Lucky Star Episode 14 Examination

Today we meet two new characters in the Lucky Star Universe and let me tell you these two make quite an odd couple……


At Yutaka’s:

– To my disappointment Yutaka isn’t 20 feet tall like in Konata’s imagination.  Oh well…..

 -If I had a loli in the car with me I certainly wouldn’t be doing 120 down a residential street.  It’s not like you can stop short with them or anything.

“Under One Roof” (Sounds like an H-Doujin Title)

At Konata’s:

-Okay number one, liking the overly happy Kona-Pops upon Yutaka’s arrival, number hard Yutaka’s just going overkill trying to be cute (you can tell cause she’s sweating the whole time, being cute takes effort you know).

– I like how low Kona-Pops has set his lifes goals, although scoring a house full of at least two loli-ish girls is like the ultimate prize in the anime world.


– If Minami sounds at all like her voice is a bit….pausy…that’s because she’s voiced by Chihara Minori, someone who has time and again proven that her acting ability is a bit….shall we say not up to par.  Yeah it sounds like she’s cold reading again. Oh Chihara, what am I going to do with you, you’re so nice, yet so mediocore.

Konata’s House Present Day:


Oh God She’s Having A Hissy Fit!  Run Before You’re Caught In The Wake Of Devastation!  Maybe Now She’ll Do The 20 Feet Tall Thing

–  Man Yutaka is crazy, but like Konata said in a previous episode, it’s probably a mistake to underestimate her.

Flashback At School (I think, I mean this is Lucky Star narrative hear):

– Man I kind of envy Chihara Minori, she barely has to do anything with this role other than mumble into a microphone as monotone as possible.  I wish I could make a career of doing the same whisper monotone voice over and over and having people love me for it.


Screw Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison, This Is The Real Odd Couple.  We’ve Got Loli McSpazout and Boring McMumbly

– Poor Yutaka didn’t get her name, well it was a boring conversation anyway. Minami seemed to think so gauging her level of enthuiasm.

Konata’s House Present Day:

– Yui’s pose reminds me of Mrs. Garrison’s standard standing still pose in South Park.

– I have no idea what Konata said, so moving on….Wait before that since Konata and Minami are both fairly mumbly they should get together.


You Forgot Pouty With Hands Clenched Close To Body And Spazzy.  Anyway Round Of Applause For Konata Izumi, Master Of The Obvious

–  Okay I got to admit I got a little woozy when Yutaka did her stretch thing.  I mean how dangerously loli-moe is a girl who barely occupies a bed, in pajama’s reaching up and stretching awkardly.  Plus she looks better with her hair down.  Awesome.  Moetan has a little bit of competition for the time being, although Yutaka has a ways to go.

–  There’s a Haruhi Figurine In The Background, guess how important that is….not all, the key here is that Konata has basically pulled what I’m sure every video game superfan (myself included) has at some point, gaming all through the night.  Nice one Kona.

At Kagami’s:


Did Kagami Just Get Out Of Prison Or Is That A Fashion Faux Pas?  Also Is It Just Me Or Was She Showing Of Her Legs A Bit When She Took Off Her Shoes

–  The return of Kagami’s Ide sweatdrop noise as she looks in disappointment at her crappy phone.

At Miyuki’s:

– First of all we finally get a look at Miyuki’s house for the first time, not to shabby, looks like the inside of some of the houses around my neighbourhood.

– Miyuki’s mother wins the Marge Simpson award for trying to please everybody, even those who annoy people in general.

At The Store:

– OH I LOVE IT WHEN THEY GO TO THE STORE.  OHHHH…..they don’t do this nearly often enough, I’m quivering from anticipation.  What Haruhi related merchandise are we hawking today… all means *gestures my hand towards giving the floor to Lucky Staruhi*.  Before that though….


Okay Number One Ouch!  Number Two This Is You The Customer After You’ve Been Suckered Into Whatever They Are Hawking In This Segment And Number Three Classic Konata RapidHyperMumbleSpeak

–  Konata really wants the item….Oh *Squeal* what could it be, I know I’m supposed to want it now too.

-Hmmm…. I guess we’ll never know, but I’d wager ten to one it was Haruhi related, still Touche Lucky Star Touche.  At least they sometimes know when to draw the line, seems arbitrary nonetheless.

At A Restaurant:


They Want Smoking Cause All Of Them Look Like Smokers, Especially That Miyuki


– Is it just me or does Kagami’s voice sound higher pitched than usual, weird.

–  You know the girls have point about the restroom locations always seeming to be located in the smoking section (you’d need to visit Quebec to understand this if your Province, Prefecture, Stare or what not has Public Non-Smoking Laws like Ontario).  Who better to discuss this then a bunch of wisecracking girls.  It’s cultural humour and wit that is my favourite part of Lucky Star and why I decided to watch the show to begin with.  It’s just fun when they do segments like this.

