“She who waits for her White Knight” Seto no Hanayome, Episode 15

OTZ… once again, my flat apologizes for the lateness of this article… Scheldule is really tight over here… I guess deathy will be much more faster than me next week ^^” (we will rotate on this series. Doujin Work will follow the same pattern)

This week episode is somewhat similar to episode 13 : much based on character development, rather than insane comedy.
Episode 15 doesn’t introduce a new character per se, but it increase once again the harem aspect of this show XD
(but since the couple is already set, no need to complain, of course)

The episode start with Incho, who is completely drowned in her princess fantasy… oh well, who will blame her anyway? she is rather… well not really popular… YET.
It is revealed that her prince is… Nagasumi. (yep, Harem vibes with now 4 candidates, but since the couple is already set, no complaint needed).

At school, Kai tries to get a date with San. He offers her some movie tickets… It is revealed they are really rare, and starring san’s favourite actor. Of course, Kai then asks her to go with him to this premiere.
Terrible mistake you have done here kai ! San declines his offer, since she already has nagasumi as her husband so… Kai is kinda pissed.

However, his good and lecherous servant, Saru, suggests a new battle plan : Double Date !
Kai is kinda oblivious to his plan, but Saru’s explanations give him his usual high confidence, which merits a little banana reward! Thus, Kai needs the help of a girl… who is Mawari !
He then decide to submit his idea to San and Nagasumi… of course, San accepts right away, especially this will be her first date. Nagasumi is really suspicious about what Kai is planning to do, and Kai and Saru are laughing quite evilly.

It is finally sunday, the day for the double date. Incho finally makes her mind, and wants to change herself… A new hair style and different pair of glasses do the trick somehow…
She doesn’t expect anything, since she knows that Nagasumi should be in his double date, so she just leaves for a walk.

Finally, here is the double date!
However, things become much more complicated, since Saru and Runa decided to join the fray… triple date then.
Of course, Nagasumi isn’t really pleased, and fear the worst about how it will turn…
As you might expect, Nagasumi and Kai are argueing about who will be with San. Mawari intervenes with her usual “rules”, but she then sets a rather… tight and heavy scheldule for everyone. Runa doesn’t waste her time and steal nagasumi from San, which lead to the usual mess.

They finally decide with a random pairing. Conveniently, the results are :

  • San and Nagasumi
  • Mawari and Kai
  • Runa and Saru

of course, Runa freaks out, while Saru is litteraly assaulting her.

Runa attempts to buy some time and ask to Nagasumi to fetch immediately something to drink for her. Nagasumi can’t do anything but obey, and run like a madman. Meanwhile, Mawari is quite embarassed that she and kai must stay together alone on a “romantic” fish boat.
Back on Runa, she asks help from San to restrain Saru, who is completely nuts.

Nagasumi bumps on Incho… and stepped on her glasses. Embarassed, he tries to find a way to compensate that young lady. Unfortunately, it appears he doesn’t really have enough money, so he couldn’t help it and makes his way to Runa and asking her to lend him some money. (a pair of glasses sure don’t really affect a idol’s fortune anyway) Nagasumi however doesn’t forget about what he was supposed to do first, and buy right away some juice for Runa.

Back on Runa… Saru became completely wild, and is ready to litteraly jump on the pinky idol. Runa tries to jump on San’s boat, but it is a rather risky manoeuvrer.
The boats are rocking hard, and as result, both mermaids fell in the water.

The splash noise immediately make Nagasumi reacting from afar, and rushes quickly at them. Saru almost noticed San’s fishtail, but Nagasumi was able to be quick enough to kick Saru, knocking him out in the process.

Nagasumi tries to dry quickly San’s tail and ask if he can borrow some money for the girl’s glasses. Runa accepts and hands him her Credit Card, but much like Nagasumi predicted, she is rather cunning and expect a growing interest for it.
San stops the diva in her complete egomania, and tells to nagasumi to don’t mind about them.

Back with the girl, Nagasumi tells her that he got enough to compensate her. She tries to decline the offer, but suddenly, incho begins to think that his voice sounds familiar.
She tries her best efforts to recognize the boy in front of him, but her Myopia is too strong. Nagasumi wonders what is with her, and they begin to talk about that one friend of her friend looks sound really like him.

Incho begins to talk about that boy, and Nagasumi conclude that she is in love with him. of course, she completely freaks out, and is completely embarassed about what he just said.
Nagasumi argues that she should enjoy her “short” life, and that she shouldn’t give up and should confess to that guy.

