True Feelings Or Naivety ~ Zero No Tsukaima (2) episode 2

Welcome to a new season of zero no tsukaima! 😀 I will be you blogger for today seen as Sky is taking a break (don’t want to overload him with “work” now do I ^_^). Well actually this isn’t quite the start but seen as it is just episode 2 I am not far off hehe. Right! Starting from where we left off since episode 1, it seems that princess Henrietta was kidnapped as reported by her bodyguard/captain Agnes. Now it is up to Saito and Louise to save the day.

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“Love birds”

In a nutshell: Right at the start of the episode we are shown a flashback scene to the time where Wales and Henrietta are together at night taking a walk. A vow made by Wales to the spirits around him that he will forever love Henrietta is heard and we move back to the present time. Henrietta is in her room crying over her ring and questioning her life and what she could do without Wales by her side. Her ring then starts to glow and we hear a voice. The voice says that he is Wales after startling Henrietta and it tells her to look out of the window. Henrietta says that it is impossible because Wales is dead but then he shows his ring as proof, and as it glows in the night sky we see Henrietta overcome with tears running out to hug him. He tells her that he needs her to come with him to another place. Henrietta objects at first but a kiss followed by words of “I love you” soon caused her to stop.

“sweet reunion”

The next morning we all know what happened. Louise is in disbelief after hearing Agnes’ words. Louise asks where Henrietta is at the moment and Agnes tells her that informants say that the princess is heading towards Ragudorianko (spelling needs to be checked >.<). Agnes asks if Louise would help but that is a no brainer question for her. Agnes takes leave first and the next thing we know we see Saito and Louise taking the plane. They managed to take off with the help of some rocked boosters but that isn’t without taking out half of a wall first. Kirche walks out from the noise still half awake and Tabitha tells her that there is a case to be solved.

Up in the sky Saito asks Louise about the ring of Andvari and how it can raise the dead but this is soon dropped as the plane starts to act up (we see smoke coming from the engines, not well!).

We then move onto another flashback scene. Here we see Wales seeing Henrietta’s naked back and he praises her on her beauty. Henrietta then wakes up from her dream and he tells her that they are nearly there. Wales then says that he loves her and won’t let anyone interfere. Meanwhile the Captain and her gang catches up with Wales but is shot at with unknown magic. I was a direct hit which causes concern for Henrietta because they are her people. Wales then tells her to believe in him and stay quiet. Henrietta then remembers back to the vow she made with him along the lake. Wales reassures her trust by saying how much he loves her.

Moving back to Saito we see the worse happen. Yep the engine stops and with the slowing down of the propeller it is confirmed. Louise gives a huge scream of “BAKA BAKA BAKA!” while unleashing furry on the perplexed Saito. However the plane still plunges earthwards. However, we then see a blast of wind which keeps the plane in flight. Outside Saito and Louise sees Kirche and Tabitha, who are both riding on Tabitha’s familiar. Saito thanks them but is hit yet again by the jealous Louise. She claims that this is a secret mission and for the pair to stay away but that is exactly why they came. Tabitha then motions below and we see the running prince and princess. Saito flies pass them and Louise notices Wales. They say that it is impossible but Louise then says that it must be the ring’s power.

Saito and Louise lands on the water and she runs out asking if Henrietta is alright. Kirche and Tabitha then lands besides the Wales and the princess. Kirche is shocked to see who she has gotten into. Saito tells Wales to get away from Henrietta but Wales say that it is her will to run away with him. Saito asks if Wales was revived by the ring of Andvari and indeed we get a flashback showing that happening. Louise tries to knock some sense into Henrietta but she is having none of it (how stubborn). Tabitha then attacks Wales with ice shards that penetrated his body nice and smoothly. However, he then says that it’s no use attacking like that and seals his wounds again. Henrietta is shocked. This time Kirche and Tabitha makes a combo attack but it is nulled by Wale’s shield. He then attacks with his wind powers, which knocks down both Kirche and Tabitha.