At Konata’s:

– Man it’s unnatural hearing Konata talking so slowly and deeply without the hopping and bopping speech pattern.  I can actualy make out the words in this scene with her.

– By the way, the prime suspect in this case of child stalking has got to be Kono-Pops.  “I know his way of thinking”  “I’m Jealous of Him”.  Keep an eye on your father when he’s around Yutaka Konata….

– HAHAHAHA….Oh My God….get arrested by Cousin Yui, as if she’s actually competent enough to successfully make a bust.  That’s good.


At The Hiiragi’s:

–  You know it’s been so damn long since I’ve seen an episode where the girls are just sitting around having fun, playing games and making wisecracks.  This episode is shaping up really well.


Nothing Witty, Konata Just Reminds Me Of A Monkey Here

– Dude the music sounds like Super Robot Wars Music, but judging from the rapid hand button presses its not a strategy game, unless Konata’s on sugar, which is quite possible.  People have been asking about this on animesuki and it’s nothing from an actual game in regards to the music, just really Super Robot Theme Song sounding.  I knew before anyone talked that something involves robots was going on though, so that testifies to how well done the audio was done here.  I didn’t expect to see something like this in lieu of a Haruhi reference.  How nice.

– FINAL ANSWER!  Tension Rises…..Oh Wait Of Course It Was Right.  Liked Tsukasa’ classic naivete as well, Konata and Tsukasa are bothe masters of the obvious.  Not a bad sequence either, and usually it’s the third quarter of an episode that’s the weakest.


Uh I Guess…..By The Way Who’s Fantasizing That They Are Generic Harem Guy Here.

–  Judging by Yutaka’s lack of visible symptoms indicating what disease she might have, I’m guessing its the Key Virus.  Although unlike in Key games there’s little chance of her dying and making Otaku cry over nothing.

– PoooooCKY!  I don’t know, Konata’s just bizarre this episode.

-COSPLAY!  Are they going to cosplay as Haruhi or Kanon Characters?


Okay Whoa!  Don’t Loliest Kagami and Lolier Kagami Make A Great Pair.  They Also Have That Look That Just Plain Ol Kagami Has Where She Looks Like Shes Just A Hair Trigger Away From Burning You

At Konata’s:

–  This scene also marks the return of the classic Tsukasa butt angle.  Man so many good points from the first half are reasserting themselves here over all that Kadokawa Self-Promotion Nonsense.

– Well Yutaka’s scared for life now that shes seen Kona-Pops on the John.  I like how this is just like an everyday thing for Konata.

– Yutaka’s adoration of Konata’s skills reminds me of my cousin thinking I’m the greatest person who’s ever lived….AT EVERYTHING!  Problem is it can get bothersome with someone clinging onto you whenever they are around asking you to do this and that and never giving you a break.  Wonder how Konata will handle things.


Homework With What?  Sex Ed….Actually That Isn’t Quite What It Looks Like, But It’s Close

And That’s A Rap

LUCKY CHANERU!  Er Final Answer…..huh?

Somethings Will Never Change I Guess


Hey It’s An Overplayed Song….Man That’s Bad Singing…..


Wow….What A Great Episode!  None Of Those Kadokawa product places we usually get for the first time since I can remember and only Three Minor Complaints this time. One is that Lucky Channel is still the same as always, two, I’m so darn tired of Hare Hare Yukai that I can’t stand to hear it anymore, though at least Minoru butchered it much to the chagrin of those flash mob groups and other whiny Otaku, and three, Chihara Minori does a poor job with her limited lines, even with such a dry character as Minami, it sounds like a rehearsal cold read with some stuttering more than a final take.  I’m only deducting 0.5 points from what was otherwise a 9.5 score here.  Here they had to introduce two new characters and for a show that often has trouble with balancing and pacing they eased Yutaka into the show as if she had always been there and built up her character archetype and comedic style quite nicely.  Though it’s clear that Yutaka is much more popular with everybody than Minami, the studio included, based on how they all but glazed over her presence in this episode.  Also, whereas new shows often overfocus on new characters, we had some great moments of the regular cast in their natural element as well with Konata playing a Super Robot Game (For a studio that almost seems to hate me, this was a nice bone for them to throw to me and Mecha fans when they could have easily used the time to score more points with their generally beloved, but this time overlooked Haruhi fans.  I’m sure somewher on 2ch somebody is complaining that KyoAni has turned their backs on their fans and that a boycott is in order, but whatever….), Tsukasa being ditzy and clueless about popular culture, Kagami showing her ferocity to Yutaka and Soijirou being a pedophile.  Yes this episode was the most solid I’ve seen since episode 6 and I would hope this continues as this episode showcases perfectly why I decided to watch this show in the first place.  Unfortunately though from what I can see, episode 15 takes us right back into the Haruhi referencing with an Aya Hirano concert.  Though we’ll have to look at that next time and see how it goes.

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


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