The Top 20 Most Asskicking, Crotch Stomping Badass Lolis Around #14 (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second loli of the tie for slot number 14. Some fighting game fans May find her familiar (dead giveaway there)….


#14: May From The Guilty Gear Series


Alluring Quality 6/10: Aside from the fact that she just sort of sways back and forth with that anchor in an almost entrancing way, causing me to stare at that picture for minutes at a time, she’s just kind of average overall. Couple that with the awesome outfit though and may scores a modest 6/10.

Callousness 3/10: May’s pretty easygoing overall and somewhat naive, making her not very callous at all. She will defend Johnny and the Jellyfish Pirates with all of her might though, but never acts agressively towards others…..except for bald people for some reason, she goes berserk around Faust and proceeds to bash his face in for being bald. For that she scores at least 3 points.

Power 9/10: Outside of perhaps Dizzy and Justice and Sol (all Gears), May is physically the strongest character in the game. That anchor actually weighs several tons and she hoists it like it’s nothing, plus she’s only about 11 to boot. One of her attacks also features her pummeling the enemy into submission for incredible damage, and she also plays a high low game with her Dolphin summoning special move. Don’t mess around with this loli unless you are one of the characters in the Guilty Gear game.

Lolidom Factor 5/10: May would do anything for Johnny and follows his every command, but that doesn’t mean she’ll let him do anything he wants, and she doesn’t hesitate to henpeck him when his intentions are shall we say….perverse. She also beats the living crap out of everything when she happens to win a battle so despite essentially idolizing a man, at the same time she keeps him in line so a middle of the road 5/10.

Loliness 10/10: Boots that squeak win she walks, a voice so shrill and chirpy that it could probably shatter glass, a win pose where she plays ring around the rosy with a crewmate while the enemy stands there defeated. Easy 10.

Overall 34/50: May is my favourite fighting game character to date, and it’s not just because of her awesome theme song (Blue Sky Blue Water, give it a listen), but that she is such a fun character to play as in so many ways. She still only gets the 14 spot though for being so accepting of people like Dizzy and giving her a chance at a new life and at having a friend. Next time is #13 (and even lower on the lolidom and callous factor, but higher on all other categories) and Deathie is probably going to kill me for putting this one so low. If I don’t do this one justice…..I’m scared.


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