Back on Mawari and Kai, both are kinda embarassed in the boat. Both think that it is the first time that they are alone with respectively a boy and girl, who aren’t nagasumi and san. The mood is rather awkard….

Mawari is thinking too much about Kai and his accelerating breathing rate, and thus, she erratically think that Kai is going to jump on her, so she freaks out and warns him she will arrest him if he even tries a move on her. Of course, Kai doesn’t understand her non sense, and tries to calm her, since the boat is rocking due her excited state.

After some struggle, both fell on the boat, and ends on the ultimate pose : Mawari laying down on the boat, while Kai is on her, completely frozen.
Saru, on the other hand, is underwater, cheering for his “master”.

Incho is completely helpless without her glasses and fell for no reason in the bushes. Nagasumi helps her, and then says she can hold his arm.
Incho hopes she won’t be as clumsy with Nagasumi, then the later suddenly says that she should confess, and she has really her chance, since she is very cute.

Nagasumi and Incho then hears some ruckus around, and some people are in fact playing baseball. However, these people are no one else than Gozaburou and his fellow men…The 3 brothers immediately notice the “lovers” and start saying that Nagasumi is already dumping san for an unknown girl. Of course, Gozaburou immediately reacts, the group catch Nagasumi, ready to be drown in the river.

Incho intervenes quickly and says that this person just help her and was going to pay back for her broken glass. Ren thinks Incho is a studen from their school, but Gozaburou has no idea who she is.

Ren then ask goza to stop this. He buys her explanation and let Nagasumi free under only 1 condition : that he plays some balls in their party. Of course, he “discretely” give a sign for Fujishiro, the pincher. Both Masa and Nagasumi spots this… Masa asks nagasumi to flee, which the later agrees without any doubt.
DASH ! , but the ball bounced on Masa’s baseball glove, and directly hit Nagasumi’s head.

Gozaburou is of course happy, but then eats Ren’s retaliation.


Back on that embarassing situation, Mawari is completely deredere, but has an internal conflict, especially with her dream to be a police inspector or something. However, Kai passed out, completely destroying the mood.
Mawari finally realize the situation, freaks out once again, and beat the crap out of Kai.

Nagasumi and Incho finally make their way to an optician.
They choose a frame suiting her, and the store owner immediately take their demand right away. The owner and his assistant are completely stunned and freaked by the monster card, which has the potential to buy warmachines.
It only takes like 15 seconds for them to put the lens on the frame. As a last service, the optician offered them a way to go back home with a… limousine.

Nagasumi and Incho are rather impressed by all of this. Finally Incho decides to try her new pair of glasses and…

Finally realizes that the guy in front of her for the whole afternoon was no one esle than Michishiro Nagasumi!
Incho completely lost it and leaves the car. Nagasumi chases her, wondering what is going on.

Incho stops near of a tree, and is completely embarassed but also depressed that Nagasumi acted like he doesn’t know her. She then understands that he didn’t recognize her at all, so she quickly act like someone else, to decrease the chance of being recognized. Nagasumi is surprised that she must leave so suddenly, then wishes her luck for her confession. Incho, completely melted, repeat what nagasumi told her this afternoon, about short life and to not being undecisive with love and all, and decides that she will do her best.
To end this meeting, Nagasumi then asks her name, but they are interrupted by San who is chased by her father, who is also chased by Ren and Masa.

Incho take advantages of the sudden change of mood, and tells him that she will properly say her name the next time they will meet. She then quickly makes her sortie, but Nagasumi is clueless about when it will be the next time.

Back at school, poor incho isn’t recognized by nagasumi… but it appears that everyone doesn’t know her name and keeps call her by “incho” ^^”


Thoughts :

Very good episode. I felt the pace was kinda broken here and there. Fortunately, the real purpose of this episode was more like a character development, not only for incho, but most of them.
I’m kinda interested how Mawari and Kai relationship can go at this rate…

While the fun wasn’t as explosive as before, there were various points which i couldn’t help but have a big smile or good laugh (One of my favourite moment is surely when Kai rewarded Saru with a banana ^^)

Once again, Goza and Kai’s seiyuu are really dedicated. (“papa! mama!” and “Yo desu” were gold)

I’m still wondering how the studio can keep going in such pace, animation and chara design. True enough, Seto no Hanayome isn’t “KyoAni Sakuga Quality” like, but it is extremely consistant, and the animation is dynamic and crazy enough (much like Negima!? by SHAFT, though the style is really different, of course)

That said, a new character will be introduced next week, and things will be insane once again… it sounds like merfolks in school will have to pass a mermaid exam. and if they fail, they will have to return in the sea ^^”

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