Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 3 : Yakusamashi-hen 2, Muryoku

[Disclaimer]: This entry is SPOILER-FREE. NO foretelling spoiler is present. Therefore, please follow the same guideline, and understand that any spoiler can just ruin this critical part of the story for any reader. (NO spoiler will be tolerated. Any borderline hint either. Don’t even try to test me, instant edit/delete might fall without your permission. you have been WARNED) Also, please don’t forget this entry has its sole purpose to summary and show what is happening in the specific episode. So, read it at your own risk. Good reading!

Higurashi is once again in the old formula. Of course, things get tainted quickly into the pitch-black fate we all know.
This second episode is named 無力, Muryoku : Powerless, and you will see that episode does deserve well this title.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Yakusamashi-hen part2 : Muryoku

The episode starts in the morning. Rika has just woke up and sees Satoko, preparing the breakfast; but she then immediately tries to go back to sleep. Satoko then calls her to wake up.
Today is the 11th June 1983, and Rika has a sad expression when looking at the calendar. Satoko asks what is the problem, but Rika answers there is none, and can’t wait for breakfast.

The scene switches to keiichi, Rena, Mion and Shion, who are checking the preparations of the festival. Things are getting smooth and steady, considering the importance of this event. Everyone asks to keiichi some help, since he is a grown up MAN, but he is quite embarassed.

Ooishi then arrives, but in this chapter, the major “hate” of the villagers is much more visible, and Ooishi really sounds much more sarcastic and suspicious towards others.
Mion is rather hostile and asks what Ooishi is doing here, the later answers that it is the fith year. Keiichi wonders about that period of time and realizes that he is talking about the murders incidents during each Watanagashi festival.

Satoko and Rika arrive, and Rena greets them, while the rest are stuck in the bad atmosphere. Satoko wonders what is happening, and then Shion cheers Ooishi for keep going on his job. He agrees and then leaves with his colleagues.

The atmosphere is then normal. Keiichi recalls that Rika is the Miko and so, she will wear the outfit. This comment affects a bit Rika, then Keiichi pats her head, and says he is looking forward the festival, but this doesn’t really cheer her up. Rena suddenly turns into her Omochikaeri Mode, hugging and grabbing Rika, rocking the both of them happily. Keiichi then comments that if Rika doesn’t show up during the festival, everyone will know that Rena is the culprit, which makes laugh everyone but Rena, a bid disappointed.

Since they finished checking up the preparations, the group leaves, but Rika doesn’t move, and Satoko notices it, and asks if there is a problem. Rika then says there is nothing, and moves on. Satoko is however worrying a bit.

Later on, Satoko and Rika buy some food. However, when Satoko asks to the butcher some meat, the later doesn’t really answer her, but rather ignores her. This angers a bit Rika, and she raises her voice, repeating what Satoko asked. The butcher obeys, but still doesn’t pay attention to Satoko, keeping his chat and praising about Rika-chama.

Rika then has a Flashback, during the Dam War period. A mob of villagers are argueing at the Houjou, treating them as traitors, and they should also die. Rika is helpless and powerless in this scene, she can’t stop the villagers. Satoko is sheltered by her parents and Satoshi, but the angry words reach her and grieve her as well…

Another flashback, Rika also asked to Mion if Satoko and her family will still be treated like this, but Mion said that the grudge because of their treason is too huge, and this will take time.

Back to the present, Satoko drops her purse, but no one flinch a movement. Instead, the villagers just stare coldly at Satoko, which aggravates the atmosphere. Rika begins to help Satoko, while she assures that she is okay. Then the villagers fake their surprise and “finally notice” the coins, and help also Rika who is obviously angry. Once done, they give the coins to Rika, who quickly snatch them, present them to the butcher, and quickly grab Satoko. Both leave the place immediately.

Next day, Everyone (minus keiichi) is engaging a Baseball match with Irie’s Baseball Team, the Hinamizawa Fighters. However, the opponents are quite strong, especially Kameda, a Pitcher of the Japanese National Championship of Baseball, Koushien. The presence of this “professional” for this kind of match appears to be rather unfair and weird for everyone.

The situation isn’t really great, Mion is struck out, and thus removed from play. Satoko has a plan, quickly leaves to the Phone booth calling Keiichi for help but of course, she isn’t really clear and trick Keiichi, so he will come quickly with all his might, thinking his friends are engaging a brawl.

Irie has hard time to delay the match pause but Satoko is able to interest the reporters with her great speech about Keiichi, and how he will defeat Kameda.

Keiichi is rushing like a madman on his bicycle, but he is wielding a iron club, which creates a rather awkward situation.

Keiichi finally takes the batter slot, but he is unable to strike back kameda’s balls, completely stunned that he is facing a Koushien Pitcher. Things are ugly, but Satoko still think they have their chances, especially with her plan and claims Keiichi will be the key of their victory… but Mion is extremely skeptical about this.

Later, Keiichi talks with Kameda, and ask him to let them win. Of course, the professional doesn’t want to, but keiichi suddenly wears a sinister and cunning look, he litteraly shakes Kameda with his weakness, found on a magazine interview : Kameda claimed he doesn’t like sweets, but Keiichi knows it is a lie. The pitcher is in a complete pinch, and begins to panic.

The truth is Kameda is completely obsessed with Desserts. Keiichi litteraly nails the point, explaining how Kameda is taking a guilty pleasure with the desserts (much like assaulting, violating and defiling cute girls and all), Kameda tries to deny it, but it is useless, and Keiichi keeps going his Magical Words speech. Nothing can stop keiichi, who is litteraly exposing Kameda to his utterly sinful fetish, which is beyond than a simple “eating desserts with enjoyement”.