“voldemort! ~ no wait! O__O”

Louise takes this chance and tells Henrietta that this is proof that this guy isn’t Wales. However, Henrietta continues to deny the fact and say that Wales promised to live with her forever. Louise tries to stop her but the princess asks back what if Louise has a lover what would she do? Louise tells the princess to open her eyes but Henrietta gives back a cold stare and sets back a firm order. Saito can no longer take this crap and says that they will have to defeat him if they want to leave.

Wales attacks with his wind power but that is easily slashed back. However, Henrietta then uses her powers to create a wall of ice; she then tells them all to stop interfering with her business. Henrietta asks Louise to listen but then Wales interrupts and begins using Henrietta’s powers. He forms a combo with her water magic and his wind magic which causes a tornado on both elements. Saito tries to hold back the tornado. The sword then tells Louise to look at her book and we find that some incantations are showing up on the previously blank page. “Dispel magic” Louise says. Wales then mentions that this is hexagon magic, nothing can stop him now.

Louise begins reciting the words and Saito grown impatient. The sword tells him to hold on and this is because Saito is zero’s familiar! At breaking point for Saito, Louise manages to finish the spell and a bolt of lightning comes down from the heavens to smite Wales. The battle is over and dawn is breaking.

Down on the ground we see Henrietta holding Wales in her arms, crying. Wales tells Henrietta not to cry and as selfish as he is Wales asks for a request from Henrietta. He asks her to forget about him, to forget about him and to find a suitable man for herself. With his dying words he asks for Henrietta to keep this promise. Henrietta says that she will only love Wales, for all eternity. Wales then says the same but tells her that he is sorry that this cannot be. He is glad to have met someone like Henrietta and that he loves her…forever…with those dying words Henrietta breaks down into full tears, crying, and begging from him to open his eyes. And a final scene to the lakeside where they made their vow.

Thoughts: *Me at the end of this episode* “WAAAAAAAA ~~~~ why oh why!!!!” *cries**sniffs**cries*


How can this happen 😦 just how can a pair of love birds be torn away so tragically not once but for the second time running! Poor Henrietta I should add. The story was fantastically executed and yet together with the background music selected to perfection, I had tears in my eyes writing up this summary.

This is true love but first things first, Wales is an ass. Henrietta is also blinded by love. However this is only during the fight as when the end came all I saw was true feelings. It is naturally assumed that Wales acted the way he did due to the condition of bringing him back alive again. He literally had no choice but to play the role of the bad guy. However, it was pretty annoyed with Henrietta’s attitude. So for love we see Henrietta betraying her own friends and comrades. In the name of love! This is an extreme on her personality standing but I guess this is also proof of how much she loves Wales. Call it naïve or true love, what you think of her actions is strictly your own opinion. But for me I thought Henrietta had lost her mind (temporarily) due to love *sigh*

A really great episode which was something I wasn’t expecting coming from this series (mainly because of what an average job the first series was), but as it stands now this is a great start. And LOL the fighting part even reminded me of Harry Potter (oh how I hate that movie *rolleyes*).

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“True love till the end”

4 Responses to “True Feelings Or Naivety ~ Zero No Tsukaima (2) episode 2”

  1. 1 Kakosan July 16, 2007 at 3:14 am

    Thanks a lot, man! I still haven’t watched the raw, so your summary and comments are really appreciated. Excellent job!

  2. 2 solwyvern July 16, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    I’m going to cry alot of manly tears. ;_;
    If I ever had any reason for watching ZnT, it would be for Henrietta.

    Well, since I rarely follow the raws, I’ll give a more solid opinion when I see the sub. T_T

  3. 3 deathkillz July 17, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Well yea, Henrietta is full of win though her priorities do need sorting out a little hehe. But as for me, i stand by her “true love” side 😀

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama July 18, 2007 at 5:41 am

    There’s a rule for this show. Anyone who disses Rie Kugimiya has to answer to me. (I wonder how many people actually buy that) Er…anyway it’s all about Louise.

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