Sonic Diver! Sky girls episode 2 Summary ~

Sky Girls! Combat lolis launch! Well from the preview shown in the last episode we know that this episode will be about introductions for the new team and especially the introduction of their new test weapons: the sonic divers. So let us see how the situation unfolds. (Note: this is from the RAW and my listening skills aren’t brilliant so please bear with any mistakes I make in my interpretation ~ edit version will come when the subs are out).

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Just who is this loli! ❤

In a nutshell: The episode starts off with a plane landing in. Ichijo climbs out of the plane and is greeted by Togo (her commander). Togo starts a casual conversation about Ichijo’s abilities but she grows impatient which causes him to give a formal introduction about who he really is. Ichijo then realizes that he is her commander and salutes while introducing herself as well. Inside the command tower Ichijo is briefed on the situation. She asks about the pilot who was able to defeat her during the test battle in the previous battle and it is revealed that the girl is some sort of elite.

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Next we move onto Otoha who is on the train to her destination. She comments on how fast the train is going seen as this is her first time. She then takes out her bag of nuts (?) and flashes back to her home town with teary eyes. She then tells herself to pull it together. During the next stop we see Karen also catching the same train. She manages to find a seat which is directly opposite the sleeping Otoha. Karen takes out a letter and has a flashback to her parting with her friends. They tell her to stay in touch via mail and then say that it must be hard to be in the military. Karen tells herself that this is what she wants to do because she thinks that this is a great job.

The train soon arrives at Yokosuka and we see Karen getting ready to leave. Otoha wakes up and asks where she is while half dreaming. Karen tells her that it is Yokosuka which causes Otoha to panic and run out of the train saying that “it was a close one”. Karen also leaves the station and sees Otoha again outside. She sees the port where she is supposed to be meeting someone.

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faithful encounter

Moving on we see Otoha at the same place as Karen as they both say that the person who is supposed to be picking them up is rather late. Upon hearing that they turn around and both greet each other while Otoha also thanks her for earlier. We then hear a scream for help and the scene moves to a thief who is running with someone’s purse. Otoha instinctively reacts and faces the thief with her weapon (her trusty wooden katana). The guy thinks that the situation is getting interesting and pulls out a knife behind his bag. Karen sees this and is shocked, but quick thinking comes in handy as she then throws her bag at the guy who is charging at Otoha, knocking him off balance. Otoha then sees the knife and quickly whacks the guy on his head knocking him out cold. Karen tells Otoha how awesome she is but is also complimented by Karen for her control.

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They move back to their original standing point again and both moans at how long the “guy” is taking to arrive. Togo then arrives in his vehicle and looks at his data pad which shows a picture for bother Otoha and Karen. He calls out to both of them which make them realize that they are going to the same destination. Getting onto the car Otoha and Karen finally introduce themselves to each other. Otoha tells Togo that Karen saved her with a bag due to her carelessness in not being able to see the hidden knife. Karen blushes. They head off to the base.

They arrive at some distance from the base where there is surprisingly a lot of green land around them. Ichijo then comes jogging by and is called over by Togo. He introduces the new pilots to the Ichijo and they greet each other. Togo then tells Otoha and karen that he is in charge of them and they gasp in astonishment. Ichijo then requests that she excuse herself so she can carry on with her training. Karen then asks Togo if they are the 3 who will be the new test pilots. He says yes.

After a brief meeting in the head office Otoha and Karen are then released to find their room while chatting. They arrive at their room only to find Ichijo inside half undressed. Otoha quickly closes the door again and goes red in the face. Ichijo tells them to go in and says that it is fine seen as they are all girls. She then turns serious and tells Otoha and Karen about the basics of being in the military. Karen comments on how scary Ichijo seems to act but Otoha doesn’t take any notice. She picks her bed saying that this is her first time sleeping on a bed while catching her katana as it nearly drops to the ground. Karen asks her what it is and Otoha replies that the katana is her partner. She tells Karen how she used train in a dojo and that it is an object that is attached to her, Karen thinks to herself that she knows this feeling. The get dressed and compliment on each other. Ichijo then comes in and tells them to hurry up.

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They are taken to the warehouse where their mechas are stored. Otoha and Karen have never seen anything like this and Ichijo tells them that they are called: sonic divers. Togo then shows up and tells them that they are new models. He also says that the machines chose who is compatible to pilot them via DNA matching so it means that they are the only ones who can pilot the machines. Karen knows of this system from university. While Otoha still doesn’t quite get it she goes up to the green sonic diver and immediately feels that this is the one for her.

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Togo then gets a call and tells the girls to follow him. Ichijo asks what they are going to do now and he replies that they are going to test to motion suit. We are then taken to the changing room where we see the pilot suits for the sonic diver. They are extremely ecchi suits hehe. We see Karen unable to move from the embarrassment but are forced to by Ichijo.

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The suits are see through ^.^

The girls each walk into a container type machine. The door closes and inside they are sprayed with a sparkling shower. While Otoha doesn’t know what it is Karen says that this is nano skin. This is the barrier they need in order to pilot the sonic divers. At the command desk each of the girls are checked out for how well the nano skin are attached/compatible. And thus completes the test for the motion suit. Otoha thinks to herself how this is different from what she had in mind.

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At their room we see Karen writing a letter to her brother. She describes what happened today and folds up the letter.


Thoughts: And the show continues. With my high hopes for this series to do well I am glad to say that I am not disappointed at what has happened so far. Developments are certainly needed for the series to move forward so the lack of action in understandable. But not only this, we also get to know more about the character’s personality which is a plus:

Otoha: Easily the leader of the group though now she is somewhat overshadowed by Ichijo’s presence and status. She is a carefree and headstrong country girl who also possesses an abundance of determination and stamina.

Karen: The brains of the group it seems. She seems like the type who can analyse a situation and act accordingly. She would be great for forming battle strategies against difficult opponents. Though shy and timid I think she will no way let that get in her way if her friends are in danger.

Ichijo: Potential rival of Otoha. She is skilled and proud of her abilities as a soldier and won’t take defeat lightly. I can see that she starts off as the leader but soon realising her inability to actually be effective at leading through a series of trial. Most likely the one who wants to become the strongest in the group.

As I say I am pleased with the development so far and I think it is just a matter of time before the action really starts!


By Deathkillz


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  1. 1 Owaranai Destiny July 14, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    Did you start this blog not too long ago? 🙂 Anyway, I thought it was pretty nice to see someone with a more positive attitude towards anime nowadays blogging them. Quite a refreshing view at the show itself.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama July 14, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    Ahem! Well no, I just have a different view compared to everyone else that comes across as negative to some. I’m one of the other writers by the way and I’m glad you found us. Hope you enjoy the articles we write.

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