Kameda is in wreck, and has been exposed… he wish to end his life ! But Keiichi punches him, telling to not waste his life of course. Kameda then laments that he is a pervert… Keiichi confirms he sure is.

BUT…he resumes his big speech and smiles, assuring him that MEN ARE PERVERT and there is NOTHING wrong with this, he should be proud and enjoy what he likes.

Then keiichi shows to him two Tickets of Desserts Buffet for the Angel Mort. Kameda is completely touched and is reverring Keiichi. Keiichi is delighted, everything are settled down and he is counting on Kameda. The later then asks his name. Keiichi answers with his KOOL answer :


Kameda then calls forth his name, like acclaiming a Hero !


The match is resumed. Everyone cheers keiichi up, except rika who is again depressed and gloomy.
Mion threatens that if Keiichi loses, he will receive a Batsu Game, and Rena is excited, wondering what keiichi will be forced wear.

Satoko asks to Rika if she is okay, and thinks that it is her fault, for yesterday. Rika is still worried, then Shion interrupts them, asking them to cheer keiichi up as well.

Keiichi is ready to retaliate, while Kameda is still under Keiichi’s word spell ! Rika then thinks it is okay and she should enjoy the “fun time” when she still can do…

At night, Satoko and Rika are home, and Satoko begins to boats about her plan. Rika cuts herself, and Satoko worries a lot about her. She quickly applies on her finger a bandaid.

Then Satoko believes it is because of her that rika is depressed. Rika assures it isn’t the case, she shouldn’t worry about her and that she just screwed up a bit.

Later on the night, “Black Rika” says that in the end, nothing change and that fate cannot be undone.
A voice then argues with her, a bit embarassed and sad. This is Hanyuu !
Rika says that she will die again, like usual. It doesn’t please hanyuu, but rika then says that argues what she can do.
Hanyuu is sad about what Rika said, and believes that if she can withstand again, there will be a world when things will be alright. But Rika asks when. Hanyuu answers that she shouldn’t give up, but rika then raises her voice, asking what will happen then. Satoko wakes up, and sees rika alone, and hears Rika that she will be killed.

Satoko asks who she was talking to. Rika replies she is talking to herself, but under her “Black Rika Mode“.
Satoko heard that someone will be killed, but asks who. Rika answers that it will be her, soon after the Watanagashi festival. and that there is nothing she can do to escape from this fate.

Satoko suddenly wakes up, it is morning.

Rika is preparing the breakfast. Satoko then asks Rika to confirm their discussion at night about her being killed around the festival. Rika assures her that it was only a dream. Satoko is unsure, but Rika tells her to wash her face, since she can’t stay like this for the whole day.

Back at school, another game, where Satoko has obviously lay some traps. Keiichi and Rena are judging the situation, but Keiichi believes that the obvious “traps”, the piles of hay are in fact decoy.

Keiichi yells that he discovered her pattern and rushes at her. However, as soon as keiichi steps on a pile of hay, it is revealed that it is INDEED a trap, a pit trap to be accurate, filled with mud.

Satoko laughs at Keiichi, but suddenly, Rika rushes at her and falls also in an obvious pitfall. Everyone is surprised that Rika could fell for this kind of trap that only keiichi would. Satoko is worried since Rika is acting strangely one again.

Later then, Satoko talks with everyone except Rika, and talks about what happened last night and her discussion of Rika who will be killed. Everyone is surprised and wonder how it can be possible, especially that Rika should be protected by anyone, since she is the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. Speaking of the devil, Rika enters in the room. Satoko then directly asks her again to confirm what she has heard last night. Again, Rika says she didsn’t say this and assures her that this is problably because Satoko’s dream.
Everyone is then relieved, and think that it was satoko’s imagination, but she doesn’t buy it at all.

Rika is then alone, outside where “old rena” was in reunion, once again talking with hanyuu with her “Black Rika Mode“.
Hanyuu wonders why she doesn’t say the truth to satoko, but Rika doesn’t want her to be involved, or anyone else. Anyone who hears the truth will suffer from various horrible things. Rika then says that she is alone and will die, because it is her fate and she can only wait for it.

At night, Satoko wakes up again, and see “Black Rika” at the window, and thinks it was definitely not a dream.
Rika tells her that she can’t do anything, and that they don’t have the time anymore to do anything…

Preview :
Coming Soon…


Thoughts :

My expectations were high, and this episode didn’t disappoint me. The general mood was once again fun and cheerful, but much like last week, the dark is approaching more and more. This time, they revealed various points which increase the hopelessness of the situation. My hat off for DEEN, considering the efforts to fill the holes of the season 1, but also adding some points which will be really useful to lighten the plot.

Nothing to add about the design and animations… except maybe some times, Satoko and Rika legs begun to be “back like in season 1″ : thin as iron wires ^^”

I was really excited that Kameda will have his adaptation on the anime, and this made my day ! This really does give justice, and I can’t stop laughing how Keiichi was cunning and lecherous at that part XD.

Next week will be againt a short but also a long wait heh… oh well, be ready for the Analysis, it should be fresh from the over within 3 days ^^

This was another Klash’s Overload babbling of Higurashi, fith one !


1 Response to “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Episode 3 : Yakusamashi-hen 2, Muryoku”

  1. 1 avisch July 26, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    Yeah DEEN is doing a good job with filling the plot holes.
    Also the part where Satoko endures the discrimination (with Rika who helps her) really helps to remind of the major elements.

    I like the way you did the summary (even though I had already seen the episod :)e. Especially the part where Keichi finds Kameda’s weaknesses.

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