhile… Satoko is still running around the school, yelling to “Keiichi” to wait for her.

Satoko is observing the environment, but can’t track anyone very well.

Keiichi thinks he hids himself quite well but some classmates are looking for him. First, some say that keiichi’s Father is looking for him then his mother is ill and even a plane has crashed on his house …then some rumors…involving some dubious cases of peeping, and lingeri stealing and all… which ultimately gives him a reputation of a pervert.

Things get quite messy, and Keiichi realizes it is a trap of Mion.

He is able to restraint and calm himself, and “wins” this psychologic war but… at the expense of some of his pride…

Rika and Rena meets in front of the door. Rena asks if she is okay, and the later answers she somehow managed to be safe and she is doing her best. Then Rika asks how is the status and whereabouts of Shion and Mion, whose Rena says she saw them as Zombies. Rena is then wondering where is Keiichi.

Something is wrong though… rika begins to make a few steps towards Rena, who begins to panicks and asks her if she isn’t a zombie. As you might expected, Rika is indeed a zombie, but she assures she will be gentle when she “eat” Rena.

Rena tries to find a way to run or hide herself, and suddenly, notice Keiichi through the window of the door of the storage room, and immediately asks him for help.

Unfortunaltely, Rena shifted everyone’s attention to keiichi, who is trapped like a rat in his cage. The 4 zombies are forcing the door.

Keiichi is desperate and asks help from Rena… who apologizes and runs away!

It is too late for keiichi and his fate is sealed… everyone is on him and tickle him to death.

Keiichi complains about how he was spotted and swear he will got Rena, for her treason. The 5 zombies are searching for her, and Rika didn’t take long to spot her.

They were able to corner her, and things look settled but…

Rena is okay as long it is keiichi, she believes in him. This sentence, mood, expression and pose reach a satured moe level, and keiichi becomes horny… he desperately tries to hide it ! Mion comments it is indeed an ultimate spell, but Satoko didn’t understand. Shion explains her that she will understand when she will be older.

And this is the end! The school bell rings, which makes Rena safe! Satoko and Rika complain about keiichi’s hesitation and ask for a punishment. Mion then declare that the winners are Rena… Mion and Shion! Both Twins tricked everyone.

Thus…Batsu Game for Keiichi, Rika and Satoko ! Our manly hero is then forced to wear a mixture of a Balroom and Swan costume, while both satoko and rika wear Maid dresses and some baby stuff. This of course activates Rena’s Omochikaeri Mode but Irie’s as well, who appears from nowhere !

The hardcore Maid Crazed fetish Doctor is then daydreaming completely.

Then, Takano and Tomitake are joining the fray. Keiichi doesn’t know them, and asks who they are. Irie introduce them to him. Satoko asks if Tomitake will join the Watanagashi Festival. The later confirms then… Takano talks that she can’t wait for the next incident and if the gloomy cases will be settled this year…

This comment turns the atmosphere pretty badly, especially for Rena and Satoko. Keiichi doesn’t understand what she is talking about. No one answers except Takano, who is explaining that murders and missing cases happen each year. Irie decides to stop her. she then apologizes, and asks Satoko and Rika to excuse her.

Later then, Rika and Satoko go home, and rest of the group explains to Keiichi what it is about. Mion apologizes they didn’t tell him before, that they didn’t want to lie or hide it from him, but this kind of story isn’t really easy to talk about. Keiichi doesn’t mind at all, and he understands well this isn’t really funny so it is okay.

Satoko and Rika are at home. Satoko is preparing the dinner and comments that today was really fun. However, she notices that Rika is a bit gloomy, and asks her if something is wrong, since she is acting quite weirdly these days. Rika assures her that she is always herself. Satoko doesn’t really buy it and says her that if she has a problem, she can tell it to them, since they are friends, so she shouldn’t keep it for herself.

This line immediately shocked Rika, who remembers about what keiichi said to Rena in the junkyard, in Tsumihoroboshi-hen, after they discovered what Rena has done with Rina and Teppei. Rika asks to satoko whose did she heard this from, and if she remembers of anything.

Sadly, Satoko made this statement by herself, and it doesn’t really have something to do with a past event. Her answer disappoints Rika…

Preview :

The style is exactly the same as in episode 1. This time Rika is in her “usual self” and plays a game with Hanyuu, with the title “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni” (Each syllable of the title must lead to a word or sentence. Hi => Hinamizawa, etc). However, Hanyuu is completely depressed due how Rika is playing it ^^”

Next Episode has some major points :
1) Satoko’s past with her parents, who were supporters of the Dam Project. This will show how she was bullied.



Thoughts :

Another excellent episode, but this time, it was much more effective than Reunion. Why you ask? Well.. finally the return of our lovely characters, during their innocents days. Once again, the character design and animation were very stable, and fluent.
This is really great, because it was a bit too heavy that Higurashi was so dark in mid and later part of season 1, so the return of “normal days” finallys makes its entrance.

I couldn’t stop myself laughing especially with the scene where Keiichi is doomed in the storage room : the use of creepy BGM increased the comedy, and it was really an excellent move.

As for the “plot filling”, this episode added a lot of points that DEEN forgot, and sets things which will lighten the dense content of Minagoroshi-hen, this is a great idea ! Several things like Satoko’s vitams injection each day, Irie Maid Madness etc.

Ho well, fanboyism again i guess heh? But well, it is hardly not deserved for this series anyway.

As a side silly note : the 3 Female leads were gorgeous, especially Rena, who had tons of cute moments, and her blushing scene can melt anything… A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G ! Wanna take her home, gah ~~

This was another Klash’s Overload babbling of Higurashi !


3 Responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 2 : Yakusamashi-hen 1, Oni Gokko”

  1. 1 Shadow Miko July 13, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    That moe scene with Rena was awesome. I’m really like the overload of Frederica Bernkastel in Kai so far…but the lack of Hanyuu so far is really making me wait in agony!

  2. 2 David Johnston July 14, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    In the end with this series fear is the real disease, and truth is the cure, even when the truth is something terrible that anyone would fear. Come right out and tell K1 about the murders and he’s disturbed, but not a fraction as much as he was when you try to keep a lid on it.

  3. 3 DarkMissingno July 18, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    “Then she talks about the miracle Keiichi was able to do by remembering some things…(Tsumihoroboshi-hen) and how Rena was able to survive (Reunion).”

    Rika only said that Rena was able to recover.

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