Otaku lesson 2: Selling! ~ Doujin work Episode 3

Finally! Najimi is ready to present her first personal doujin to the world! 😀 let’s see how she goes about shifting the stock then ~ and remember, “doki doki…doki doki” ^__^.

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Devil or Angel?

In a Nutshell: Najimi and Justice is on the train and they discuss about how to Najimi can make money from selling doujins. After a while of teasing from Justice he reveals that the secret to selling successful doujins is to have love in your work. Najimi is confident that her doujin will sell well due to the amount of love she put into the drawings, something about “just like a mother and father’s affection”.

At a collage class room we see Justice and Tsuyuri waiting for Najimi. She later comes floating in telling the guys that her doujin is complete. Tsuyuri seems shocked and she holds Najimi’s hand telling her that even though it will be painful to stick with it. Najimi says that she has it all under control even though it was her first time. Tsuyuri gives a jolt and says “already!?”. Najimi is getting annoyed that their conversation doesn’t seem to be connecting. Tsuyuri starts to take pity on Najimi. Najimi then goes to ask for Justice’s opinion and we see him smashing the wall like the hulk. Tsuyuri tells Justice to calm down and then asks Najimi for the name of the guy. Najimi says “love typhoon” which causes Justice to think deeply, Tsuyuri then asks for the price which she says, causing Justice to break and Tsuyuri to give her a slap. Justice walks out and Najimi asks Tsuyuri what the slap was for when she was only talking about the manga.

“too cheap!”

Over at Najimi’s house Tsuyuri asks to see the finished doujin. She takes a look at the cover and comments on what a nice paperis using…yes…a nice paper…really nice paper…*turns the manga upside down*…nice paper. She then asks about the name on the front of the cover. Najimi says that it is her pen name, Beauty Love. Tsuyuri doesn’t know what to say and leaves saying that “it’s no use” .

“Nice paper…yea nice…”

Outside the convention we see a hyped up Najimi. Tsuyuri tells her that it is impossible to sell the amount she hopes for whereas Najimi tells her to shut up (in the qutest way possible mind you). Justice thinks that Najimi is in denial and gets pinched. Sora tries to protect Justice but he says that he is fine.

Don’t hurt my Justice!”

Moving onto inside the convention we see Justice helping Najimi unpack. He takes out her manga and starts to comment on…the paper (ROFLs!). Justice then breaks into tears. Sora on the other hand cannot bring herself to pick up this manga. Justice and Sora then leaves.


Later we see Najimi getting worried that no one I buying her manga. However, we then see a girl picking up her manga only to put it down again while grinning with evil intentions. Najimi gets powered up but this confrontation is cut off to Justice and Sora selling their manga, Justice tells Sora of the love they have for selling manga and we see a little dance routine.


“Here come a new challenger!”

“My princess”

Back to najimi we see tsuyuri talking to Justice on the phone, he asks how Najimi’s manga are but she cuts him off. Najimi begins to worry that her manga is going to make a loss at this rate. But just then, the guy she met last time comes up and takes a sample of her manga. Najimi is worried and tells Tsuyuri that she sorta knows him. The guys then says that “this is ecchi isn’t it?” which makes Najimi jumps. She says that the manga is but she isn’t. she begins to give a long explanation on her manga and the guy, getting embarrassed himself, says that he likes the girl. Najimi blows up and screams “Sexual Harassment!” This attracts the attention of surrounding otakus and they start to read Najimi’s manga. But they all ends up shocked!

“Sexual Harass!!”

The guy says that he likes her manga and wants to buy one. Najimi is shocked but also over the moon to hear this. The guy takes out 500 yen and we see an overly excited Najimi jump up and hug him saying that she loves him. The surrounding otakus blush and start to take out money as well hoping for some er…”action”. Tsuyuri then tells them that no one else will be getting service and they drop the mangas back down.

“pure evil even for words”

Najimi then backs down and says sorry to the guy. He is still blushing but asks Najimi if the two of them can…but before he can finish he gets tapped on the shoulders. Then looming over him the Justice yells at the happy yaro! Meanwhile Najimi is in a dreamlike state.


Thoughts: In case some of you haven’t noticed from my vague description on the conversation between Najimi, Tsuyuri and Justice in the class room, they were in fact talking about how Najimi is selling “herself” and getting pregnant. Oh god it killed my liver to see Justice smashing a huge crate into the wall due to the frustration, and then the slap of knowing how much Najimi is being sold for hehe.

Again another solid episode for me, though the dialogue was heavier than normal I guess I did somewhat managed to cope. Najimi is such a funny character, in fact I love ever one of them that has appeared so far, and yes even the otaku perverts as it adds realism that people are out there just to get a free dinner.

So the plan for Najimi to make millions selling doujins continues, well after a not so bad start I could say that she has the confidence for this job, oh and also awesome face drawing skills. Though her naming could use a bit of work on I guess.

Justice seems to be protective of Najimi looking at his reaction when the guy tried to ask him out. But then again it probably doesn’t mean much as he is fully engrossed with Sora (why do I hear the words “lolipedo” ringing in my ear? O.O).

Overall another awesome episode 😀


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