Doujin Work Episode 1 Examination


Sometimes From The Get Go You Get Hints That Something Is Going To Blow Your Mind.  In This Case It’s The Psychedelic Convention Attendees

Summary:  The show begins with a brief explanation of what the purpose of a Doujin Market is, that being a place where self published books and games are sold and somewhere where people go to achieve their goals (which is the new way of saying a place where people go to hawk their wares.


From Left To Right: Loli Indiana Jones, Man Slave, Angel Loli and The One With Breasts (Sometimes)

Opening Theme:

I actually barely comprehend the opening (and it’s not just because it was left unsubtitled).  It’s one of those mind blowing endings where everybody just kind of dances and fidgets and it has nothing to do with anything.  I’d compare it to the opening to Pani Poni Dash in terms of conveying nothing about what is to unfold, other than that it will be weird.  Oh and the songs catchy too.

The show proper begins with our main character discussing how she was fired from her job over a misunderstanding regarding her managers hairpiece, which she unintentionally brought up.  Our


Sounds Like Doujin Material

Heroine’s somewhat loli friend Tsuyuri who has been dozing all this time is given a test about whether she has been listening and replies that of course she was listening and that the heroine was recounting how she had just gotten into the pool naked (and no this isn’t a doujin story, these are the destined doujin writers….who would have thought they’d be so….prepared). 


I Love How Everybody On The Buses Ears Perk Up The Second She Says This.

Our Heroine is wondering why Tsuyuri is so dozy (aside from her voice sounding like one of those dry sarcastic gothic lolita type voices, thus conveying to me that it might be natural laziness) and asks if she was up last night doing something perverted.  Some dialogue ensues that makes it sound like she was masturbating (The girls are now channeling doujin material whether they know it or not).  Just then a PA message informs the people on the train that the next stop will be Yurigaoka, to which our heroine replies, “THIS ISN’T YURI” (hehehe).

Anyway Tsuruyi wants the heroine (still don’t know her name) to come by and help her with the “perverted stuff” (Doujin Work) and offers to pay her since she’s unemployed now.  When initially rebuffed the offer becomes 20000 Yen and is met with a determined stare by our heroine.


I Guess That Means They Are On

So Tsuruyi’s game is rape manga and she wants our Heroine to join her at Comiket to help her sell her wares.


This Is Actually Made Far Funnier In The Completely Blunt Non Chalant Way Tsuyuri Says Their Booths Name

The product is called and I people not “Mandatory Bloomers” and no picture for the sake of saving people the rather unfortunate cover art. (The music is fucked up here by the way.  Like Beatles Stoner Era fucked up)  When charged with making her first sale to a rather green fellow (he’s green coloured…….funky) our heroine flounders in shyness and shame and is only saved by Tsuyuri’s sudden return from the bathroom to secure the sale……with sparkles.


Dangerous Levels Of Moetron Z Detected

Later on a dapper gentleman of about oh say 9 Feet in height comes to purchase a copy and asks to take Tsuyuri away too. (Lolicon alert)


I Wonder If She Hulks Out And Get’s Even More Giant Than Justice When She Get’s Angry….

Apparently this man named Justice (Awesome) already has a loli of his own named Sora and is a childhood friend of the Heroine Najimi (FINALLY almost towards the end of the episode we learn her name).  Apparently Justice (or perhaps Sora.  I mean she’s the loli and they’re always the uber talented ones) runs a popular Doujin booth that makes Tsuyuri’s and Najami’s pale in comparision which happened to sell 30,000 books at rock bottom prices today (sounds like a rivalry’s about to break out between what appears to be an obnoxious loli with a 9 foot tall man/potential super robot named Justice and a bored loli with a tick on her head).

To my surprise it actually is Justice that does the manga (I guess that makes Sora the seller.  This Justice plays a devious and irresistably effective game getting the loli to sell his wares)  Justice’s success starts Najimi dreaming about the potential for mass profit and and the money to buy many useless goods.


Random Surrealist Moment

Suddenly a sequence drawn as if it were a doujin (breaking some sort of theatrical rule I’m sure) breaks out where Najami gains inspiration from a shoddy looking boys love story that a girl passing buy drops a copy of.  NOW, a proactive Najami announces to the world (or just a section of Comiket) her intention to become a Doujin artist of great repute, but first she’ll have to get down off the table.

Thoughts: I can’t really give a rating for such a short episode of only 13 minutes, but I should be able to next time.  What I can say is this show is loads of fun and reminds me a bit of episode 12 of Lucky Star where the girls go to Comiket, only you get a comedic view of the events from the inside instead of the outside.  Justice rocks as does his loli, Najami is a potential psycopath and Tsuyuri is strange as hell.  I found myself laughing at this show quite a bit and it has struck a chord with me with its zany off key humour not about a doujin, but the kind of crazy people you would imagine making them (not really, but I would imagine they draw their inspiration from real life events that happen to them, and well, these characters almost seem like characters you would see in a Doujin manga, although greatly exagerrated to the extreme).  I’m definetely keeping this one as it appeals to my twisted sense of humour quite nicely.


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